Sunday, March 30, 2008

流浪@FT Island in Malaysia?

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not 1 of those who will go hysterical over some famous singers or actors/actresses. It has always been my philosophy to enjoy one's music or performances rather than looks. In fact, I have never been to a paid concert of a particular artist before, in my 22 years of life.

Think I'll just get to the point. My sister idolizes a certain boy band from Korea, the FT Island. Last Thursday, these boys made their way to Malaysia, and my sister was among the tens or hundreds of eager fans waiting for their arrival at the airport. And she also made her way to a birthday party for them at the Titiwangsa and an autograph session at Cineleisure Damansara yesterday.

She took the LRT back at night, and I was the station to pick her up. When I saw the look on her face, I knew that all is not well for her. She couldn't hide her frustration and broke into tears even as she was getting into my car.

According to her account on the her day yesterday, the day really sucked. The birthday party was supposed to start at 10am. But as she and the throngs of fans both from Malaysia and overseas were anticipating in excitement, they got the news that the FT boys aren't coming! So everything was there: big cake, champagne, lots of fans, lots of noise, lots of excitement.... and suddenly, no FT Island! I bet all of them must be thinking, WTF?? Worse for the travelling fans from overseas, spent a chunk of money flying over to NOT get to celebrate birthday with their idols. And the party is entrance per ticket!

So no birthday party. The autograph session was scheduled to start at 1pm at Cineleisure. Fans begin to make their way there (by car, or bus, or taxi, it's far). Suddenly, news broke that, the boys WILL be turning up for the birthday party after all! And turned up they did at around 2pm. More disappointment to the fans who had left. Fortunately, or lack of it, for my sis, she was among some of them who stayed back, as they got to meet the boys for 10 minutes, and that's it.

Enough with the lousy birthday party, fast forward to the autograph session in Cineleisure. What was supposed to be a 4hr session from 1pm - 5pm, turned out to be a 1hr+ chaos. Now you see, FT Island consists of 5 boys. There's a handful of fans with some special pass (which they paid for) got to beat the queue and get all 5 signatures. Then it's the time for the fans with no pass but have bought the Original CD with some sticker on it. They were promised of signatures, but since 4hrs became 1hr+, when it was their turn, they were limited to 1 signature per person, and to make matters worse, they were not allowed to choose whose signature to get.

If that's bad enough, only some of them got their CDs signed. There's still alot of them waiting for their turn, my sis being 1 of them, when.... the boys stood up, smiled, said something in Korean, and left! WTF??!! Some fans gave chase, and 1 of my sis's friend actually got stepped by the FT boys in the process. Poor thing, luckily she's not hurt physically, but mentally, I just got stepped on by my idols. Is that a fortunate thing to happen at all?

Conclusion of the day was: Birthday party without the birthday boys for some of the fans, Autograph session which the duration was reduced by more than half, Not getting their CDs signed even when they bought the CD with the sticker on it, which I think was more expensive than the normal ones.

BUT... apparently, it's not the boys' fault, that's what my sister told me. She said, it was actually the lack of communication between the organisers here, CI Entertainment I think, and the management company of FT Island. (My personal opinion: maybe the CI dudes failed to tell the Koreans that, you are big in Korea, but not here, so please don't behave like kings, don't bl**dy disappoint the fans, and be punctual)

It's quite saddening to see my sis crying, and she still is right now. And she's going to their concert at the Sunway Amphitheatre tonight, she said if she don't go, she might not be able to see them in Malaysia again, since the organisers screwed up big time.

Oh ya, I managed to find an article about their press conference on Friday. Here's the report of the press conference, which apparently sucked as well. We probably won't be able to see this in the mainstream newspapers, they probably got pissed.

Thank god I'm not a star chaser or idoliser like my sis. I'm saved from having to endure such agony. I suppose alot of the meet the fans sessions by other stars would be similar. Might be better, might be worse, but I suppose disappointment is inevitable for alot of them.

As for me, I'll stick to just listening to their songs in radio and watching their MVs in TV.

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