Thursday, April 03, 2008

流浪@C.I. Entertainment Jokers

I thought I wouldn't be interested in the FT Island issue anymore, but somehow, it kept me going back. It's probably due to my curiosity, wanting to find out if there's any tangible ending to all the trouble arised. And look what I've found:

C.I. Entertainment's Released Notice. They did exactly what I predict they should not do. Due to management decisions, refund will be made, bla bla bla. If they really think people will still buy this kind of sh*t, they really should just f*ck off. And refund is exactly what the fans don't wanna hear. Organising a concert is the opposite of selling a product. Money back guarantee will make the fans pissed off instead of happy. They want their FTI back!

There's also this petition launched at, asking for the return of FTI. Someone even took the luxury to use my email to help me sign it, swtzz ~.~" I doubt this would work though, does those Koreans know how to read in English anyway?

And the ultimate undoing of the C.I. clowns. Look for the denying of some trickery at their Released Notice. And look here:

Fortunately, someone was smart enough to record it, and nice enough to upload it in YouTube for all to see. Ah, the beauty and power of Internet. Never mess up with the internet, babe :D

I suppose there would be more drama unravelling on this FTI & CI issue. Having got myself into this mire, I suppose I'll keep posting about them until some concrete closing is achieved (i.e. all $$ refunded OR the boys will be coming back). Stay tuned.....

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