Friday, April 04, 2008

流浪@CI Jokers to the Max

I just have no idea if this is getting anywhere near being concluded.

Yesterday, CI released this statement about the monetary refund and the process (source: K-popped)

FT Island 1st Live In Malaysia 2008 Refund Process

April 6, 2008 (Sunday)

11am to 4pm

Lot 111, Level 1 Cineleisure Damansara

Purchase From Please Bring Notes
Ticketcharge Tickets Receipts from TicketCharge
Agents Tickets Name to be compared with agent's list
Ci Enter (Pre-Booking Zone A / Vvip) Confirmation Email Copy Identification Card (IC) Name to be compared with Ci's list
Others Name to be compared with CI's list. Complimentary tickets are not allowed to be refunded. We have the list of complimentary tickets' numbers.

Shoe Collection

The respective fan community leaders have been contacted. Shoes will be sent to them in bulk.

Fans Package Issue

If you are one of the 15 who did not receive your CD, we will be giving you the CD, along with one FT Island-inspired shoe for your emotional distress.

We will liaise with the travel agent on the list of names. Please bring your tag.

International Fans

Please contact for individual consultation.

Other issues

Please e-mail directly to

And I thought, great, money back, time for everyone affected to move on, albeit in anger and frustration. And then, this morning, as I was checking out K-popped (which I do daily since last week), ta da~~ jeng jeng jeng jeng~~~ another statement

Re: Refund date postponed

Refund date from Sunday April 5th, 2008 will be postponed to the following Sunday April 13th, 2008. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Venue and time will remain the same.

We will also be in touch with other parties involved in the concert such as the international fan communities regarding other concerned issues.

Your kind understanding is very much appreciated and again, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.


I can't really believe it. What are these monkeys up to? Is it because they are short of money to refund to the fans? If that is the case, it would be troublesome. Sure hope this won't end up with them having to run away or declare bankruptcy. It would affect all the paid fans, my sis including, and ultimately me.

And look at this extract of CI's company profile, which is printed in their website:

C.I. Entertainment is an events and entertainment company with a fresh outlook on the entertainment industry thanks to the strong, young, ambitious, and passionate team helming it. Establishing ourselves in the events and entertainment industry by initially venturing out with our core competency, our strength lies in our knowledge and familiarity with the Korean music industry.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I couldn't help but burst out in laughters!! Ambitious, yeah; young and passionate, maybe; strong?? If screwing up big time is proof of being strong, then... well... speechless...

And.. did you mention your strength? Your strength lies in what? Knowledge and familiarity with what? I think that last sentence is mistaken, it should be: our strength lies in our knowledge and ability to mess up everything and break everybody's hearts.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Judging by CI's credentials, I suspect more drama will unfold...

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