Monday, December 18, 2006

无聊@Professional Qualifications & Experience

*yawnzzzz* feeling dem tired & sleepy now, dun feel like finishing off my thesis.. cant sleep oso.. since my room is quite hot.. haih nth to do.. add 1 entry here la..

wat i wanna say today is something concerning professional qualifications.. b4 i go into details, let me mention abit about wat happened between me & my mom sometime ago (few weeks or few mths back la)..

i was watching the TV.. at nite.. & my mom suddenly asked me if i wanted to attend a seminar by a professor, supposed to be very famous and successful 1.. the seminar has got sth to do with self-motivation and how to be successful in life.. well, i replied immeadiately "No thx"... then it was a heated exchange of opinions between us, me trying to reason y i'm not interested, & her accusing me of looking down on experienced ppl, alwiz think i'm right (自负) etc etc.. & as usual, i gave in & apologised (but still not going to the talk)

the thing is.. i am never interested in talks like these.. self motivation, how to success, how to tackle this or that, upgrade urself etc.. never have been and probably never will.. i went to a few earlier in my life, the time when i was about 15, 16... to me, these talks are an absolute waste of time, energy, and most important of all, $$$, to the listeners.. it is based on 3 points..

1. wat we will most likely hear in talks like those are things that we most likely already know.. i mean, y must we go & let some1 tell us that we need to be confident of ourselves, we need to trust ourselves, we need to work hard, work smart etc? didn't we ALREADY know about those things?? its just that we do not practice those values to a great extent or not practicing them at all..

2. usually, talks like these require u to pay a certain amount of $$.. in the region of rm50, up to rm1000 (serious).. or if the talk is F.O.C., u'll normally see the speaker trying to promote his new book or dvd (which he of coz claims is the full version of his talk, very good for u, cost about rm100 or rm200).. of coz he says he's trying to share with u his secret to success etc, but if u use ur brain & think logically, u'd feel that he's not really trying to help u, he's just trying to promote his stuff..

3. we alwiz hear the speakers said, they just wanna help us be better off in life.. help us be successful.. they r actually earning big bucks.. hundred thousands or millions (RM or dollars)every year.. but they purposely take time out to talk to us.. so it is a big priveledge for us.. if we paid some $$ to attend the talk, its really more than worth it.. bla bla bla.. those c0ck la.. but if u use some logic.. c'mon la.. who the fuck will be so mou liu (无聊)?? if some1 can giv up millions bcz he wanna 'help' u.. i believe he's almost attaining God-ship.. the most probable logic behind their 'helping' of u is bcz u r paying them good $$$ to talk..

my title is really about derived from my point 3.. y the hell do ppl really wanna attend talks given by these so-called 'successful', big-bucks-earning ppl?? & y the hell does my mom accuse me of being 自负 when i try to reason with her?? basically, its the 2 holy words, PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS..

"y must u say ppl liddat? ppl is a professor, graduated in xxx university, double PhD., very geng 1 la, published many books etc, how can wat he say be wrong??.." that's wat the speakers normally are, or so they claim (we dun really know, do we? he can say watever he wants to; even if he's a thug, & he claims to be a Harvard graduate in his book or talks, do we know? will we go the extend & find out with Harvard? will we even be entertained?)... compared to them, who am i? secondary sch student with no experience in the world, make it college student now.. if i say that some seminar is crap or useless, then it is bcz i dun understand, i look down on ppl, i lansi.. y? bcz i'm not qualified.. even if i am right, i am wrong..

my dad practice the same standards.. i remember telling him i wanna go to college after i finish SPM, i've been telling him that since form2 or form3.. but his friends (those ahpeks and aunties la) said i shd go to form6, bcz they all studied form6 & they say form6 is good.. CRAP! we all know form6 is bad for us chinese right now bcz we waste 2 yrs & probably cant get the course of our choice, so its crap! but my dad decided that i shd go to form6 bcz the ahpeks cant be wrong, they are experienced.. i am not.. when i finished my SPM< my dad brought me to MBS to enrol for form6, & thank god, he was scolded by the headmistress then (donno if she still is now, but she's my saviour).. he was scolded for not respecting me & not trusting me & trusting a bunch of ol' man who have no idea of the situation now..

back to those seminars.. sometimes i think.. if it is say..20yrs from now.. i graduated with my degree, tasted some life, get an MBA (that's the plan at the moment).. & i tell her the same thing.. that motivation and success talks are crap.. mayb she'll believe me or at least, think about it..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

无聊@Old Folks

just back to my PC after savouring a piece of Beard Papa's cream puff courtesy of my younger sis's 奶妈, since her daughter is getting married soon (the cream puffs were substitutes for the usual wife biscuits 老婆饼).. well, i heard tht it was blardy famous, & the puff was indeed nice.. yummy.. i love cream puffs.. although i usually go for the RM1/3 puff at King's Confectionery...

inside of the puff, after i took a bite
anyway, the puff is not a major thing in my coming post, in fact, it has got nothing to do with my post.. it just appears as a matter of unforeseen & negligible circumstances..
what i wanna scribble about today, is an outbreak of something disturbing to me, personally, after i kept it in the hiding for long.. so without much ado......
i suppose many ppl do take bus rides, either all the time or occasionally.. well i happen to be 1 of them.. and there's an occurence that's happening to me, much more & much severe than to my liking.. i think some smart readers are already getting what i'm trying to go into..
yes.. due to my house's location near the starting point of the bus route, & i always take the bus home from KL (starting point also), i always manage to get into seats in buses.. occasionally, somewhere between my home & KL, or vice versa, there'll be old ppl boarding the bus...
what freaks me out is that, i noticed every since N years ago, whenever i'm on the seats, any seats, & when there's any old folks getting on the loaded (usually crowded) bus, they WILL, DEFINITELY come & stand beside me.. do u know what this means? it means i shd care for the elderly & give up my seat to them.. no? & they are always ever so smily at me that it unintentionally adds more pressure on u picking my butt out of the seat.. failing to do it quickly enuff will generate some unwanted glares from fellow passengers (they'd happily pile the pressure on u, since its not their seats they hav to giv up anyway~)
i hav no ill-fate against giving up seats to the elderly or the disabled or the pregnant.. the thing is.. sometimes i'm loaded with stuff (eg. heavy bag full of books + a toolbox with circuits & tools in it, or passed by mom's shop on my way home & help her take some of her stuff back home), those old ppl will STILL come & stand beside me..
at 1st i thought it's just coincidences or i'm just imagining things, but soon i began to realize that it REALLY was that way.. me in seats + old ppl = old ppl will come & stand beside me, no doubt about that..
isn't it frustrating? i mean.. there's about 40 seated ppl.. y must it be me all the time? y must the old ppl come & stand beside me, even though i'm loaded & there's obviously many other ppl who are lighter than me?? & those lightly or unloaded dickheads from other seats will fail to stand up, but still glare at me... doesn't the bus riding norm states "giv ur seats to those more in need"? so some OLs or ODs (office dudes) with their handbags/document bags are more in need of seats than some dude carrying heavy things (me)?
i did mentioned outbreak earlier on didn't i? well... it was 2 days back, i was carrying a loaded bag (2 hardcover senior's thesis & some stuff) an a box with a printer inside.. a bit bulky.. quite heavy.. & on i was in the bus, tucked in a seat nicely.. & then.. midway home.. it was ampang park stop i think.. as usual.. an indian ahpek gets on board & stands beside me.. with a smile.. usual stuff again..
i was blardy tired, & my stuff was heavy, which further burdens my mood, & i really hav no intention of giving him my seat, so i said "ahpek, can u plz go & stand somewhere else, bcz i'm heavy here & i'm not gonna giv u my seat."
he stared at me in surprise, the malay woman sitting beside me also stared at me in surprise.. the ahpek did stand somewhere else after my remarks, & nobody gave him any seats (typical malaysia boleh spirit)...
some part of me felt guilty for saying that to an old man, & it still hurts now.. i wasn't sure if i did the right thing or not.. but then.. its past tense now.. life moves on... haih...
so that's about it.. will stop my scribbling here today...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


just feel that i shd dedicate a post to this wonderful term: SOHAI

now what does this sohai means? it literally translates as 'crazy vagina'. its a cantonese terms introduced by HKians & now widely used in cantonese speaking communities worldwide.. it generally carries the same meaning with the word 'idiot'..

while idiot is widely acceptable by europeans & americans in their daily conversation, the term sohai is still seen as a foul word by many in the chinese world.. when u talk to angmohs, u might encounter the word idiot very often.. example:

u know tht dude A? he's an idiot! he grabbed a complete stranger's breast while riding the bus!

while in the chinese community, it translates to:

ei u know tht A ah? Sohai la he! he go & zha tht lenglui's bo u know ah??

while u will get laughters as the common response for the 1st version, if u mentioned the 2nd version, u'd get a 50% chance of ppl saying: woi, dun say bad word la.. so rude!!

its so unfair.. its just a word that emphasizes the person's lack of rational thinking.. both words basically means the same.. so using sohai in normal conversation shdn't be seen as something bad.. wat's bad is something like:

Sohai! come la! who scared who?? dun talk lanjiao la, diu! sohai!!

Same sohai, but the latest sentence above does not use sohai to emphasize something, it is merely being used blindly.. a sore to the eye of readers.. & it shows the lack of vocabulary of the speaker, or scolder..

so, conclusion: plz dun misunderstand & misuse the term SOHAI!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


had nothing to do today, so i decided to go back to 3 places tht i used to hang around in...

1. Kakilang (also known as kkl)

this site brings the best memories to me.. its sort of like the ultimate place to go when i was online.. i even made it my firefox's homepage, & it still is now.. made many friends there, had 2 gatherings and a few yumcha sessions with the ppl.. although most of them are basically at least a few yrs older than me..
things took a turn though.. somehow, for 1 reason or another, which i dun really understand what it is.. the number of ppl hanging around declined.. its pretty much an abandoned community site nowadays, although i do drop by everyday to see if there's any scattering folks coming back.. hoping it would be happening again.. i'm sure there's alot more out there feeling the same as me, especially the likes of cely, f1ex, cossie & gang, who worked so hard to maintain the site..

2. meyouCity

i can barely recall the reason i ended up in this web based MMORPG-friends making community.. it's supposed to be a certain member of kkl, jeff @k@ paikia who introduced it to me.. well the main thing tht kept me in it was basically the game.. its easy to play, no big tension.. & u get to chat with ppl & most importantly, see their pics in the profile.. actually its just the lengluis that matters la lolz..
sort of get bored with it once i maxed my character's level to the paladin knight, nothing else to play wat.. so slowly, login less & less, & then after sometime, totally forgot all about it until today..
when i logged in, apparently i noticed there's still some life in it.. take a look at that 1437 in the Hall of Paladin Knights. His EXP is way over 300k.. mine was just barely 70k & the highest was like 100k when i left.. well to explain a little, going to 300k practically means u stay in the game & hit monsters continuously almost 24-7 for mths, mayb more than a year..

3. Friendster

i didnt really hang around in friendster.. just that i used to login & view my friends' profiles, look at their friend list, and add their friends that i feel is quite lenglui.. well those were the days.. i bliv many guys are liddat, u just add any lenglui u see, regardless of whether u know her or not.. after awhile, i stopped doing that, probably bcz i have become more matured and felt that it was idiotic to be adding strangers into my friend list..
i've been spending some time back here recently, mainly due to my hanging around in 988's chatroom thus generating some friends to add.. i see that friendster has moved on, with more features, like the blog, embedding music & videos and stuff like that.. well, competition is tough i suppose, with things like hi5 popping up..


like i mentioned earlier, nowadays i hang around in 988's chatroom.. it probably wont go down unless 988 the radio station itself goes down.. who knows wherelse i might end up in the future.. hmm..........

Sunday, October 08, 2006

无聊@CB Haze problems

烟霾殃及邻国 印尼辩称已尽力 2006/10/07 18:04:54





above, extracted from , caught my attention this morning.. another wave of bullshits by the indon gov to us.. 1 word: SIENZZ...

come on la uncle, korang ada hutan, kita orang pun ada hutan.. how on the blardy earth can u guys manage to create haze for ur neighbouring countries again, & again, & again, every year... & then come out to apologize & repeat the same mistake the next year?? do u guys feel no shame at all? we dont c malaysia & thailand having forest fires, just indon.. just u guys.. KENAPA???

Saturday, July 29, 2006

无聊@Double Post(II) - Sitting Manners

I had every intentions to make this post together with the Double Post (I) last nite, but due to unforeseen circumstances (my fatigue came suddenly), I had no choice but to do it today.. & I'll be doing my 1st blog in English..

What I wanna reflect in this post is my years of experience while taking the bus to places, but before I go any further, I'd like to state clearly to any1 who might be reading my blog, if there would be any, since I'm not advertising this thing to people, that my views below do not intend to be racist remarks. I'm just merely expressing what I observed all these years.

1. I noticed that only the chinese people will behave like a human when they see someone coming over to sit beside them. What I'm emphasizing is the sitting posture. In the case of them occupying just 1 of the twin seats, if they were sitting with their legs in a V structure, when they see some1 coming, they would naturally turn to the II structure (I hope my description is understandable).. thus leaving the other passenger with ample space...

2. Besides the chinese, I noticed that virtually every other races of male people, be it the Malays, Indians, Indons, Bangladeshis etc, have a tendency to put their legs in the V posture.. & they would try their best to open up as wide as possible.. I don't really understand why, but it sure makes the other passenger uncomfortable.. as tht fella's legs would cross over to the seat area beside him.. what baffles me most is that when they were sitting alone in the II posture, when they see people coming, they would instantly revert to the V posture.. the only logical explanations I can think of are either that they wanna make sure they are comfortable themselves/they wanna make life uncomfortable for the people sitting next to him.

3. The Malay and Indian ladies do behave as the way stated in 1. , probably because the ladies are much more well mannered compared to the guys.. furthermore, most Malay ladies would wear the baju kurung, so it is literally impossible to sit in the V posture. As for the married women, well I have nothing much to say, since it is obvious that most of them have a buttock that is rich in size.

Well, that's all I can tell from my observations, adios ^^

Friday, July 28, 2006

无聊@Double Post(I) - 华人? Chinese?

最近比较忙, 也没什么趣事好写.. 直到今天...

当我乘坐bus的时候, 有位印尼婆向我问路:"我想去Gleneagle Hospital,到了,你可以告诉我,叫我下车吗?"

我听到她说了一口流利的华语,蛮吃惊的, 就答应了.. 我问她是不是印尼华侨, 她说不是, 是正宗印尼人.. 我靠..

到了ampang park LRT站, 我忘了带月卡, 就到了柜台买票, 柜台小姐是马来妹, 我跟她说要去taman melati的票时,她就一标准的华语告诉我:"两块钱哦!"

莫名其妙,怎么今天友族那么会讲华语, 因为赶时间也没多问, 付了钱, 拿了票就闪人了..

放学回家时, 同样的ampang park LRT站, 发现有人派免费报纸, 于是就跑了过去拿, 刚到手的时候, 派报的人说:"年轻人多看报纸, 很好啊!" 我望着他, 是孟家拉人(bangla).. 他好像察觉到我那迷惑的眼神, 直接告诉我他在malaysia住了几年, 学到了些华文... 哦.. 原来如此...

搭了bus,回到家附近的小贩中心想打包, 经过了鸡饭档, 听见了一段缅甸伙计(myanmar)&华人师奶(auntie)的对话:
myanmar: auntie,要吃鸡饭吗? 今天的鸡烧得不错, 叉烧烧肉也有!
auntie: excuse me, can u speak in english, i don't understand chinese.. anyway, i want a packet of chicken rice.
myanmar:(广东话)huh? 你讲乜? 英文啊? 我吾识听哦..
auntie: wat? wat did u say?
myanmar: auntie, melayu, faham ah? saya tak faham english, saya orang burma..
auntie: oh melayu ah? ok ok, erm.. bagi saya satu nasi ayam, bungkus

之后就没听见了, 因为我不是打包鸡饭.. 不过...

今天真的让我心灰了.. 我脑袋一片混乱.. 本来我以为我们华人的语文真厉害, 友族都会用华语沟通.. 怎知道却被一个华人欧巴桑给粉碎了我的骄傲.. 我的妈呀.. 为什么别人都会说我们的语言, 我们华人本身却有这样的败类??!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

无聊第1炮 - 人品问题

在一般情况下, 发生某些特殊的负面现象, 而且无法在科学角度上找到原因的, 我们都称之为 "人品问题"...
前阵子, 本人我就是过了这么的一天.. 让我分析出来..
一早7.45am出门要去上课, 离开家门口不远时, 突然有只小狗追着我吠, 我说的小, 是真的很小! 我就回头瞪着它, 然后作势要踢它, 果然它就闪到一旁了, 怎知道当我转回来要继续走的时候, 发现面前有只bulldog怒视着我.. 还好是有主人的, 害我吓了把冷汗..
闹完了狗慌, 走到外面大路了, 8.00am, 发现有bus来了, 79号metrobus(就是我要搭的)于是就伸手出去想截停它, 不过它却好无放慢速度的奔驰过去了, 紧随后面又1辆,76号(也是可以搭到ampang park的), 也不停下来.. 我草, 这下准备要迟到了.. 慢慢地走到了车站, 等了N久(大约半小时后...) 终于等到下一躺车了, 便上了车, 由于人数太少,没立刻开车, 反而停在那里等多15分钟才开车..
那巴士行车的速度真的.. 我可以担保乌龟走得比它快! OK,是夸张了啦, 不过真的很慢! 走没多远, 我的同学发了个短讯来说:Now got test! Come fast! 其实那天是9.00am上课的.. 我收到短讯时已经9.10am了.. 慢慢龟走, 10.00am才到ampang park, 课是上到11.00am的, 我就算用fernando alonso的速度做lrt+走路上山+进college,走到讲堂去, 最快也要10.40am了吧, 所以算了, 今天算我倒霉, 放慢节奏吧..
去到college, 反正都已经miss了test, 菜鸟地上了个tutorial, 放学了, 就回家去咯, 上了lrt, 觉得今天怎么那么衰啊 /.\.. lrt走到了 dato keramat站, 就停着那边10分钟了, 我感到郁闷, 就下车, 想要搭他们的lrt bus去klcc换车, 却没有bus要走, 气死我, 只好走路出去jalan ampang, 蛮远的, 不过还好, 对我而言走路是小case, 走了15分钟走到了.. 没多久就看到辆79号, 上车了..
bus里蛮空的, 还以为可以安静的坐车回家了, 那bus走到一半竟然走捷径, 直接跑回pandan mewah总站, 就是说没经过我家外面那条大路.. 我草, 身上没散钱了, 跟那些司机们吵也是自己吃亏的, 因为他们人多.. 没办法, 又要走路了, 走了20分钟回到家..
当晚, 我跟我妈诉说我今天遇到的麻烦, 没有安慰就算了, 还要说: 你不要什么事都赖这样赖那样啦!! 自己不早点出门!!
我靠.. 怎么办.. 故事写完了, 唉.. 看来我的人品还有待修炼修炼啊~~
[PS:我平时上课的行程是:出门 - 走到外面大路等bus - 搭metrobus 76/79到ampang park (以前cityliner 176 & intrakota 66也可以,不过自从Rapid KL修改路线后, 就不能了, 因为会等更久=.=) - 走到Ampang Park Putra LRT站 - 搭LRT到Taman Melati站 - 下车,走路上山,到college门口,然后去上课; 回家则vice-versa...]