Sunday, March 23, 2008

无聊@Back in Action

well well... has been slightly more than a year since i made my last post here.. although i doubt anyone even came and looked.. anyway, since it's MY blog, I'll do it MY way... hehehe

Just a general update of what I've been doing for the past year or so... well..

After my final finals for the advanced diploma, which I managed to pass all.. I did 3 temporary jobs all courtesy of a job agency, Bright Prospect. It's not like i'm helping them promote, but they are quite good actually.. have lots of job offerings and pay u well, pay u on time.. what else do we look for as employees, right?

My 1st job was with McKinsey and Co, doing data entry for 2 weeks in KLIA. It was great. Good pay, private transport from home to KLIA and return. Best of all, lenglui (pretty girl) consultant as my supervisor. Not gonna elaborate on what Mckinsey is, if you're interested can go to their website, but they're GOD DAMN BIG!

2nd job was ok, just 2 days documenting (put envelopes into invoices... oops its invoices into envelopes) with Fuji Xerox.. nothing much to say about it..

3rd job was the longest.. it was project based, filing assistant with SC Johnson, the company that sells Mr Muscle, Glade etc.. the job involves carrying and packing old files into boxes and sorting them out, to make it easier for sending to warehouse for storage.. they planned it to be 3mths, 2ppl task, but I managed to do it alone, completing in 1.5mths. good and efficient me hehehe.

Stopped working in mid May, and then... it's time to depart to Liverpool, UK for my 1 semester summer top up programme with Liverpool John Moores University. Was supposed to be a hectic programme with time for us to enjoy, 50-50 they say, but to be honest, come to think of it now, it's more like 90 have fun - 10 study.. and I don't even remember what I studied there now hehehehe..

UK was great.. it was the 1st time i stayed away from home for a sustained period of time. had nice housemates, travelled alot, frequents the Stanley casino (which is a subsidiary to Genting actually hehehe), watched a football match (ManUre vs Inter) at Old Trafford, most important of all, got to visit the magnificent Emirates Stadium.. I'm a Gunner, so obviously that's THE thing to do for me lolzz...

In our UK travels, we mostly rent a car, or a few cars, depending on the size of our group. Went to Scotland, Birmingham, Newcastle, Blackpool, Stonehenge and Bath. We also went to Cheshire Oaks @ Chester and also Manchester a few times via bus and train. Their cities is quite different from what we get in Malaysia, but.. no point elaborating here right? Will do if i feel like it later.. so far, I think my favourite city is Birmingham hehehehe... well of coz we did the most thorough sightseeing in Liverpool.

At the end of the semester, we went for a Europe tour. The bus was crap alright, but overall, I think the trip was quite ok.. we went to many places and many countries. Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France. The schedule was tight, but hey, it's a tour after all... We got to see the windmill and wooden clogs of Holland, tasted German beer and pork knuckles, had some Swarovski crystals encounter, visited the ever majestic Colloseum and other equally impressive sites in Rome, as well as Basillica St Pietro at the Vatican, and headed for the icy peaks of Mount Titlis is Switzerland.

But my favourite spots would have to be Venice and Paris. Venice is exactly what I had imagined it aspired to be.. serene, romantic, historic, and the gondola ride was a pleasant compliment. Paris is the only place that we managed to spend 1 whole day of free time.

All in all, at about 850-900 pounds, it was $$ well spent i think. if we are to go for a Europe tour from Malaysia, it would have been in the region of RM15-20k, which is much much more.

After the Europe tour, there was 5 days before our flight home. We had thought of many ways so use it, but in the end, we decided to spend it all in London. It was quite boring actually. I don't think its London's fault to be honest, we were probably tired from our tour, and it was backpackers hostel, not our Marybone accomodation which we called 'home' for the past 3 months that we are going back to. But Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and Madame Tussauds we did went to, coupled with shopping trips and a few meals at Chinatown. We even went to the Malaysian Hall for a classical Malay meal.

Then it was time to go home. But we had 1 more destination in the name Dubai. Since we were flying with The Emirates, it is natural that the flight stopped at Dubai. Spent 2 days there.. It was worth going for once to check it out, but don't think I'll be going again...

Back home at last, end of September.. Now what? Time to face the reality.. I spent a lot of time looking for suitable jobs.. helped my dad out with his Jusco business.. joined fellow TARCians on a Penang makan trip on the way hehehehe, another fun moment to cherish..

I ended up with my current job, as a Supports Engineer in Shah Alam. Started on 2nd Jan 2008, so I think it's gonna be 3mths soon...

Well.. that's what I've been up to in the past year or so... oops.. I did mentioned it's gonna be a brief update didn't I? Looks like this is way too long to be brief but, heck, who cares? hehehe

I'm getting tired for typing so much.. will come back after i sort my mind out.. will maybe post a much more detailed descriptions of what i did in UK.. till then... adios..

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