Wednesday, April 30, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong @ Penang (Part 1)

Continue from where I stopped previously,

Generally the bus ride was quite comfy, minus 1 ridiculous situation.

When the bus reached Slim River / Behrang, exited the highway and stopped at a service area. Then, both the drivers just switched off the engine and got off the bus without giving any notice.

Everyone was blur, not knowing if it's supposed to be a short stop for pee-ing, or dinner. Most of us went to the toilet, came out of the toilet, and waited in bewilderment. Then we spotted the drivers eating rice. Great. So we proceeded to do the same, but by the time some of us bought our food, the drivers were almost done eating!

But they still wait for us to finish makan la, just some of them late in the queue decided not to eat. Haih..

Then we continue with our journey, and I continued my blurry sleep. Let's skip the bus journey, fast forward to Sg Nibong bus terminal in Penang Island, 9pm. Arrived safe and sound, waited for Peggy/Cannas/How Chen/Bing to come and fetch me. In the end it was Peggy driving, How Chen and Bing followed as well :D (If you don't know who they are, that's normal. They are part of the Totji gang, and my housemates in UK)

I decided to spend the night at Bing's place. Copied all the UK and Europe photos that he took. Can you understand my relief when I saw the photos transfering to my laptop??? Now I can blog about my UK life and Europe tour!! But alot of extensive filtering needs to be done before that. I'm going to try to manage that before June 1, which is exactly the anniversary of our leaving for Liverpool.

Still haven't decide how to proceed with the ways to blog that. Should I open a new blog dedicated to my UK and Europe endeavours? Should I do it on a day-by-day basis, something like TODAY LAST YEAR? Or should I categorize into Liverpool food, Liverpool buildings, Manchester transport etc? I'll come to a decision soon..

Back to Penang. We took a shower together separately and then went to meet up with Peggy and How Chen again. They brought me to a mamak restaurant they call Kayu. Well it's a common name I suppose. In KL, we also have DiKayu Nasi Kandar.

Anyway, I must admit I'm not a good a lousy photo-blogger. Maybe it's because I don't have a camera. Whenever I do anything, the last thing I'll think about is to take photos.

When we stopped at the rest area at Slim River, the 1st thing I did was get off the bus and take photos go wee wee. When I arrived at Sg Nibong bus terminal, I was too blur blur to think of anything to do but wait. When we reached Bing's place, all I think of was take photos copy photos. And when we were at the Kayu Nasi Kandar place, the 1st thing I did after we got in was to take photos order Maggie goreng, and when the food arrived, the 2nd thing I did was take photos indulge.

But I figured I'd do my blog some justice by posting at least 1 photo of the bus terminal and 1 of the nasi kandar eat-out, since they say people love reading blogs with pictures, and that a picture speaks 1000 words, so I browsed through Google Image painstakingly and found these:

Sg Nibong Bus Terminal

Restoran Pulau Pinang Kayu Nasi Kandar

Part 2 will give testament to more of my inability to photo-blog...

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