Tuesday, October 31, 2006


just feel that i shd dedicate a post to this wonderful term: SOHAI

now what does this sohai means? it literally translates as 'crazy vagina'. its a cantonese terms introduced by HKians & now widely used in cantonese speaking communities worldwide.. it generally carries the same meaning with the word 'idiot'..

while idiot is widely acceptable by europeans & americans in their daily conversation, the term sohai is still seen as a foul word by many in the chinese world.. when u talk to angmohs, u might encounter the word idiot very often.. example:

u know tht dude A? he's an idiot! he grabbed a complete stranger's breast while riding the bus!

while in the chinese community, it translates to:

ei u know tht A ah? Sohai la he! he go & zha tht lenglui's bo u know ah??

while u will get laughters as the common response for the 1st version, if u mentioned the 2nd version, u'd get a 50% chance of ppl saying: woi, dun say bad word la.. so rude!!

its so unfair.. its just a word that emphasizes the person's lack of rational thinking.. both words basically means the same.. so using sohai in normal conversation shdn't be seen as something bad.. wat's bad is something like:

Sohai! come la! who scared who?? dun talk lanjiao la, diu! sohai!!

Same sohai, but the latest sentence above does not use sohai to emphasize something, it is merely being used blindly.. a sore to the eye of readers.. & it shows the lack of vocabulary of the speaker, or scolder..

so, conclusion: plz dun misunderstand & misuse the term SOHAI!!!

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