Wednesday, April 30, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong @ Penang (Part 2)

Enough with my night of arrival, fast forward again to the next morning...

The night before, Peggy ajak (date) us to have dim sum in the morning. Was supposed to leave Bing's place by 7.30am and meet at the restaurant at 7.45am. But... I got excited with the copied photos, woke up early and began filtering, and forgot the time, so... anyway, my fault for being late la, haih...

Peggy and How Chen was already waiting at the dim sum restaurant when me and Bing arrived, so we wasted no time to take photos go in, meet up, take loads of dim sum and indulge. Can't find a photo of this restaurant from Google -_-", but it's Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant at Sg Dua (if I'm not mistaken)..

Not exactly the ones at Maxim, but I think not bad for a substitution :D

After breakfast, Bing went back to his place to do his stuff (which is another long story so I'm not going to bother writing here). I followed Peggy back to her place to yiyiyapyap watch drama & wait for Cathrane, while How Chen went to work (kesian, Saturday also need to work, haih).

Cathrane arrived before 11.00am. She came to bath and get dressed after a 人妖打排球 volleyball training session at Intel. Then it's the usual make-up sessions for the girls. It was quite interesting to see girls putting makeup and drawing eyelashes and stuff. This is the 1st time I see girls doing makeup so upclose, so, having nothing to do, for the 1st time, I remembered to take photos!

How? Lenglui mou? This is Peggy lor~

Since I've revealed Peggy's photo, I think I'll show you guys a photo of Bing and How Chen as well. I'll use 1 of the photos we took in Liverpool, since we didn't take any in Penang.

Bing, How Chen and Me @ Liverpool (unrelated to Penang :D)

Cathrane, no need to post here la, you can get enough of her in her blog, hehehe :P

After the makeup, we were finally ready to leave. To where? Remember I mentioned why I wanna go to Penang? Yeah, to the Jobstreet Career Fair at PISA. But before that, lunch at Ichyo Ramen first. As usual, we took photos went in, ordered, wait, and indulged. This Ichyo has a very nice feature. They have a small screen beside some tables which shows Tom & Jerry cartoons, nice :D

Found this from someone's blog

After makan, finally we went to PISA (Penang International Sports Arena) for my Career Fair. Cathrane and Peggy were not looking for a job, I am. What do you expect? They are working in Intel and Agilent respectively. But they were nice enough to fetch me there and wait for me to do my stuff there. So giam deong (donno correct term anot )sobzz :'(

To be honest, I thought the fair was quite a disappointment. There wasn't very many booths to begin with, and I think the fair was under-promoted, so there wasn't huge crowds there. I identified the companies I had wanted and submitted my resumes though, so it was mission accomplished.

Career fair done with, the girls then brought me to New World Park to have red bean cendol ais kacang. I have been there before from the makan trip last year, but seriously, the ais kacang really rocks. To the extent that when I finally remembered that I wanna take photos, this was what's left.

Cannas was doing her hair nearby, so she came and joined us. If you wonder who Cannas is, never mind, that's normal too. She is my half housemate in UK, very lenglui, used to sing in Feeling Cafe @ Wangsa Maju, KL. I don't have her photo now. Had it when I expressed my 'secret admiration' to her in my blog in conjunction with April Fools', but deleted post because it was quite controversial. If you noticed, good; if you didn't, next time la~

Ok back to the topic. After ais kacang, we went to Queensbay Mall. Cathrane wants to buy a new belt to match her new dress, so we went to MNG and Forever21 to look for 1. She finally bought her goody in MNG. Then we went to Starbucks to have a drink and wait for 7.00pm.

Cath took this photo herself, not me

What's with 7.00pm? Time for movie. Double J movie! I actually watched it with my Surian friends a week ago, but.. never mind la, not bad ma the movie, watch again lo, with Totji gang this time around. (Me, Bing, Peggy, How Chen, Cathrane)

After the movie, we went to a place at somewhere-I-don't-know to have dinner. Cannas joined us after the movie. She was doing a million dollar business meeting up with a client when we were watching movie. The place was a coffee shop, and they were broadcasting the ManUre vs Chelski game live. ManUre lost the game 2-1 thanks to a late penalty by the way. Not that it's any of my business, since Arsenal is already out of contention.

I ordered bak kut teh for dinner, and when the food arrived.... you know la, I took photos digged in straightaway..

The bak kut teh looks like this, but I got to take this photo because Bing was having it too, and his came after I finished mine.

After dinner, next stop: QE2. What's QE2? Apparently, it stands for Queen Elizabeth 2. It's some sort of a lounge/bar by the pier side. At 1 jug of beer (RM38)/2 person's entry, I'm not sure it's cheap or expensive, since I seldom go to these places. But I'm telling you, I seriously feel this place is better than Skybar @ Traders Hotel KLCC. You've got a seaside view with lots of yachts, nice tables and chairs, nice waitresses, and not-so-nice DJ that night. His song mixing was abit.. out of tune I would say...

What did we do there? We took photos chit chat abit, me and Bing drank most of the beer, 6 of us which makes it 3 jugs. Cannas and Cath wasn't having a great night, I reckon because of the lousy DJ-ing, fatigue, and the dancing floor closed off for some unknown reason that night.

I was abit 'wing wing dei' when we got back to Peggy & How Chen's place. (Peggy + How Chen = couple btw) I was going to spend the night at their room anyway, so didn't follow Bing back to his place.
Tired tired, think I'll continue Part 3 tomorrow...

流浪@Ah Leong @ Penang (Part 1)

Continue from where I stopped previously,

Generally the bus ride was quite comfy, minus 1 ridiculous situation.

When the bus reached Slim River / Behrang, exited the highway and stopped at a service area. Then, both the drivers just switched off the engine and got off the bus without giving any notice.

Everyone was blur, not knowing if it's supposed to be a short stop for pee-ing, or dinner. Most of us went to the toilet, came out of the toilet, and waited in bewilderment. Then we spotted the drivers eating rice. Great. So we proceeded to do the same, but by the time some of us bought our food, the drivers were almost done eating!

But they still wait for us to finish makan la, just some of them late in the queue decided not to eat. Haih..

Then we continue with our journey, and I continued my blurry sleep. Let's skip the bus journey, fast forward to Sg Nibong bus terminal in Penang Island, 9pm. Arrived safe and sound, waited for Peggy/Cannas/How Chen/Bing to come and fetch me. In the end it was Peggy driving, How Chen and Bing followed as well :D (If you don't know who they are, that's normal. They are part of the Totji gang, and my housemates in UK)

I decided to spend the night at Bing's place. Copied all the UK and Europe photos that he took. Can you understand my relief when I saw the photos transfering to my laptop??? Now I can blog about my UK life and Europe tour!! But alot of extensive filtering needs to be done before that. I'm going to try to manage that before June 1, which is exactly the anniversary of our leaving for Liverpool.

Still haven't decide how to proceed with the ways to blog that. Should I open a new blog dedicated to my UK and Europe endeavours? Should I do it on a day-by-day basis, something like TODAY LAST YEAR? Or should I categorize into Liverpool food, Liverpool buildings, Manchester transport etc? I'll come to a decision soon..

Back to Penang. We took a shower together separately and then went to meet up with Peggy and How Chen again. They brought me to a mamak restaurant they call Kayu. Well it's a common name I suppose. In KL, we also have DiKayu Nasi Kandar.

Anyway, I must admit I'm not a good a lousy photo-blogger. Maybe it's because I don't have a camera. Whenever I do anything, the last thing I'll think about is to take photos.

When we stopped at the rest area at Slim River, the 1st thing I did was get off the bus and take photos go wee wee. When I arrived at Sg Nibong bus terminal, I was too blur blur to think of anything to do but wait. When we reached Bing's place, all I think of was take photos copy photos. And when we were at the Kayu Nasi Kandar place, the 1st thing I did after we got in was to take photos order Maggie goreng, and when the food arrived, the 2nd thing I did was take photos indulge.

But I figured I'd do my blog some justice by posting at least 1 photo of the bus terminal and 1 of the nasi kandar eat-out, since they say people love reading blogs with pictures, and that a picture speaks 1000 words, so I browsed through Google Image painstakingly and found these:

Sg Nibong Bus Terminal

Restoran Pulau Pinang Kayu Nasi Kandar

Part 2 will give testament to more of my inability to photo-blog...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong Going to Penang

Below is what I typed on last Friday (25 April 2008):

Few days ago, when I was reading Boss Stewie's blog about how he wanna blog in the traffic jam, I figured that I would blog while in a long distance coach trip. So this is what I'm doing right now :D

No la, actually I'm just typing this in the notepad in the bus, will cut and paste to the blog when I gained access to the internet. And sorry, I'm not on Maxis or Celcom broadband.

Why am I on a long distance coach, you might ask. Well, that's what I do not intend to go into with details right now. Right now, let's just say that I am on my way waiting to be on my way to Penang.

I only decided to go in the spur of the moment, because I just realized jobstreet is going to organize a career fair in Penang tomorrow.

This morning, I went to work, but was still down with some mild fever and had every intentions of getting an MC from the clinic near home, but that knnbcjb clinic was having an off day! WTF?!

Having no choice, I went home and went to sleep, after having some herbal tea made by mom. I slept for 2hrs, and instantly felt better. Magical herbal tea. Anyway, let's skip the details of me being sick.

It was already late afternoon when I woke up and saw the jobstreet sms about the career fair and decided to go, so I went into express mode, packed up, rushed out, took the LRT to Plaza Rakyat.
Took this outside my house. It's been awhile a long while since I last WALKED this road :D

Cempaka STAR-LRT station. It's also been some time since I last took the LRT hehehe

When I enquired about tickets to Penang, what I got was: "Hari ini sudah penuh."

Shit! Despair.. then the counter girl asked me to wait, while she made a phone call. Immediately, she told me that there's a bus leaving soon, I mean VERY soon, 15 minutes to be exact, and I grabbed it in no time! The bus is at Platform 7 in Puduraya, and the ticket counter is at Plaza Rakyat LRT station! Rush rush rush again.

Unconventional ticket. Actually it's a receipt. After Cely's experience with Andaraya & Best Boon, I was quite worried in fact!

The bus arrived abit late, and I got into it. KKKL Ekspres, 23 seater (I counted them), RM30. Not bad la, I suppose. This is the 1st time I'm on a long distance coach from Puduraya ever! Have no idea what's good and what's not hahahahaha!

My luxury 23-seater KKKL bus.

But the bus didn't leave very soon. In fact, it was waiting for quite some time. Then I realized the official ticket that I was given, and instantly realized why I am waiting.

TERUS NANTI hahahaha :D In case u don't understand Malay, terus nanti = keep waiting

Finally, the bus moved, and this is where I'm going to stop. Feeling abit heaty again, so I'm going to get some sleep again. Hopefully I'll be fine for my job hunt tomorrow.

Will blog about my Penang adventures outing next...

Monday, April 28, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong Resigns!

Again, have been absent for a few days. Well, was at Penang for the weekend, will blog about it later. For now, I feel it is more important to blog about this possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT phase of my life so far..

This morning, I have tendered my resignation letter to my supervisor and the HR of my company!

Why? Why have I done that? I'm just 4 months into the job, my 1st job after graduation, it's not even passed probation period yet, so why??

Well, I'm gonna have to play the assh*le of not revealing any concrete details of the reasons here, let's just say that some circumstances occured that prompted me to think over my situation, and I have come to a conclusion that I need to move out of KL to see what I can achieve out there, hopefully in greener pastures.

So where do I think I'm headed? Well, basically I've locked target on 2 locations, up north or down south. Both places are quite common in abbreviation. Pg and Sg is just 2 letters difference away (.. oPqrStuv..), yeah, Penang or Singapore.

I would also like to disclose 1 fact: I have yet to receive any calls/notifications to attend any interviews. Yes I have started to submit resumes to companies the moment I decided to move on, but no news yet.


The thing is, you see, I'm not good at the art of camouflaging.

I can't go around in office pretending nothing is going on while I'm busying myself with job hunting, and I don't wanna take unpaid leaves to attend interviews (yeah my annual leave allocation is used up) because I feel I would be making a nuisance of myself that way.

I know I'm being reckless with this, and I am potentially seeing a month or 2 on the sidelines being jobless. It's so not like me. Usually, I am the careful dude, with infinite set of plans in my mind when I embark on anything. My standard is always: Plan A and Plan B set up at any 1 time, while cooking up the possibility of Plan C and Plan D in case A and B screwed up.

But, no, not this time. I have no plans at all. I'm just armed with sheer determination to make the leap change. I'm going to make an excuse for myself. The most successful people in the world were reckless too when they were young. The best example?

Bill Gates of course! Madness is an understatement to describe him when he chose to quit Harvard, but he is now easily the richest man on the planet!

It will not be easy. Even now I am already feeling the tension of facing the possibility of going without income for a couple of months. It's not necessarily a bad experience I suppose. it's good to have this kind of experience and hopefully, I'll mature faster after I get through this.

I don't know where I'll be in 10 years, maybe 20 years time, hopefully this decision I'm taking now will be the correct,correct,correct one. Who knows, maybe 1 day, you will be able to see this.
Wish me luck, mates. I'll need all of them....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

流浪@Traffic Jam at Kesas

This is the 1st time I'm doing this.

I'm going to do the boring stuff of posting some photos I took on my way home, hehehe :D

First photo,

Second snap from basically the same spot (notice the Wira in front of me in the 1st photo, u can see it in the distant already, crazy fella driving it)

45 degree angle (road was bumpy, handshake, therefore, not so clear hehehe :D)

The time was roughly 7pm. Traffic was quite heavy, and I took these out of boredom.

*Public Service Message: Using your handphone while driving is dangerous, regardless of method. Taking photos with your handphone is also considered using your handphone.*

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

流浪@Accident at Kesas

Was driving along Kesas Highway on my way back from office today, and as I was approaching somewhere near the Kinrara rest area, direction towards Sri Petaling, I was forced to stamp on my brakes hard and put on the double signal, because the cars in front of me did the same (they did not do the double signal though).

As my car slowed to a standstill, I finally saw what happened. In the middle fast lane of the highway was a car (can't figure out what car, it was quite smashed) which resembles this:

And on the right side (overtaking lane), was a Gen-2 rammed to the guardrail concrete barricade separating both directions. The Gen-2 definitely looked something like this:
Did not stop by to see if I can help, because there's already alot of willing volunteers around, and I was rushing to elsewhere.

Judging by the state of the cars, it must've happened at at least 90km/h. Serves as a lesson to all of us road users to be ultra careful when we are driving, especially at high speed. To the unfortunate victims, astargfirullah/amen/a mi tuo fo ...

PS: If you think I have the real photos of what happened, you must've been out of your mind. I'm driving, remember? How do you expect me to snap photos?? Totji!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Haven't updated my blog for the past few days, haih... actually, there's some issues going on which make me kinda screwed up, issues that I feel is not appropriate to blog about right now. Am doing alot of thinking, soul searching and remedial actions at the moment.

I'm blardy tired right now, till the extent that I can't get my sorry ass to get out of the sofa and go to bed, so might as well just make an update here...

It's actually a pending update that I had wanted to post long ago, but just didn't have the mood to... heck! Enough of the crap and let's get to the topic, shall we?

Remember I mentioned in my general update for the past year? That I was in Liverpool for 1 semester? Well, I'm going to just show you guys some photos of my all time favourite snack over there.


I'll bombard you with 5 photos of Pringles with different flavours, since photos speak more than 1000 words hehehe :D

Malaysia is just starting to introduce multi-flavoured Pringles when we went to the UK last year, and the new flavours totally sucked! Not in the UK. Their Pringles are BIGGER, taste BETTER, and $CHEAPER$!! Yes I mean CHEAPER!!

What's the price of Pringles in Malaysia? I remember Watsons are selling them for RM5/tube. In Liverpool, Pringles are always on promotion, and they cost 49pences, which x7 = less than RM3.50. And the tube is bigger!

Other snacks I thoroughly enjoyed include: McVities Camarel Camel Caramel Chocolate Digestive Cookies or just Mcvities, McVities Lemon Cake or just Lemon Cake, because McVities is used to call the cookies!

You can find McVities digestives in the racks of supermarkets in Malaysia nowadays, but they are plain digestives and taste totally awful no taste at all. Wonder when will they bring in the Caramel Chocolate breed.

But my favourite will always be Pringles, hehehehe~

A short note before I end this post. I know I should have blogged about my UK life and Europe trip. I have every intention of doing that, but... I spent lots of time filtering out the photos and organising them, and just when I was preparing to blog, my laptop's RAM gone haywire. So I took my laptop to the service centre. Their standard procedure is to FORMAT whatever that needs repairing, and despite my repeated warnings reminders to BACKUP, they didn't! Gone are my photos, and I have to go around looking for backups from my friends.

I don't have my own camera, most of my photos are taken by Ik Bing (lengjai) and Peggy (lenglui). Thank Buddha that they didn't filter their photos, so I'm now in the process of regaining my share, and filtering them all over again. It's a painstakingly slow process, bcz they're in Penang and I'm in KL. Once I'm done this time, I promise I will bombard you guys with a barrage of photos and videos.

Not really short note, hehehe :D

Friday, April 18, 2008

流浪@Halal-ness or Racism Part 2

After 2 days of inactivity, I'm back. It's been a hectic 2 days, in office and out of office, and it has taken it's toil on my body. Anyway, let's get to the topic.

As you might have noticed, I turned off the comments function for my previous post. I'm sorry, but I know there's people reading, and I do not intend for any unexpected twist on it. It was just a post I made to voice out my frustrations, not some personal agenda motivated thing. Enough with that.

Anyway, I found another spot for lunch. Another mamak restaurant, in another corner of Shah Alam. Have been trying out over there for the past 3 days. What spurred me to blog today? Well..

As I set foot into the restaurant today, I got a pleasant surprise. They're playing Mandarin songs on the casette/CD player! And even more amazingly, the folks: malays, indians, mamaks, and a good number of chinese seems to be happily indulging in their meals!

I was like: what's going on man? I just had the shock of my life being complained about saliva from my pork-eating mouth sinned the spoons Muslims are using. And here, a complete reverse in situation?? Everyone looks at peace with each other, and here you can get Nasi Goreng Cina which really looks and taste like chinese fried rice, minus the pork. (If you frequents Nasi Goreng Cina in typical mamaks or gerai melayu, you'll know what I mean. They are just making a complete mockery of the dish)..

At least, I spotted peace and friendliness. No signs of uneasiness. There's a substantial number of Chinese eating out here so I suppose halal-ness is not a big fuss.

I also sense hope for a better, non-racism Malaysia for the future. Hope that the 12th GE radiated, which I thought was illusionary after what happened few days back...

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!! Oops, wrong phrase.. like not so related hor, hehehe dun care la~ :D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

流浪@Halal-ness or Racism?

There was this certain mamak (Indian Muslims) restaurant that I frequent with my mates ocassionally for lunch. Not going to disclose any names or locations as I don't really intend to bring bad publicity to the restauranteurs, not really their fault. Let's just say, it's somewhere in Shah Alam.

Today, the boss came to us and begged asked us not to eat there anymore. I was shell shocked! WTF?! But after hearing his explanation, I kind of got it.

He told us that we are causing him to lose customers. Why?

You see, Shah Alam is a Malay majority area. And there's alot of Malays eating out at this particular restaurant. Problem is (which I didn't realized earlier), this steady flow of customers have been reducing since we set foot in his restaurant.

There have been complaints to him about Chinese eating out in the restaurant and using the spoon & fork which they also use. According to this Muslims, the spoons became un-halal because Chinese (us) who eat pork have used them. To avoid being un-halal themselves, they decided to go to another place to have lunch.

I don't know man, seriously, is this really something to do with halal-ness or just the Malays feeling plainly disgusted at the sight of other races being around? I know about Muslims not allowed to eat pork because it is deemed to be unclean. But to the extent of not being allowed to share spoons? I think I will need some enlightening on this matter.

I'm not going to disclose any photos or restaurant names here. It's not my intention to further ruin business for the nice mamak. I don't blame him at all, it's not really his fault. After all, he's just trying to do business.

But, seems like we're gonna have to look for somewhere else to enjoy lunch. The food there was really quite nice and reasonably priced. Where else in the Klang Valley can you get nasi campur with mutton, egg and sotong (squid) for around RM5? Not for us anymore though, because we are not Melayu Muslims....

Monday, April 14, 2008

流浪@FT Island Irony, again.

Hahaha, more trickery up for grabs from CI Entertainment. The refund was supposed to be yesterday (13th April 2008), and I was in Genting Highlands with a bunch of lenglui and lengjai (hot chick and hot hunk) friends so I missed what happened.

And... another round of postponement! So no refunds yesterday, delayed unconditionally until further notice. Details here.

In another twist, well not exactly a twist, since it was known long ago, FT Island performed in Bangkok on Saturday (12th April 2008). The performance was apparently a huge success, to the delight of Thai fans, agony and disappointment for Malaysian fans.

I'm getting busy with work, so will just round things up this time with a few photos.

but end up...
Bangkok, Thailand
CI ought to get their arses screwed for screwing up FTI's image in Malaysia, and screwing up Malaysian FTI fans' opportunity to get up close with their dream hunks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

流浪@I Am A Nice Guy

No, seriously, I really mean what I said in the title.

Was reading a certain entry from Nuffnang's co-founder, Timothy Tiah @ Boss Stewie's blog, and couldn't help but agree profusely with what he said.

Nice guys finish last. Is that really a fact? I think, it's more of a trend than a fact. At least, not all girls that I know are into bad boys, but yeah, most of the nice guys I know usually end up with nothing after much effort on the girls they are after.

And it's not exactly bad boys that girls are into. Look at what 1 of my female friend says:

I am a nice guy myself, I'd always believed, hehehehe :D. I don't buy expensive things for a girl that I like, nor will I pluck stars from the sky for her (because I can't afford it). Although I am sometimes quite 'totji', I tend to be quite reliable when the need for it arises. I will always be glad to help out to the best of my ability if my girl needs help. I will also be by her side whenever she needs someone to be by her side.

I will not revert to being a bad boy for the sake of getting myself a girl though. I believe there would eventually be someone who will like me for what I am. Surely there are girls who can accept a nice guy instead of sweet-mouth, flirt-eyed hunks. Eventually... haih......

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Had wanted to blog about this much earlier, but somehow, hehehe~ I got lazy and then forgot all about it. Can't help it, the experience was rather forgettable. Haih....

1 of my mates suggested that we check out Skybar @ Traders Hotel near KLCC. So we booked the sofa with KL view for 1st of March. Prior to that, I checked out Google for some photos and indications on what I should expect. Came across this website with load of pictures.

Looks pretty hor? So to Skybar we went, loaded with anticipation, 5 of us. We were shown our sofa seats. Looks okay when we went in, but when we saw where we're sitting, we're utterly surprised. It wasn't what we expected. It's crampy, wet, and the glass window facing KL was abit stained to say the least. Didn't manage to snap photo of our seats, so I'll take from the website also.

As we went at night, it was too dark for our handphones to snap anything. We were quite disappointed also, to be honest, and wasn't in the mood to snap photos. I did snap 1 for our drinks though.

It was a Saturday, but there was no crowd which we expected. It was quite hot as well. We weren't feeling comfortable at all. But I did amuse myself by watching some angmohs enjoying their beer/cocktails with escort ladies. Yeah escort ladies! Again no pics to support my claims, unfortunately. Oh, did I mention it's 4-star Traders Hotel? Hehehe :D

We met another group of friends there who did not book their places prior, and they were given a spot at the far end corner (refer to 1st pic above). 1 round table and not enough chairs. And our friends said, the stereo system was too noisy for a lounge, and they could hardly chit-chat.

Hmm.. both groups didn't enjoy the experience. I'm sure it's just us. I've heard alot of positive comments from others who went before, but I doubt I would ever go again. Might try out Luna Bar next time...


I'm afraid of dogs, and I hate their owners of let them run loose all the time. I've been like that since birth (I guess). The dogs have never been friendly to me at all. Whenever they see me, they'll start barking like there's no tomorrow. My face = barking target, simple as that.

There's also 1 major problem that caused my hatred towards the dog owners. Look at the photo above. See what I want you to see? If you don't, read my title.

Dogshit. In front of my house. Damn it. And it's not the first time. I'm certain it won't be the last. Worse is, I caught the dog in action. When the owner noticed me coming out, he sort of took off to distance himself from my house. His dog followed suit after it's done.

Wtf man! You are supposed to clean your own shit, as well as your dog's shit! Not other people, not some other neighbours, and definitely not me!! Not cleaning it on your own is by itself a sin, leaving the shit to your neighbour is even more ridiculous! If you don't wanna clean the shit yourself, don't blardy keep the dog!! It's your responsibility!!

It's not just 1 dog, I know there's alot of people keeping dogs in their houses in my neighbourhood. And alot of them are equally if not more retarded. Leaving shit to your neighbours. And to do it in style! Directly in from of my house, just beside the gate!!

If I ever catch you in action again, I'll... I'll... actually, I donno what I'll do.. maybe I'll get something to scoop the shit and throw it back on the dog owner. SHIT!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

流浪@L: Change the World

I haven't been into the cinema for more than long enough, and have never been to Cathay Cineplex at the Cineleisure Damansara. So, since my sis asked me to accompany her there, I thought, why not watch a movie as well? So I booked tickets for [L: Change the World] a day before.

It was early, so there wasn't much people. Bought a Lover's Combo (darn it, it's just because it's cheaper!! Don't think nonsense!!), which consists of a regular popcorn and a large soft drink. At RM7.50, it's actually quite expensive compared to GSC, and the portion of popcorn is smaller. But the taste is good though.

Anyway, the movie, overall was ok lah.. No spoilers will be given here, just that it will not involve another Shinigami in the thick of actions, and we will see L having alot more "hands-on" actions. Hehe :D

The beginning of the movie was quite boring actually, but halfway through is where the fun kicks in, when L kinda gets screwed and is on the run. I will reveal a poster of the main cast to end this post.

流浪@Cineleisure, Sunday April 6th

I was at Cineleisure with my sis this morning (Sunday, April 6th). We booked out tickets for [L: Change the World] for 11.15am a few days back, so it wasn't like we purposely went there to catch CI Entertainment in action.

That didn't stop us from trying our luck though. We had the address given: Lot 111, Level 1, Cineleisure Damansara. After some effort of walking around 1st floor, looking for Lot 111, we finally found our shop, which looks like this (ta da~~~~):

Empty. It's not even a shop that is already around. Did CI plan to open their flagship store here? Is it because it's not ready that they wanna postpone the refund? But seriously, what can you do in 1 week in terms of setting up shop? And from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like any effort is being done to prep up this shop.

If you just wanna do the refund, I think the only things necessary are a few tables, some chairs, some stationery and most importantly, alot of CASH and CHEQUES! No one really expect you to do something grand anyway, after seeing you screw up like you did last week. We just want money back!

I tried asking the receptionist sitting at Ground Floor if she knew anything about CI doing their refund. From what I heard, she wasn't informed that CI is gonna set up booth or open shop for any reason. She did however tell me that some fans have been asking her the same thing since Wednesday!

I'm even beginning to wonder, is this Lot 111 just a crappy address CI gave us? I heard that previously, they did their stuff inside the Station Kopitiam on LG floor! And they don't even have their own company T-shirt! So this is what we call profesionalism, tsk tsk..

I also noticed alot of FT Island buntings still hanging around inside and outside the Cineleisure building. Why the hell are they still hanging around there? My sis kept pestering me to take 1 down and bring home to compensate for all the frustrations, and only my rational and civic minded thinking prevented that.

I took the photos with my 2 megapixel V3x, so forgive me if the photo quality is not that good compared to camera took photos.

There's still another week to their supposed postponed date of 13th April. And 1 week is alot of time for more drama unfolding. We'll see, hmm....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

流浪@FT Island Refund, there's something weird~

I've just noticed on CI Entertaintment's own blog something very disturbing.

Forget their website, there's nothing there, but their blog should be updated, but...

In my previous post, I saw in K-popped that they have received a note from CI about the refund date for the FT Island fiasco being delayed from 6th April (tomorrow) till 13th April (next Sunday).
However, CI's official blog, the Seoul ID blog, has no mention of it, at all! Their latest blog entry is the sorry message to the fans and mentioned 6th April for refund date. But there's no updates on the postponement to the 13th April!

I tried to google for [CI Entertainment, FT Island, refund, 13 April], and only my blog and K-popped appears in the result. And my blog obviously got it's source from K-popped. The question is, why is only K-popped getting the latest statement? And why are they not updating it on their own blog??

I don't know if my suspicion is accurate, but if things progress as it is, the refund might yet be tomorrow! And CI can then screw K-popped up by saying something like: they are spreading false news. And fans who showed up on the 13th will not get paid, saves them alot of money! Killing 1 bird with 2 stones!

But that is just my suspicion on things that might happen. I didn't said that THIS IS THE CASE, I just said that THIS MIGHT HAPPEN.

Anyway, I'll be with my sis at Cineleisure tomorrow, because we had planned to watch L: Change the World anyway, might as well just check it out. I don't have wireless broadband access with me, so I can't really inform you guys if something unexpected happened. And I don't have any concrete facts. You fans, DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION whether you are going or not, if you want the refund.

Friday, April 04, 2008

流浪@CI Jokers to the Max

I just have no idea if this is getting anywhere near being concluded.

Yesterday, CI released this statement about the monetary refund and the process (source: K-popped)

FT Island 1st Live In Malaysia 2008 Refund Process

April 6, 2008 (Sunday)

11am to 4pm

Lot 111, Level 1 Cineleisure Damansara

Purchase From Please Bring Notes
Ticketcharge Tickets Receipts from TicketCharge
Agents Tickets Name to be compared with agent's list
Ci Enter (Pre-Booking Zone A / Vvip) Confirmation Email Copy Identification Card (IC) Name to be compared with Ci's list
Others Name to be compared with CI's list. Complimentary tickets are not allowed to be refunded. We have the list of complimentary tickets' numbers.

Shoe Collection

The respective fan community leaders have been contacted. Shoes will be sent to them in bulk.

Fans Package Issue

If you are one of the 15 who did not receive your CD, we will be giving you the CD, along with one FT Island-inspired shoe for your emotional distress.

We will liaise with the travel agent on the list of names. Please bring your tag.

International Fans

Please contact for individual consultation.

Other issues

Please e-mail directly to

And I thought, great, money back, time for everyone affected to move on, albeit in anger and frustration. And then, this morning, as I was checking out K-popped (which I do daily since last week), ta da~~ jeng jeng jeng jeng~~~ another statement

Re: Refund date postponed

Refund date from Sunday April 5th, 2008 will be postponed to the following Sunday April 13th, 2008. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Venue and time will remain the same.

We will also be in touch with other parties involved in the concert such as the international fan communities regarding other concerned issues.

Your kind understanding is very much appreciated and again, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.


I can't really believe it. What are these monkeys up to? Is it because they are short of money to refund to the fans? If that is the case, it would be troublesome. Sure hope this won't end up with them having to run away or declare bankruptcy. It would affect all the paid fans, my sis including, and ultimately me.

And look at this extract of CI's company profile, which is printed in their website:

C.I. Entertainment is an events and entertainment company with a fresh outlook on the entertainment industry thanks to the strong, young, ambitious, and passionate team helming it. Establishing ourselves in the events and entertainment industry by initially venturing out with our core competency, our strength lies in our knowledge and familiarity with the Korean music industry.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I couldn't help but burst out in laughters!! Ambitious, yeah; young and passionate, maybe; strong?? If screwing up big time is proof of being strong, then... well... speechless...

And.. did you mention your strength? Your strength lies in what? Knowledge and familiarity with what? I think that last sentence is mistaken, it should be: our strength lies in our knowledge and ability to mess up everything and break everybody's hearts.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Judging by CI's credentials, I suspect more drama will unfold...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

流浪@An Interesting Day, or Is It?

I woke up at 7am today, took another 5 minutes for lying around, and then when to bath and brush my teeth. After that I got dressed, and had breakfast with mom, then left home for work at 8am.

The traffic was as usual: sh*tty. Reach office at 9am, and began my wonderful day of doing some test calls, MSN-ed with friends, and read Malaysiakini and some political blogs, waiting for lunch time.

1pm, went to lunch with some friends. Have been eating nasi campur melayu (malay style mixed rice) for the past month or 2. Arrived back in the office at 1.50pm, and continued my routine of MSN-ing and wikipedia-ing. Oh ya, had another case to query and to reply the email to the customer.

6.30pm, time's up, packed and left office. Another round of lousy traffic and home sweet home slightly before 8pm. Dinner, bath, and here I am now, typing this blog. Will go to sleep at 11pm and it's another day beginning 7am tomorrow.

Wait a minute.... What the f*ck???!! What's with this post? What's so interesting about your lousy, crappy boring daily life? Why waste our time?

Well actually, that's exactly my point in making this post.

As you all might've know, I've just came back to blogging recently, and I have been reading alot of lifestyle blogs from others. Many are quite interesting, if not spectacular. Seems like life is so amazing for alot of us.

Yet, the comments are even more exciting to read. Controversy, the result of freedom of speech being practiced. Whenever there's something amazing happening to a blogger, or at least, that's how he/she blogs about it, there will never be a lack of anonymous leaving scathing remarks like "oh c'mon, this can't be true, surely there's something, don't try to mislead the people, don't fake things just to gain traffic, etc..."

In my opinion, what is wrong with blogging about your spectacular life? Actually, is it so important that what we blog is of 100% truth? I mean, blogging has become such a trend, and so has blog reading become a source of inspiration and entertainment to many. As long as we get a good read and feel happy after reading blogs, then it should be totally fine.

I view blog entries as something similar to Harry Potter novels and Star Wars movies. It lights up our lives. Will we go and tell J.K Rowlings: "the wand-weaving Patronus charm don't exist, so stop misleading people", or to ask George Lucas to "don't fake the universe! Where the hell is Naboo and Tatouine??" . We won't, right? So I think the same treatment should be accorded to fellow bloggers.

It's not like I encourage lying. I myself don't post something that is astray from what I really think or experienced. However, I have no problem with people having special encounters in their days and blogging about them, nor do I have problems with people adding some special touches to turn their blogs into good reads.

I also don't expect all those anonymous to stop being so rigid any time soon, and I'm totally cool with it. They provide the sparks of exciting comments to compliment a nice blog entry. I actually enjoy the 2-sided exchange of comments as much impressive blog posts.

So, let's hope that democracy and freedom of speech prevails. Where it's not seen in UMNO, hopefully it will continue to thrive in our cyberworld. Cheers~~

流浪@C.I. Entertainment Jokers

I thought I wouldn't be interested in the FT Island issue anymore, but somehow, it kept me going back. It's probably due to my curiosity, wanting to find out if there's any tangible ending to all the trouble arised. And look what I've found:

C.I. Entertainment's Released Notice. They did exactly what I predict they should not do. Due to management decisions, refund will be made, bla bla bla. If they really think people will still buy this kind of sh*t, they really should just f*ck off. And refund is exactly what the fans don't wanna hear. Organising a concert is the opposite of selling a product. Money back guarantee will make the fans pissed off instead of happy. They want their FTI back!

There's also this petition launched at, asking for the return of FTI. Someone even took the luxury to use my email to help me sign it, swtzz ~.~" I doubt this would work though, does those Koreans know how to read in English anyway?

And the ultimate undoing of the C.I. clowns. Look for the denying of some trickery at their Released Notice. And look here:

Fortunately, someone was smart enough to record it, and nice enough to upload it in YouTube for all to see. Ah, the beauty and power of Internet. Never mess up with the internet, babe :D

I suppose there would be more drama unravelling on this FTI & CI issue. Having got myself into this mire, I suppose I'll keep posting about them until some concrete closing is achieved (i.e. all $$ refunded OR the boys will be coming back). Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

流浪@April Fools' Day Unveiled

Ok, I played some pranks on you guys. The 2 "confession of admiration" to the girls was lame, and most of you saw right through it, and as indicated, it was terminated at 6.00pm ~.~" To those non-TARCians, no I'm not seriously into them. They are from Penang, and I have no intentions to relocate to Penang. Enough of that.

What I can't believe is, my RM50 000 bonus trickery actually got through the majority of you guys. That was fun, hehehe :D ... I think the self tampered bank account print screen did most of the damage though. It was actually done using the lowly Microsoft Paint, which amplifies my achievement hahahaha :D Other than that, the other pictures, the car loan calculations are not proof of my claims at all. At best, they are just well organized effort and calculations.

But my prank was not that great. Behold, I'm gonna unveil to you guys the hoax that arguably generated the largest outcry in the net. Bravo to Kenny Sia. *If you happen to be a fellow blogger and not know who is Kenny Sia, please pretend that you know him, just like the case with Jeff Ooi. (Actually I don't think Kenny's prank was that great, it was obvious, but since he's got a massive following, the outcry was inevitable hehehe, good job anyway :D)

Happy April Fools'~~~

* quoted (and modified) from cely, in her donno-how-many-years-ago post

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

流浪@April Fools' Day (Part 2)

Continuing from my post this morning, and update on the status of my unexpected fortune sitting in the bank.

I went to the bank to find out what is going on with the Customer Service personnel. She confirmed my money, saying that I was chosen as a random recipient of RM50000 rewards for new account owners! And more amazingly, I'm not the only one! There's 20 of us, making the total reward money RM1million!!!

Well, it was about time some good fortune bestowed me, so why not this? Even though it came on April Fools' Day. Worried that this is an elaborate prank played on us, I swiftly proceeded to use 30k of it to clear off my Kojadi study loan that I took for my summer semester programme in UK last year.

There's still 20k left. What am I supposed to do with it? Put it in FD and wait for 3.7% interest? No thanks, not now. I took half day leave and head to the nearest Perodua showroom and test drive this car.

RM45912.60 for the 1.3 Automatic variant. I managed to get 5.5k for my 11yr old Kancil, to add up to the 20k, making it 25.5k downpayment. That leaves a loan of RM20412.60, 3.88% spread over 5 years. That makes the monthly instalment of RM406.22.

Let's give you guys and idea of before and after.

BEFORE : I'm paying RM450 monthly instalment to Kojadi for my 8%-annual-interest-8-years loan, and am driving an 11yr old Kancil, having to fork out RM100+ for servicing every 2mths (that's how long it take to reach 5000km for me).

AFTER : No more Kojadi loan, now I'm paying RM406 for a brand new Myvi, and which will be settled in 5 years with a significantly lower interest rate. 100000km, which is 20 x 5000km, that is 40 months of free servicing.

Not bad at all... Really... Can't really believe it... Oh ya, The car is due in 2 weeks time...

流浪@April Fools' Day

We all know what day it is today. In case u don't nevermind, it's nothing hehe :D

I've never been a good prankster throughout my life. I was always on the receiving end of jokes and mischieves on this memorable day, so I have never really enjoyed this day.

Quoted from Wikipedia:
April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day, though not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, enemies and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible. The origins of this custom are complex and a matter of much debate. It is likely a relic of the once common festivities held on the vernal equinox, which began on the 25th of March, old New Year's Day, and ended on the 2nd of April.

Today In History:

2003 :- Leslie Cheung ‘哥哥’ 张国荣 committed suicide. It caused a major earthquake in the Asian entertainment industry, and shattered many hearts. Of course, we thought that it was another bad April Fools' prank, but it was not to be.

1999 :- My schoolmates played a prank on me. Act
ually is schoolbus-mates to be exact. They mimicked speaking without making any sound, and pretended not to be able to hear me speak throughout the journey from home to school. Man that totally sucked! I really panicked all the way ~.~" THE WORST PRANK I have experienced.

Today In Present:

8.45am :- The office was empty. Well yeah, most of us CE Department come in late, but there's usually a few of us hanging around office early on.
Not today, the whole office was dark. Not a prank though, but I really thought it was that hehehe :D

11.30am :- I banked in my paycheck last night. Well it was just about RM2k, and I decided to logon to the e-Banking web to check if the check has gone through, and...

What the??? Is this a RHB prank? Anyway, I'll try and cashout during lunch time to see if anything weird or any pleasant surprise will happen. Stay tuned...