Monday, March 31, 2008

流浪@FT Island in Malaysia (Part 2)

More drama last night! Well, having made the 1st post, I feel obliged to make this 1 as well.

Continuing from the previous post here:

After all the fiasco at the birthday party and autograph session, I assumed that things would at least go well for the main event on Sunday, the concert. How naive of me! I fetched my sis to her friend's place, as they had planned to go to the concert, at the Sunway Amphitheatre, together. On our way, my sis received a few phone calls from fellow pentasticks bearers who received news that the concert was cancelled! I could sense my sis's anxiety.

Anyway, it was just rumours at that point of time, at least for us. We reached her friend's house, I dropped her off as they decided to go anyway to find out what is going on. Oh ya, her friend's dad went with them, so I didn't go. Was never my cup of tea anyway (the FT dudes).

My involvement ended there for yesterday. Fast forward to this morning. My sis called to confirm the rumours. More frustrations, more disappointments, more tears... I'm not even gonna try to elaborate on what she told me had happened last night, there's a decent report by K-popped here.

To make matters worse for most of the fans, their idols, who were scheduled to leave in the afternoon today, left hurriedly on the 1am flight! A number of stalking fans followed them all the way to the airport and managed to get in close contact with the boys (happy them, poor majority). There's also a video on Youtube on the airport encounter below, which my sis found.

What can we say? Disastrous trip for the quintet. Now, let's come the the million ringgit/dollar/baht/peso depending on where u come from. Whose fault? The boys? I seriously doubt that, and I believe anyone who have abit of knowledge on the entertainment industry will agree with me. After all, stars are but Wheel of Fortunes for the recording labels and management companies. I came up with 2 and a half parties who should take the blame.

1. C.I. Jokers Entertainment

Who to blame if not them? They are the organizing company for this trip. From FT Island's arrival to departure, basically everything went out of control. Press conference, birthday party, autograph session, even the concert! It doesn't matter if you meant for it to be like this or not, but you screwed up, BIG TIME! Now the boys' reputations is probably totally destroyed among the media. Will they ever come to Malaysia again?

You owe all the paying fans refund, definitely, out of any arguments. You also ought to give a proper explanation of where and what went wrong, and I mean proper, with details. The fans are much more mature nowadays, and know what the internet is, so they would probably never accept the due to unforeseen circumstances sh*t. A token of apology, like having alot of posters signed by the boys and distributed among the fans who failed to get their CDs autographed, would probably go a long way to appease them. This is the least you can do, damage done though.

2. F&C Music

They misunderstood something, I guess. If I am part of the press, I would tell them dead on: YOU ARE NOT IN KOREA, HERE YOU ARE NOBODY, SO DON'T PLAY THE STAR ATTITUDE AND EXPECT ROYAL TREATMENTS. Don't know what the F stands for, but I think C stands for Cocky.

Even if you are not happy with the C.I. Jokers, you should at least be responsible to the fans. What's wrong with letting the boys turn up for the concert? You guys are here, the stage is set, the crowds are here, and u friggin turn your backs on them by bringing the boys back 1st thing in the morning??

3. The sabotage factor

Seeing literally EVERYTHING went wrong, 1 cannot help but wonder, is it their bad luck or what? I don't know about the concert and party/autograph, but no air-cond on the press conference? That's ridiculous! They could've easily complained to the venue provider to make quick remedial actions. There's definitely point for suspicion on someone deliberately wreaking havoc. Is it the truth or just pure suspicion by myself, I don't know. If it's the truth, who? I have no idea too. Not so familiar with Korean showbiz anyway.

I think that's about as much as I would say about this Friggin Theatrics fiasco. I was quite surprised at the hit counter 1 day after I made my 1st post on this issue. I'm getting strangers coming here via google search. I had intended for it to be a dedication to my sis's frustration, that's all. Anyway, hope you enjoyed that one and this one, if you happened to come by again. Do feel free to leave some comments if you feel like it. Cheers~

Sunday, March 30, 2008


呵呵, 很久没有用华语来发表部落各言论了... 今天就来一段好了... :D

看到了我的题目吗? 不, 别误会, 我不是要发表我对爱情的看法, 也不是要宣布我已经堕入爱情的魔咒甜蜜了... 我还是单身的, 有兴趣的美女还是可以找我的, 哇哈哈哈哈哈!!!

好了, 既然不是, 那我到底想做什么呢? 呵呵...

我最近听到988来了很多[绝对Superstar]的人马.. 除了有Star DJ JNK & Orange 是第二届的参赛者, 还有主持人之一的欣怡.. 连3月份本月星之一 Des陈诗莉也是第一届的女生冠军.. 请不要以为我有追看[绝对], 我并没有..

JNK发了专辑(我对他们没什么兴趣,排写 :P), Des的专辑也要面市了, 可是呢, 我却爱上了Orange 的单曲 [爱情] <= 我此帖的题目... [爱情]这首歌, 真的听了让我很陶醉.. 我觉得甚至比一些海外歌手的作品还要棒! 百度铁定是找不到来下载的, 除非我们的Orange到港台发片就另当别论, 可是好像不太可能.. 更糟的是, 我这个月的薪水已经7788了, 想买那张EP也不够钱 :'( .. 还好988有强力打歌, 而且还登上了988精彩声势排行榜的冠军宝座,呵呵.. 我决定下个月领到的薪水一定会去支持下正版, 呵呵.. 其实我直到昨晚之前都不知道Orange叫什么名字, 长什么样子, 只知道[爱情]这首歌太好听了, 于是我就去Google了一下 Orange, Superstar. 就这样知道了Orange的中文名字叫[陈慧恬]. 而且也找到了一些照片, 是她在第二届[Superstar]决赛圈时的造型, 这里和大家分享一下:
Source: Splashmilk's Blog

好啦, 老实说也算不上什么大美女, 不过, 管她是不是美女啦, 反正我们有不会和明星们拍拖或什么的, 最重要是歌唱得好吗, 对不对? 让我们一起支持国货吧~~!!

闭上眼睛~哦~ 闭上嘴巴~ 这情景~ 用心去看~~~

流浪@FT Island in Malaysia?

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not 1 of those who will go hysterical over some famous singers or actors/actresses. It has always been my philosophy to enjoy one's music or performances rather than looks. In fact, I have never been to a paid concert of a particular artist before, in my 22 years of life.

Think I'll just get to the point. My sister idolizes a certain boy band from Korea, the FT Island. Last Thursday, these boys made their way to Malaysia, and my sister was among the tens or hundreds of eager fans waiting for their arrival at the airport. And she also made her way to a birthday party for them at the Titiwangsa and an autograph session at Cineleisure Damansara yesterday.

She took the LRT back at night, and I was the station to pick her up. When I saw the look on her face, I knew that all is not well for her. She couldn't hide her frustration and broke into tears even as she was getting into my car.

According to her account on the her day yesterday, the day really sucked. The birthday party was supposed to start at 10am. But as she and the throngs of fans both from Malaysia and overseas were anticipating in excitement, they got the news that the FT boys aren't coming! So everything was there: big cake, champagne, lots of fans, lots of noise, lots of excitement.... and suddenly, no FT Island! I bet all of them must be thinking, WTF?? Worse for the travelling fans from overseas, spent a chunk of money flying over to NOT get to celebrate birthday with their idols. And the party is entrance per ticket!

So no birthday party. The autograph session was scheduled to start at 1pm at Cineleisure. Fans begin to make their way there (by car, or bus, or taxi, it's far). Suddenly, news broke that, the boys WILL be turning up for the birthday party after all! And turned up they did at around 2pm. More disappointment to the fans who had left. Fortunately, or lack of it, for my sis, she was among some of them who stayed back, as they got to meet the boys for 10 minutes, and that's it.

Enough with the lousy birthday party, fast forward to the autograph session in Cineleisure. What was supposed to be a 4hr session from 1pm - 5pm, turned out to be a 1hr+ chaos. Now you see, FT Island consists of 5 boys. There's a handful of fans with some special pass (which they paid for) got to beat the queue and get all 5 signatures. Then it's the time for the fans with no pass but have bought the Original CD with some sticker on it. They were promised of signatures, but since 4hrs became 1hr+, when it was their turn, they were limited to 1 signature per person, and to make matters worse, they were not allowed to choose whose signature to get.

If that's bad enough, only some of them got their CDs signed. There's still alot of them waiting for their turn, my sis being 1 of them, when.... the boys stood up, smiled, said something in Korean, and left! WTF??!! Some fans gave chase, and 1 of my sis's friend actually got stepped by the FT boys in the process. Poor thing, luckily she's not hurt physically, but mentally, I just got stepped on by my idols. Is that a fortunate thing to happen at all?

Conclusion of the day was: Birthday party without the birthday boys for some of the fans, Autograph session which the duration was reduced by more than half, Not getting their CDs signed even when they bought the CD with the sticker on it, which I think was more expensive than the normal ones.

BUT... apparently, it's not the boys' fault, that's what my sister told me. She said, it was actually the lack of communication between the organisers here, CI Entertainment I think, and the management company of FT Island. (My personal opinion: maybe the CI dudes failed to tell the Koreans that, you are big in Korea, but not here, so please don't behave like kings, don't bl**dy disappoint the fans, and be punctual)

It's quite saddening to see my sis crying, and she still is right now. And she's going to their concert at the Sunway Amphitheatre tonight, she said if she don't go, she might not be able to see them in Malaysia again, since the organisers screwed up big time.

Oh ya, I managed to find an article about their press conference on Friday. Here's the report of the press conference, which apparently sucked as well. We probably won't be able to see this in the mainstream newspapers, they probably got pissed.

Thank god I'm not a star chaser or idoliser like my sis. I'm saved from having to endure such agony. I suppose alot of the meet the fans sessions by other stars would be similar. Might be better, might be worse, but I suppose disappointment is inevitable for alot of them.

As for me, I'll stick to just listening to their songs in radio and watching their MVs in TV.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

流浪@Barisan Rakyat

I don't really wanna write about politics to be honest, but since it's sort of like THE topic to discuss at the moment, guess I'd just throw in my 5 cents (2 cents is on the way out) on the whole d*mn thing.

I've been reading Malaysiakini throughout the 12th GE period since they had the courtesy to make it free during that period, and have been reading some of the prominent political bloggers' articles ever since. I find very refreshing insights through them, which is totally in contrast with the spinning ala *Wheel of Fortune by the mainstream media.

However, sticking to what I feel, politics, in my opinion, is still a game between 2 sides, the ruling party and the opposition. With the opposition making headways by denying BN 2/3 majority and becoming the ruling coalition in 5 states, it is becoming more like what it should be at the moment.

Remember I hesitated using the Barisan Rakyat term on the PKR-DAP-PAS coalition? Well that's because I don't see it that way. In my opinion, Barisan Rakyat should be a coalition that is created by the rakyat to fight for the rakyat. The 3 party coalition mentioned above has been around for ages. The only thing that I think they did right is to jump on the bandwagon of frustration with AAB&Co and utilised to powers of internet to their benefits.

I'm not a supporter of AAB&Co by all means. I'm glad that Penang, Kedah and Selangor have kinda settled down abit and getting on with life, hopefully Perak will be soon. I'm also laughing myself crazy with recent standoffs between Pak Tidur Lah with the sultanates.

However, I don't trust Anwar much more than I do towards the BN cronies. It is my firm belief that power breeds corruption, cronyism and nepotism, regardless of who is in charge of it. While there's alot of enlightened souls standing up during the last GE, there's still alot of us out there who has no clear idea what is going on.

For me, I don't, and can't really care if the ministers and the authorities pocket more than their fair share of benefits while in charge. Do what you are supposed to do. Manage the country well, don't make lives difficult for us, and pocket your monies. BN has failed to do just that. They have been pocketing without taking care of us civilians. You perform, and you shall be rewarded. That should be the way. If you take without performing, and have keris waving warriors in your ranks, that's when March 8 happens.

From the looks of it, AAB still has yet to acknowledge or realise what went wrong. I strongly suspect that what the cyberworld predicts will come true, that this is indeed the end for BN. However, if come the next GE, if the so called BR gets a big majority, I don't think we will be much better off than with BN in power.

All the best to all of us, and hopefully, we can vote wisely in the future, for our own sake.

(*Wheel of Fortune ~ remember that game? basically that's the idea, you spin and you spin and you make more money.)

流浪@Roadside Stalls

Took this also on my way of sending my aunt to the hair saloon, also at the same traffic light I was waiting, same spot as of the Teh Tarik post.

Look at the stalls that MPAJ built at the roadside. I didn't notice them being there not too long ago. I'm not into statistics or trying to prove something, just trying to voice out my frustration as an Ampang-ite.

The efficiency in which the roadside stalls were being erected is definitely worth mentioning. The same cannot be said for the efforts to cover the various potholes on the roads nearby. Normally, we would endure months or even years of driving through holes and bumpy roads before anything were done to them. Guess this is the semangat (spirit) of our beloved Bolehland. Take advantage of money making opportunities (the stalls are gonna be rented to the hawkers, of course) and stay away from money spending endeavours.

Wonder if things will change for the better since PKR-DAP-PAS is at the helms this time around. Forgive me for not using the term Barisan Rakyat as most prominent bloggers in Malaysia use. I honestly don't fancy calling them that. More on this issue later.

流浪@Teh Tarik

Was driving my aunt to the hair saloon and was waiting for the green at the traffic light when I saw this.

No, the focus is not on the truck nor is it on the malay woman sitting on it. It's the packet of teh tarik hanging around. The truck is a rubbish truck for your info, would you dare to hang your drink like that bring your drink onto the truck? Isn't it so yucky unhygienic to enjoy your drink among the rubbish?

Then again, poor thing. She must have been working her socks out collecting rubbish from our homes, not having time to even enjoy a glass of teh tarik at a better place. Talk about employee welfare.

So the next time you see rubbish man/woman collecting rubbish at your area, better pay them the respect that they deserve.

Friday, March 28, 2008


If you noticed, in my previous post, i used a term 'totji'.

Well, this term is unconstitutional unconventional because i think only a handful of us in the whole planet understands this word. I figured I'd do this term a little help by blogging about it.

It all started during my stay in the UK with my fellow TARCians. Well, 1 thing is for sure, it wasn't me or my mates that created this word. For details regarding how this word is created, you might wanna consult 1 of my housemates in UK, Nick (he's a hamsap nice chap, ask me for his MSN or mobile number).

Anyway, Nick introduced this word to us, and in no time, somehow, this word 'totji' gained popularity among us. We started calling each other totji for no apparent reason.

Well if you insist on a meaning, I think I can only put it this way: Totji is a universal term to scold address someone who you think is not good in certain areas: crapping, bullsh*tting, stupid, idiotic, wasting time, lazy, hamsap, etc the list goes on. Like I said, it's universal.

I think this term 'totji' has a bright future. Look at our world. If you wanna scold someone in English, what words are there for us to use? Limited if not severely limited. Having an extra word or 2 that others have never heard of is quite handy to overwhelm them, and best of all, its Buatan Malaysia (Made in Malaysia)!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's infest the world with our new found word of crapwisdom!

流浪@Email Bomb

Was having a relatively relaxed day at office yesterday, and decided to check my Outlook to see if any emails made its way into my inbox, and to my horror, the usually [Send/Receive status: 50%] at the status bar, which means 1 or 2 emails, appeared to be [Send/Receive status: 3%]!!!

WTF??!! Am I having 30+ emails incoming?? What the f*ck is going on?? I nervously awaits all the emails to arrive, and...

(click for larger view)

It all started because our beloved 'totji' mui Cathrane decided to do something for our good friend Cannas 'ganas' Lee since it was her birthday yesterday. She sent the 1st mail to Cannas and cc-ed to all the friends, leading by example:

Flashback: Cannas has reminded me of her birthday last week, and I had already set an alarm on my phone to ring at 10am yesterday to remind myself to send her a lovely sms, but this cc-ed email came earlier, hehehe ;)

Heeding the email, I sent an email to wish her also, and then totally forget about it. That proved to be naive, as you have seen in the 1st picture, when I checked my Outlook later on in the day, I was basically suffocated with the mails lolzz..

It would be cruel to suffocate you guys with the same bulk, so I would just include her lovely little reply to us.

(She's sweet, but unavailable at the moment, so I'd save you GUYS some hassle by striking out her contact number and email ;P)


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Was driving to work yesterday,caught up in the traffic jam in MRR2 (as usual), and I witnessed something which at least in my context, is out of the reality.

I was peeking at the rear mirror at a Kancil (my car is also Kancil btw) behind me as it was rudely sticking to my butt, i mean my car's butt for some time already, and I noticed a girl at the passenger side with her head bending down on the driver. WTF? I thought? It's not what I suspect it to be, is it? Curious to find out, I slow down my car even more, hoping that the car behind would try to overtake me.

And overtake it did. As the car was getting beside my car, I took a deep glance into it, and guess what I saw? The ultimate confirmation of what I had suspected. The bl**dy d*ck, presented right in front of me. The friggin' driver was driving while being blowjob-ed by his chick!! Wonder how he managed to drive on.

I had always thought scenes like this only happen in x-rated video clips @k@ hamtai/hentai, whatever u wanna call it. But seeing it 1st eye changed my belief entirely. What the hell are they doing?? Why do it on the car? For God's/Allah's/Buddha's sake, just do it at home until you're satisfied, or find a public toilet or something. Doing it in the car while driving is bad, and endangers other fellow drivers.

I wonder if anyone else spotted this ridiculous moment. The time was approximately 8.00am, at the MRR2 strip between Cheras Tesco Extra and the KL-Seremban Highway exit, where the jam always occur. I was too shocked to think of getting a glimpse on the plate number or something, and no pics, unfortunately. Sorry mates, I'm driving also, remember?

What a way to start my day. Haven't had some interesting witnessing for quite a long time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

无聊@Back in Action

well well... has been slightly more than a year since i made my last post here.. although i doubt anyone even came and looked.. anyway, since it's MY blog, I'll do it MY way... hehehe

Just a general update of what I've been doing for the past year or so... well..

After my final finals for the advanced diploma, which I managed to pass all.. I did 3 temporary jobs all courtesy of a job agency, Bright Prospect. It's not like i'm helping them promote, but they are quite good actually.. have lots of job offerings and pay u well, pay u on time.. what else do we look for as employees, right?

My 1st job was with McKinsey and Co, doing data entry for 2 weeks in KLIA. It was great. Good pay, private transport from home to KLIA and return. Best of all, lenglui (pretty girl) consultant as my supervisor. Not gonna elaborate on what Mckinsey is, if you're interested can go to their website, but they're GOD DAMN BIG!

2nd job was ok, just 2 days documenting (put envelopes into invoices... oops its invoices into envelopes) with Fuji Xerox.. nothing much to say about it..

3rd job was the longest.. it was project based, filing assistant with SC Johnson, the company that sells Mr Muscle, Glade etc.. the job involves carrying and packing old files into boxes and sorting them out, to make it easier for sending to warehouse for storage.. they planned it to be 3mths, 2ppl task, but I managed to do it alone, completing in 1.5mths. good and efficient me hehehe.

Stopped working in mid May, and then... it's time to depart to Liverpool, UK for my 1 semester summer top up programme with Liverpool John Moores University. Was supposed to be a hectic programme with time for us to enjoy, 50-50 they say, but to be honest, come to think of it now, it's more like 90 have fun - 10 study.. and I don't even remember what I studied there now hehehehe..

UK was great.. it was the 1st time i stayed away from home for a sustained period of time. had nice housemates, travelled alot, frequents the Stanley casino (which is a subsidiary to Genting actually hehehe), watched a football match (ManUre vs Inter) at Old Trafford, most important of all, got to visit the magnificent Emirates Stadium.. I'm a Gunner, so obviously that's THE thing to do for me lolzz...

In our UK travels, we mostly rent a car, or a few cars, depending on the size of our group. Went to Scotland, Birmingham, Newcastle, Blackpool, Stonehenge and Bath. We also went to Cheshire Oaks @ Chester and also Manchester a few times via bus and train. Their cities is quite different from what we get in Malaysia, but.. no point elaborating here right? Will do if i feel like it later.. so far, I think my favourite city is Birmingham hehehehe... well of coz we did the most thorough sightseeing in Liverpool.

At the end of the semester, we went for a Europe tour. The bus was crap alright, but overall, I think the trip was quite ok.. we went to many places and many countries. Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France. The schedule was tight, but hey, it's a tour after all... We got to see the windmill and wooden clogs of Holland, tasted German beer and pork knuckles, had some Swarovski crystals encounter, visited the ever majestic Colloseum and other equally impressive sites in Rome, as well as Basillica St Pietro at the Vatican, and headed for the icy peaks of Mount Titlis is Switzerland.

But my favourite spots would have to be Venice and Paris. Venice is exactly what I had imagined it aspired to be.. serene, romantic, historic, and the gondola ride was a pleasant compliment. Paris is the only place that we managed to spend 1 whole day of free time.

All in all, at about 850-900 pounds, it was $$ well spent i think. if we are to go for a Europe tour from Malaysia, it would have been in the region of RM15-20k, which is much much more.

After the Europe tour, there was 5 days before our flight home. We had thought of many ways so use it, but in the end, we decided to spend it all in London. It was quite boring actually. I don't think its London's fault to be honest, we were probably tired from our tour, and it was backpackers hostel, not our Marybone accomodation which we called 'home' for the past 3 months that we are going back to. But Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and Madame Tussauds we did went to, coupled with shopping trips and a few meals at Chinatown. We even went to the Malaysian Hall for a classical Malay meal.

Then it was time to go home. But we had 1 more destination in the name Dubai. Since we were flying with The Emirates, it is natural that the flight stopped at Dubai. Spent 2 days there.. It was worth going for once to check it out, but don't think I'll be going again...

Back home at last, end of September.. Now what? Time to face the reality.. I spent a lot of time looking for suitable jobs.. helped my dad out with his Jusco business.. joined fellow TARCians on a Penang makan trip on the way hehehehe, another fun moment to cherish..

I ended up with my current job, as a Supports Engineer in Shah Alam. Started on 2nd Jan 2008, so I think it's gonna be 3mths soon...

Well.. that's what I've been up to in the past year or so... oops.. I did mentioned it's gonna be a brief update didn't I? Looks like this is way too long to be brief but, heck, who cares? hehehe

I'm getting tired for typing so much.. will come back after i sort my mind out.. will maybe post a much more detailed descriptions of what i did in UK.. till then... adios..