Monday, December 18, 2006

无聊@Professional Qualifications & Experience

*yawnzzzz* feeling dem tired & sleepy now, dun feel like finishing off my thesis.. cant sleep oso.. since my room is quite hot.. haih nth to do.. add 1 entry here la..

wat i wanna say today is something concerning professional qualifications.. b4 i go into details, let me mention abit about wat happened between me & my mom sometime ago (few weeks or few mths back la)..

i was watching the TV.. at nite.. & my mom suddenly asked me if i wanted to attend a seminar by a professor, supposed to be very famous and successful 1.. the seminar has got sth to do with self-motivation and how to be successful in life.. well, i replied immeadiately "No thx"... then it was a heated exchange of opinions between us, me trying to reason y i'm not interested, & her accusing me of looking down on experienced ppl, alwiz think i'm right (自负) etc etc.. & as usual, i gave in & apologised (but still not going to the talk)

the thing is.. i am never interested in talks like these.. self motivation, how to success, how to tackle this or that, upgrade urself etc.. never have been and probably never will.. i went to a few earlier in my life, the time when i was about 15, 16... to me, these talks are an absolute waste of time, energy, and most important of all, $$$, to the listeners.. it is based on 3 points..

1. wat we will most likely hear in talks like those are things that we most likely already know.. i mean, y must we go & let some1 tell us that we need to be confident of ourselves, we need to trust ourselves, we need to work hard, work smart etc? didn't we ALREADY know about those things?? its just that we do not practice those values to a great extent or not practicing them at all..

2. usually, talks like these require u to pay a certain amount of $$.. in the region of rm50, up to rm1000 (serious).. or if the talk is F.O.C., u'll normally see the speaker trying to promote his new book or dvd (which he of coz claims is the full version of his talk, very good for u, cost about rm100 or rm200).. of coz he says he's trying to share with u his secret to success etc, but if u use ur brain & think logically, u'd feel that he's not really trying to help u, he's just trying to promote his stuff..

3. we alwiz hear the speakers said, they just wanna help us be better off in life.. help us be successful.. they r actually earning big bucks.. hundred thousands or millions (RM or dollars)every year.. but they purposely take time out to talk to us.. so it is a big priveledge for us.. if we paid some $$ to attend the talk, its really more than worth it.. bla bla bla.. those c0ck la.. but if u use some logic.. c'mon la.. who the fuck will be so mou liu (无聊)?? if some1 can giv up millions bcz he wanna 'help' u.. i believe he's almost attaining God-ship.. the most probable logic behind their 'helping' of u is bcz u r paying them good $$$ to talk..

my title is really about derived from my point 3.. y the hell do ppl really wanna attend talks given by these so-called 'successful', big-bucks-earning ppl?? & y the hell does my mom accuse me of being 自负 when i try to reason with her?? basically, its the 2 holy words, PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS..

"y must u say ppl liddat? ppl is a professor, graduated in xxx university, double PhD., very geng 1 la, published many books etc, how can wat he say be wrong??.." that's wat the speakers normally are, or so they claim (we dun really know, do we? he can say watever he wants to; even if he's a thug, & he claims to be a Harvard graduate in his book or talks, do we know? will we go the extend & find out with Harvard? will we even be entertained?)... compared to them, who am i? secondary sch student with no experience in the world, make it college student now.. if i say that some seminar is crap or useless, then it is bcz i dun understand, i look down on ppl, i lansi.. y? bcz i'm not qualified.. even if i am right, i am wrong..

my dad practice the same standards.. i remember telling him i wanna go to college after i finish SPM, i've been telling him that since form2 or form3.. but his friends (those ahpeks and aunties la) said i shd go to form6, bcz they all studied form6 & they say form6 is good.. CRAP! we all know form6 is bad for us chinese right now bcz we waste 2 yrs & probably cant get the course of our choice, so its crap! but my dad decided that i shd go to form6 bcz the ahpeks cant be wrong, they are experienced.. i am not.. when i finished my SPM< my dad brought me to MBS to enrol for form6, & thank god, he was scolded by the headmistress then (donno if she still is now, but she's my saviour).. he was scolded for not respecting me & not trusting me & trusting a bunch of ol' man who have no idea of the situation now..

back to those seminars.. sometimes i think.. if it is say..20yrs from now.. i graduated with my degree, tasted some life, get an MBA (that's the plan at the moment).. & i tell her the same thing.. that motivation and success talks are crap.. mayb she'll believe me or at least, think about it..

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