Saturday, March 29, 2008

流浪@Roadside Stalls

Took this also on my way of sending my aunt to the hair saloon, also at the same traffic light I was waiting, same spot as of the Teh Tarik post.

Look at the stalls that MPAJ built at the roadside. I didn't notice them being there not too long ago. I'm not into statistics or trying to prove something, just trying to voice out my frustration as an Ampang-ite.

The efficiency in which the roadside stalls were being erected is definitely worth mentioning. The same cannot be said for the efforts to cover the various potholes on the roads nearby. Normally, we would endure months or even years of driving through holes and bumpy roads before anything were done to them. Guess this is the semangat (spirit) of our beloved Bolehland. Take advantage of money making opportunities (the stalls are gonna be rented to the hawkers, of course) and stay away from money spending endeavours.

Wonder if things will change for the better since PKR-DAP-PAS is at the helms this time around. Forgive me for not using the term Barisan Rakyat as most prominent bloggers in Malaysia use. I honestly don't fancy calling them that. More on this issue later.

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