Monday, April 28, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong Resigns!

Again, have been absent for a few days. Well, was at Penang for the weekend, will blog about it later. For now, I feel it is more important to blog about this possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT phase of my life so far..

This morning, I have tendered my resignation letter to my supervisor and the HR of my company!

Why? Why have I done that? I'm just 4 months into the job, my 1st job after graduation, it's not even passed probation period yet, so why??

Well, I'm gonna have to play the assh*le of not revealing any concrete details of the reasons here, let's just say that some circumstances occured that prompted me to think over my situation, and I have come to a conclusion that I need to move out of KL to see what I can achieve out there, hopefully in greener pastures.

So where do I think I'm headed? Well, basically I've locked target on 2 locations, up north or down south. Both places are quite common in abbreviation. Pg and Sg is just 2 letters difference away (.. oPqrStuv..), yeah, Penang or Singapore.

I would also like to disclose 1 fact: I have yet to receive any calls/notifications to attend any interviews. Yes I have started to submit resumes to companies the moment I decided to move on, but no news yet.


The thing is, you see, I'm not good at the art of camouflaging.

I can't go around in office pretending nothing is going on while I'm busying myself with job hunting, and I don't wanna take unpaid leaves to attend interviews (yeah my annual leave allocation is used up) because I feel I would be making a nuisance of myself that way.

I know I'm being reckless with this, and I am potentially seeing a month or 2 on the sidelines being jobless. It's so not like me. Usually, I am the careful dude, with infinite set of plans in my mind when I embark on anything. My standard is always: Plan A and Plan B set up at any 1 time, while cooking up the possibility of Plan C and Plan D in case A and B screwed up.

But, no, not this time. I have no plans at all. I'm just armed with sheer determination to make the leap change. I'm going to make an excuse for myself. The most successful people in the world were reckless too when they were young. The best example?

Bill Gates of course! Madness is an understatement to describe him when he chose to quit Harvard, but he is now easily the richest man on the planet!

It will not be easy. Even now I am already feeling the tension of facing the possibility of going without income for a couple of months. It's not necessarily a bad experience I suppose. it's good to have this kind of experience and hopefully, I'll mature faster after I get through this.

I don't know where I'll be in 10 years, maybe 20 years time, hopefully this decision I'm taking now will be the correct,correct,correct one. Who knows, maybe 1 day, you will be able to see this.
Wish me luck, mates. I'll need all of them....

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