Wednesday, April 30, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong @ Penang (Part 2)

Enough with my night of arrival, fast forward again to the next morning...

The night before, Peggy ajak (date) us to have dim sum in the morning. Was supposed to leave Bing's place by 7.30am and meet at the restaurant at 7.45am. But... I got excited with the copied photos, woke up early and began filtering, and forgot the time, so... anyway, my fault for being late la, haih...

Peggy and How Chen was already waiting at the dim sum restaurant when me and Bing arrived, so we wasted no time to take photos go in, meet up, take loads of dim sum and indulge. Can't find a photo of this restaurant from Google -_-", but it's Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant at Sg Dua (if I'm not mistaken)..

Not exactly the ones at Maxim, but I think not bad for a substitution :D

After breakfast, Bing went back to his place to do his stuff (which is another long story so I'm not going to bother writing here). I followed Peggy back to her place to yiyiyapyap watch drama & wait for Cathrane, while How Chen went to work (kesian, Saturday also need to work, haih).

Cathrane arrived before 11.00am. She came to bath and get dressed after a 人妖打排球 volleyball training session at Intel. Then it's the usual make-up sessions for the girls. It was quite interesting to see girls putting makeup and drawing eyelashes and stuff. This is the 1st time I see girls doing makeup so upclose, so, having nothing to do, for the 1st time, I remembered to take photos!

How? Lenglui mou? This is Peggy lor~

Since I've revealed Peggy's photo, I think I'll show you guys a photo of Bing and How Chen as well. I'll use 1 of the photos we took in Liverpool, since we didn't take any in Penang.

Bing, How Chen and Me @ Liverpool (unrelated to Penang :D)

Cathrane, no need to post here la, you can get enough of her in her blog, hehehe :P

After the makeup, we were finally ready to leave. To where? Remember I mentioned why I wanna go to Penang? Yeah, to the Jobstreet Career Fair at PISA. But before that, lunch at Ichyo Ramen first. As usual, we took photos went in, ordered, wait, and indulged. This Ichyo has a very nice feature. They have a small screen beside some tables which shows Tom & Jerry cartoons, nice :D

Found this from someone's blog

After makan, finally we went to PISA (Penang International Sports Arena) for my Career Fair. Cathrane and Peggy were not looking for a job, I am. What do you expect? They are working in Intel and Agilent respectively. But they were nice enough to fetch me there and wait for me to do my stuff there. So giam deong (donno correct term anot )sobzz :'(

To be honest, I thought the fair was quite a disappointment. There wasn't very many booths to begin with, and I think the fair was under-promoted, so there wasn't huge crowds there. I identified the companies I had wanted and submitted my resumes though, so it was mission accomplished.

Career fair done with, the girls then brought me to New World Park to have red bean cendol ais kacang. I have been there before from the makan trip last year, but seriously, the ais kacang really rocks. To the extent that when I finally remembered that I wanna take photos, this was what's left.

Cannas was doing her hair nearby, so she came and joined us. If you wonder who Cannas is, never mind, that's normal too. She is my half housemate in UK, very lenglui, used to sing in Feeling Cafe @ Wangsa Maju, KL. I don't have her photo now. Had it when I expressed my 'secret admiration' to her in my blog in conjunction with April Fools', but deleted post because it was quite controversial. If you noticed, good; if you didn't, next time la~

Ok back to the topic. After ais kacang, we went to Queensbay Mall. Cathrane wants to buy a new belt to match her new dress, so we went to MNG and Forever21 to look for 1. She finally bought her goody in MNG. Then we went to Starbucks to have a drink and wait for 7.00pm.

Cath took this photo herself, not me

What's with 7.00pm? Time for movie. Double J movie! I actually watched it with my Surian friends a week ago, but.. never mind la, not bad ma the movie, watch again lo, with Totji gang this time around. (Me, Bing, Peggy, How Chen, Cathrane)

After the movie, we went to a place at somewhere-I-don't-know to have dinner. Cannas joined us after the movie. She was doing a million dollar business meeting up with a client when we were watching movie. The place was a coffee shop, and they were broadcasting the ManUre vs Chelski game live. ManUre lost the game 2-1 thanks to a late penalty by the way. Not that it's any of my business, since Arsenal is already out of contention.

I ordered bak kut teh for dinner, and when the food arrived.... you know la, I took photos digged in straightaway..

The bak kut teh looks like this, but I got to take this photo because Bing was having it too, and his came after I finished mine.

After dinner, next stop: QE2. What's QE2? Apparently, it stands for Queen Elizabeth 2. It's some sort of a lounge/bar by the pier side. At 1 jug of beer (RM38)/2 person's entry, I'm not sure it's cheap or expensive, since I seldom go to these places. But I'm telling you, I seriously feel this place is better than Skybar @ Traders Hotel KLCC. You've got a seaside view with lots of yachts, nice tables and chairs, nice waitresses, and not-so-nice DJ that night. His song mixing was abit.. out of tune I would say...

What did we do there? We took photos chit chat abit, me and Bing drank most of the beer, 6 of us which makes it 3 jugs. Cannas and Cath wasn't having a great night, I reckon because of the lousy DJ-ing, fatigue, and the dancing floor closed off for some unknown reason that night.

I was abit 'wing wing dei' when we got back to Peggy & How Chen's place. (Peggy + How Chen = couple btw) I was going to spend the night at their room anyway, so didn't follow Bing back to his place.
Tired tired, think I'll continue Part 3 tomorrow...


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