Wednesday, April 23, 2008

流浪@Accident at Kesas

Was driving along Kesas Highway on my way back from office today, and as I was approaching somewhere near the Kinrara rest area, direction towards Sri Petaling, I was forced to stamp on my brakes hard and put on the double signal, because the cars in front of me did the same (they did not do the double signal though).

As my car slowed to a standstill, I finally saw what happened. In the middle fast lane of the highway was a car (can't figure out what car, it was quite smashed) which resembles this:

And on the right side (overtaking lane), was a Gen-2 rammed to the guardrail concrete barricade separating both directions. The Gen-2 definitely looked something like this:
Did not stop by to see if I can help, because there's already alot of willing volunteers around, and I was rushing to elsewhere.

Judging by the state of the cars, it must've happened at at least 90km/h. Serves as a lesson to all of us road users to be ultra careful when we are driving, especially at high speed. To the unfortunate victims, astargfirullah/amen/a mi tuo fo ...

PS: If you think I have the real photos of what happened, you must've been out of your mind. I'm driving, remember? How do you expect me to snap photos?? Totji!

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