Tuesday, October 31, 2006


just feel that i shd dedicate a post to this wonderful term: SOHAI

now what does this sohai means? it literally translates as 'crazy vagina'. its a cantonese terms introduced by HKians & now widely used in cantonese speaking communities worldwide.. it generally carries the same meaning with the word 'idiot'..

while idiot is widely acceptable by europeans & americans in their daily conversation, the term sohai is still seen as a foul word by many in the chinese world.. when u talk to angmohs, u might encounter the word idiot very often.. example:

u know tht dude A? he's an idiot! he grabbed a complete stranger's breast while riding the bus!

while in the chinese community, it translates to:

ei u know tht A ah? Sohai la he! he go & zha tht lenglui's bo u know ah??

while u will get laughters as the common response for the 1st version, if u mentioned the 2nd version, u'd get a 50% chance of ppl saying: woi, dun say bad word la.. so rude!!

its so unfair.. its just a word that emphasizes the person's lack of rational thinking.. both words basically means the same.. so using sohai in normal conversation shdn't be seen as something bad.. wat's bad is something like:

Sohai! come la! who scared who?? dun talk lanjiao la, diu! sohai!!

Same sohai, but the latest sentence above does not use sohai to emphasize something, it is merely being used blindly.. a sore to the eye of readers.. & it shows the lack of vocabulary of the speaker, or scolder..

so, conclusion: plz dun misunderstand & misuse the term SOHAI!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


had nothing to do today, so i decided to go back to 3 places tht i used to hang around in...

1. Kakilang (also known as kkl)

this site brings the best memories to me.. its sort of like the ultimate place to go when i was online.. i even made it my firefox's homepage, & it still is now.. made many friends there, had 2 gatherings and a few yumcha sessions with the ppl.. although most of them are basically at least a few yrs older than me..
things took a turn though.. somehow, for 1 reason or another, which i dun really understand what it is.. the number of ppl hanging around declined.. its pretty much an abandoned community site nowadays, although i do drop by everyday to see if there's any scattering folks coming back.. hoping it would be happening again.. i'm sure there's alot more out there feeling the same as me, especially the likes of cely, f1ex, cossie & gang, who worked so hard to maintain the site..

2. meyouCity

i can barely recall the reason i ended up in this web based MMORPG-friends making community.. it's supposed to be a certain member of kkl, jeff @k@ paikia who introduced it to me.. well the main thing tht kept me in it was basically the game.. its easy to play, no big tension.. & u get to chat with ppl & most importantly, see their pics in the profile.. actually its just the lengluis that matters la lolz..
sort of get bored with it once i maxed my character's level to the paladin knight, nothing else to play wat.. so slowly, login less & less, & then after sometime, totally forgot all about it until today..
when i logged in, apparently i noticed there's still some life in it.. take a look at that 1437 in the Hall of Paladin Knights. His EXP is way over 300k.. mine was just barely 70k & the highest was like 100k when i left.. well to explain a little, going to 300k practically means u stay in the game & hit monsters continuously almost 24-7 for mths, mayb more than a year..

3. Friendster

i didnt really hang around in friendster.. just that i used to login & view my friends' profiles, look at their friend list, and add their friends that i feel is quite lenglui.. well those were the days.. i bliv many guys are liddat, u just add any lenglui u see, regardless of whether u know her or not.. after awhile, i stopped doing that, probably bcz i have become more matured and felt that it was idiotic to be adding strangers into my friend list..
i've been spending some time back here recently, mainly due to my hanging around in 988's chatroom thus generating some friends to add.. i see that friendster has moved on, with more features, like the blog, embedding music & videos and stuff like that.. well, competition is tough i suppose, with things like hi5 popping up..


like i mentioned earlier, nowadays i hang around in 988's chatroom.. it probably wont go down unless 988 the radio station itself goes down.. who knows wherelse i might end up in the future.. hmm..........

Sunday, October 08, 2006

无聊@CB Haze problems

烟霾殃及邻国 印尼辩称已尽力 2006/10/07 18:04:54





above, extracted from nanyang.com , caught my attention this morning.. another wave of bullshits by the indon gov to us.. 1 word: SIENZZ...

come on la uncle, korang ada hutan, kita orang pun ada hutan.. how on the blardy earth can u guys manage to create haze for ur neighbouring countries again, & again, & again, every year... & then come out to apologize & repeat the same mistake the next year?? do u guys feel no shame at all? we dont c malaysia & thailand having forest fires, just indon.. just u guys.. KENAPA???