Thursday, March 27, 2008


Was driving to work yesterday,caught up in the traffic jam in MRR2 (as usual), and I witnessed something which at least in my context, is out of the reality.

I was peeking at the rear mirror at a Kancil (my car is also Kancil btw) behind me as it was rudely sticking to my butt, i mean my car's butt for some time already, and I noticed a girl at the passenger side with her head bending down on the driver. WTF? I thought? It's not what I suspect it to be, is it? Curious to find out, I slow down my car even more, hoping that the car behind would try to overtake me.

And overtake it did. As the car was getting beside my car, I took a deep glance into it, and guess what I saw? The ultimate confirmation of what I had suspected. The bl**dy d*ck, presented right in front of me. The friggin' driver was driving while being blowjob-ed by his chick!! Wonder how he managed to drive on.

I had always thought scenes like this only happen in x-rated video clips @k@ hamtai/hentai, whatever u wanna call it. But seeing it 1st eye changed my belief entirely. What the hell are they doing?? Why do it on the car? For God's/Allah's/Buddha's sake, just do it at home until you're satisfied, or find a public toilet or something. Doing it in the car while driving is bad, and endangers other fellow drivers.

I wonder if anyone else spotted this ridiculous moment. The time was approximately 8.00am, at the MRR2 strip between Cheras Tesco Extra and the KL-Seremban Highway exit, where the jam always occur. I was too shocked to think of getting a glimpse on the plate number or something, and no pics, unfortunately. Sorry mates, I'm driving also, remember?

What a way to start my day. Haven't had some interesting witnessing for quite a long time.


Cathrane said...

Wait at MRR2 and capture the photo for us.. =P I want to see ma..

RealGunners said...

if i manage to bump into them again, Insya Allah i'll try, lolzz