Saturday, March 29, 2008

流浪@Teh Tarik

Was driving my aunt to the hair saloon and was waiting for the green at the traffic light when I saw this.

No, the focus is not on the truck nor is it on the malay woman sitting on it. It's the packet of teh tarik hanging around. The truck is a rubbish truck for your info, would you dare to hang your drink like that bring your drink onto the truck? Isn't it so yucky unhygienic to enjoy your drink among the rubbish?

Then again, poor thing. She must have been working her socks out collecting rubbish from our homes, not having time to even enjoy a glass of teh tarik at a better place. Talk about employee welfare.

So the next time you see rubbish man/woman collecting rubbish at your area, better pay them the respect that they deserve.

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