Saturday, July 29, 2006

无聊@Double Post(II) - Sitting Manners

I had every intentions to make this post together with the Double Post (I) last nite, but due to unforeseen circumstances (my fatigue came suddenly), I had no choice but to do it today.. & I'll be doing my 1st blog in English..

What I wanna reflect in this post is my years of experience while taking the bus to places, but before I go any further, I'd like to state clearly to any1 who might be reading my blog, if there would be any, since I'm not advertising this thing to people, that my views below do not intend to be racist remarks. I'm just merely expressing what I observed all these years.

1. I noticed that only the chinese people will behave like a human when they see someone coming over to sit beside them. What I'm emphasizing is the sitting posture. In the case of them occupying just 1 of the twin seats, if they were sitting with their legs in a V structure, when they see some1 coming, they would naturally turn to the II structure (I hope my description is understandable).. thus leaving the other passenger with ample space...

2. Besides the chinese, I noticed that virtually every other races of male people, be it the Malays, Indians, Indons, Bangladeshis etc, have a tendency to put their legs in the V posture.. & they would try their best to open up as wide as possible.. I don't really understand why, but it sure makes the other passenger uncomfortable.. as tht fella's legs would cross over to the seat area beside him.. what baffles me most is that when they were sitting alone in the II posture, when they see people coming, they would instantly revert to the V posture.. the only logical explanations I can think of are either that they wanna make sure they are comfortable themselves/they wanna make life uncomfortable for the people sitting next to him.

3. The Malay and Indian ladies do behave as the way stated in 1. , probably because the ladies are much more well mannered compared to the guys.. furthermore, most Malay ladies would wear the baju kurung, so it is literally impossible to sit in the V posture. As for the married women, well I have nothing much to say, since it is obvious that most of them have a buttock that is rich in size.

Well, that's all I can tell from my observations, adios ^^

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