Wednesday, April 02, 2008

流浪@April Fools' Day Unveiled

Ok, I played some pranks on you guys. The 2 "confession of admiration" to the girls was lame, and most of you saw right through it, and as indicated, it was terminated at 6.00pm ~.~" To those non-TARCians, no I'm not seriously into them. They are from Penang, and I have no intentions to relocate to Penang. Enough of that.

What I can't believe is, my RM50 000 bonus trickery actually got through the majority of you guys. That was fun, hehehe :D ... I think the self tampered bank account print screen did most of the damage though. It was actually done using the lowly Microsoft Paint, which amplifies my achievement hahahaha :D Other than that, the other pictures, the car loan calculations are not proof of my claims at all. At best, they are just well organized effort and calculations.

But my prank was not that great. Behold, I'm gonna unveil to you guys the hoax that arguably generated the largest outcry in the net. Bravo to Kenny Sia. *If you happen to be a fellow blogger and not know who is Kenny Sia, please pretend that you know him, just like the case with Jeff Ooi. (Actually I don't think Kenny's prank was that great, it was obvious, but since he's got a massive following, the outcry was inevitable hehehe, good job anyway :D)

Happy April Fools'~~~

* quoted (and modified) from cely, in her donno-how-many-years-ago post

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