Tuesday, April 29, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong Going to Penang

Below is what I typed on last Friday (25 April 2008):

Few days ago, when I was reading Boss Stewie's blog about how he wanna blog in the traffic jam, I figured that I would blog while in a long distance coach trip. So this is what I'm doing right now :D

No la, actually I'm just typing this in the notepad in the bus, will cut and paste to the blog when I gained access to the internet. And sorry, I'm not on Maxis or Celcom broadband.

Why am I on a long distance coach, you might ask. Well, that's what I do not intend to go into with details right now. Right now, let's just say that I am on my way waiting to be on my way to Penang.

I only decided to go in the spur of the moment, because I just realized jobstreet is going to organize a career fair in Penang tomorrow.

This morning, I went to work, but was still down with some mild fever and had every intentions of getting an MC from the clinic near home, but that knnbcjb clinic was having an off day! WTF?!

Having no choice, I went home and went to sleep, after having some herbal tea made by mom. I slept for 2hrs, and instantly felt better. Magical herbal tea. Anyway, let's skip the details of me being sick.

It was already late afternoon when I woke up and saw the jobstreet sms about the career fair and decided to go, so I went into express mode, packed up, rushed out, took the LRT to Plaza Rakyat.
Took this outside my house. It's been awhile a long while since I last WALKED this road :D

Cempaka STAR-LRT station. It's also been some time since I last took the LRT hehehe

When I enquired about tickets to Penang, what I got was: "Hari ini sudah penuh."

Shit! Despair.. then the counter girl asked me to wait, while she made a phone call. Immediately, she told me that there's a bus leaving soon, I mean VERY soon, 15 minutes to be exact, and I grabbed it in no time! The bus is at Platform 7 in Puduraya, and the ticket counter is at Plaza Rakyat LRT station! Rush rush rush again.

Unconventional ticket. Actually it's a receipt. After Cely's experience with Andaraya & Best Boon, I was quite worried in fact!

The bus arrived abit late, and I got into it. KKKL Ekspres, 23 seater (I counted them), RM30. Not bad la, I suppose. This is the 1st time I'm on a long distance coach from Puduraya ever! Have no idea what's good and what's not hahahahaha!

My luxury 23-seater KKKL bus.

But the bus didn't leave very soon. In fact, it was waiting for quite some time. Then I realized the official ticket that I was given, and instantly realized why I am waiting.

TERUS NANTI hahahaha :D In case u don't understand Malay, terus nanti = keep waiting

Finally, the bus moved, and this is where I'm going to stop. Feeling abit heaty again, so I'm going to get some sleep again. Hopefully I'll be fine for my job hunt tomorrow.

Will blog about my Penang adventures outing next...

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