Monday, March 31, 2008

流浪@FT Island in Malaysia (Part 2)

More drama last night! Well, having made the 1st post, I feel obliged to make this 1 as well.

Continuing from the previous post here:

After all the fiasco at the birthday party and autograph session, I assumed that things would at least go well for the main event on Sunday, the concert. How naive of me! I fetched my sis to her friend's place, as they had planned to go to the concert, at the Sunway Amphitheatre, together. On our way, my sis received a few phone calls from fellow pentasticks bearers who received news that the concert was cancelled! I could sense my sis's anxiety.

Anyway, it was just rumours at that point of time, at least for us. We reached her friend's house, I dropped her off as they decided to go anyway to find out what is going on. Oh ya, her friend's dad went with them, so I didn't go. Was never my cup of tea anyway (the FT dudes).

My involvement ended there for yesterday. Fast forward to this morning. My sis called to confirm the rumours. More frustrations, more disappointments, more tears... I'm not even gonna try to elaborate on what she told me had happened last night, there's a decent report by K-popped here.

To make matters worse for most of the fans, their idols, who were scheduled to leave in the afternoon today, left hurriedly on the 1am flight! A number of stalking fans followed them all the way to the airport and managed to get in close contact with the boys (happy them, poor majority). There's also a video on Youtube on the airport encounter below, which my sis found.

What can we say? Disastrous trip for the quintet. Now, let's come the the million ringgit/dollar/baht/peso depending on where u come from. Whose fault? The boys? I seriously doubt that, and I believe anyone who have abit of knowledge on the entertainment industry will agree with me. After all, stars are but Wheel of Fortunes for the recording labels and management companies. I came up with 2 and a half parties who should take the blame.

1. C.I. Jokers Entertainment

Who to blame if not them? They are the organizing company for this trip. From FT Island's arrival to departure, basically everything went out of control. Press conference, birthday party, autograph session, even the concert! It doesn't matter if you meant for it to be like this or not, but you screwed up, BIG TIME! Now the boys' reputations is probably totally destroyed among the media. Will they ever come to Malaysia again?

You owe all the paying fans refund, definitely, out of any arguments. You also ought to give a proper explanation of where and what went wrong, and I mean proper, with details. The fans are much more mature nowadays, and know what the internet is, so they would probably never accept the due to unforeseen circumstances sh*t. A token of apology, like having alot of posters signed by the boys and distributed among the fans who failed to get their CDs autographed, would probably go a long way to appease them. This is the least you can do, damage done though.

2. F&C Music

They misunderstood something, I guess. If I am part of the press, I would tell them dead on: YOU ARE NOT IN KOREA, HERE YOU ARE NOBODY, SO DON'T PLAY THE STAR ATTITUDE AND EXPECT ROYAL TREATMENTS. Don't know what the F stands for, but I think C stands for Cocky.

Even if you are not happy with the C.I. Jokers, you should at least be responsible to the fans. What's wrong with letting the boys turn up for the concert? You guys are here, the stage is set, the crowds are here, and u friggin turn your backs on them by bringing the boys back 1st thing in the morning??

3. The sabotage factor

Seeing literally EVERYTHING went wrong, 1 cannot help but wonder, is it their bad luck or what? I don't know about the concert and party/autograph, but no air-cond on the press conference? That's ridiculous! They could've easily complained to the venue provider to make quick remedial actions. There's definitely point for suspicion on someone deliberately wreaking havoc. Is it the truth or just pure suspicion by myself, I don't know. If it's the truth, who? I have no idea too. Not so familiar with Korean showbiz anyway.

I think that's about as much as I would say about this Friggin Theatrics fiasco. I was quite surprised at the hit counter 1 day after I made my 1st post on this issue. I'm getting strangers coming here via google search. I had intended for it to be a dedication to my sis's frustration, that's all. Anyway, hope you enjoyed that one and this one, if you happened to come by again. Do feel free to leave some comments if you feel like it. Cheers~

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