Friday, March 28, 2008

流浪@Email Bomb

Was having a relatively relaxed day at office yesterday, and decided to check my Outlook to see if any emails made its way into my inbox, and to my horror, the usually [Send/Receive status: 50%] at the status bar, which means 1 or 2 emails, appeared to be [Send/Receive status: 3%]!!!

WTF??!! Am I having 30+ emails incoming?? What the f*ck is going on?? I nervously awaits all the emails to arrive, and...

(click for larger view)

It all started because our beloved 'totji' mui Cathrane decided to do something for our good friend Cannas 'ganas' Lee since it was her birthday yesterday. She sent the 1st mail to Cannas and cc-ed to all the friends, leading by example:

Flashback: Cannas has reminded me of her birthday last week, and I had already set an alarm on my phone to ring at 10am yesterday to remind myself to send her a lovely sms, but this cc-ed email came earlier, hehehe ;)

Heeding the email, I sent an email to wish her also, and then totally forget about it. That proved to be naive, as you have seen in the 1st picture, when I checked my Outlook later on in the day, I was basically suffocated with the mails lolzz..

It would be cruel to suffocate you guys with the same bulk, so I would just include her lovely little reply to us.

(She's sweet, but unavailable at the moment, so I'd save you GUYS some hassle by striking out her contact number and email ;P)



Anonymous said...

wuahaha...who tell u that i'm not available geh..totji..hehe..i'm "double" but available..hehe..1 in my stomach :P

Thanx for ur bday greet ya! u r the sweetest n the biggest hehe..opss..u r 2nd sweet la..cuz my dear (pakker teoh) is the 1st..Irreplaceable..wuahaha


RealGunners said...

hehehehe no problem, we are good fren ma, wakakakaka :D

Cathrane said...

I'm irreplaceable.. so touched!!

Erm.. But am I the sweetest? I don't think so. I think myself in ranking No.2 ...

Gunners.. You in ranking No.3 d..

RealGunners said...

hehehe yaya 3rd is fine with me, kekeke we u 1st me 2nd, got ppl will take parang come find me later, wakakakaka

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