Sunday, April 06, 2008

流浪@Cineleisure, Sunday April 6th

I was at Cineleisure with my sis this morning (Sunday, April 6th). We booked out tickets for [L: Change the World] for 11.15am a few days back, so it wasn't like we purposely went there to catch CI Entertainment in action.

That didn't stop us from trying our luck though. We had the address given: Lot 111, Level 1, Cineleisure Damansara. After some effort of walking around 1st floor, looking for Lot 111, we finally found our shop, which looks like this (ta da~~~~):

Empty. It's not even a shop that is already around. Did CI plan to open their flagship store here? Is it because it's not ready that they wanna postpone the refund? But seriously, what can you do in 1 week in terms of setting up shop? And from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like any effort is being done to prep up this shop.

If you just wanna do the refund, I think the only things necessary are a few tables, some chairs, some stationery and most importantly, alot of CASH and CHEQUES! No one really expect you to do something grand anyway, after seeing you screw up like you did last week. We just want money back!

I tried asking the receptionist sitting at Ground Floor if she knew anything about CI doing their refund. From what I heard, she wasn't informed that CI is gonna set up booth or open shop for any reason. She did however tell me that some fans have been asking her the same thing since Wednesday!

I'm even beginning to wonder, is this Lot 111 just a crappy address CI gave us? I heard that previously, they did their stuff inside the Station Kopitiam on LG floor! And they don't even have their own company T-shirt! So this is what we call profesionalism, tsk tsk..

I also noticed alot of FT Island buntings still hanging around inside and outside the Cineleisure building. Why the hell are they still hanging around there? My sis kept pestering me to take 1 down and bring home to compensate for all the frustrations, and only my rational and civic minded thinking prevented that.

I took the photos with my 2 megapixel V3x, so forgive me if the photo quality is not that good compared to camera took photos.

There's still another week to their supposed postponed date of 13th April. And 1 week is alot of time for more drama unfolding. We'll see, hmm....


Liz said...

Hi RealGunners, wow the Lot 111 is empty.

Maybe they will get some tables and chairs in by next week for the refund exercise :-).

RealGunners said...

I don't know, I won't be going next week, I'll be at Genting, my sis will have to make her way there on her own next week..