Monday, April 14, 2008

流浪@FT Island Irony, again.

Hahaha, more trickery up for grabs from CI Entertainment. The refund was supposed to be yesterday (13th April 2008), and I was in Genting Highlands with a bunch of lenglui and lengjai (hot chick and hot hunk) friends so I missed what happened.

And... another round of postponement! So no refunds yesterday, delayed unconditionally until further notice. Details here.

In another twist, well not exactly a twist, since it was known long ago, FT Island performed in Bangkok on Saturday (12th April 2008). The performance was apparently a huge success, to the delight of Thai fans, agony and disappointment for Malaysian fans.

I'm getting busy with work, so will just round things up this time with a few photos.

but end up...
Bangkok, Thailand
CI ought to get their arses screwed for screwing up FTI's image in Malaysia, and screwing up Malaysian FTI fans' opportunity to get up close with their dream hunks.

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