Saturday, April 05, 2008

流浪@FT Island Refund, there's something weird~

I've just noticed on CI Entertaintment's own blog something very disturbing.

Forget their website, there's nothing there, but their blog should be updated, but...

In my previous post, I saw in K-popped that they have received a note from CI about the refund date for the FT Island fiasco being delayed from 6th April (tomorrow) till 13th April (next Sunday).
However, CI's official blog, the Seoul ID blog, has no mention of it, at all! Their latest blog entry is the sorry message to the fans and mentioned 6th April for refund date. But there's no updates on the postponement to the 13th April!

I tried to google for [CI Entertainment, FT Island, refund, 13 April], and only my blog and K-popped appears in the result. And my blog obviously got it's source from K-popped. The question is, why is only K-popped getting the latest statement? And why are they not updating it on their own blog??

I don't know if my suspicion is accurate, but if things progress as it is, the refund might yet be tomorrow! And CI can then screw K-popped up by saying something like: they are spreading false news. And fans who showed up on the 13th will not get paid, saves them alot of money! Killing 1 bird with 2 stones!

But that is just my suspicion on things that might happen. I didn't said that THIS IS THE CASE, I just said that THIS MIGHT HAPPEN.

Anyway, I'll be with my sis at Cineleisure tomorrow, because we had planned to watch L: Change the World anyway, might as well just check it out. I don't have wireless broadband access with me, so I can't really inform you guys if something unexpected happened. And I don't have any concrete facts. You fans, DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION whether you are going or not, if you want the refund.

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