Friday, March 28, 2008


If you noticed, in my previous post, i used a term 'totji'.

Well, this term is unconstitutional unconventional because i think only a handful of us in the whole planet understands this word. I figured I'd do this term a little help by blogging about it.

It all started during my stay in the UK with my fellow TARCians. Well, 1 thing is for sure, it wasn't me or my mates that created this word. For details regarding how this word is created, you might wanna consult 1 of my housemates in UK, Nick (he's a hamsap nice chap, ask me for his MSN or mobile number).

Anyway, Nick introduced this word to us, and in no time, somehow, this word 'totji' gained popularity among us. We started calling each other totji for no apparent reason.

Well if you insist on a meaning, I think I can only put it this way: Totji is a universal term to scold address someone who you think is not good in certain areas: crapping, bullsh*tting, stupid, idiotic, wasting time, lazy, hamsap, etc the list goes on. Like I said, it's universal.

I think this term 'totji' has a bright future. Look at our world. If you wanna scold someone in English, what words are there for us to use? Limited if not severely limited. Having an extra word or 2 that others have never heard of is quite handy to overwhelm them, and best of all, its Buatan Malaysia (Made in Malaysia)!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's infest the world with our new found word of crapwisdom!

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