Tuesday, April 15, 2008

流浪@Halal-ness or Racism?

There was this certain mamak (Indian Muslims) restaurant that I frequent with my mates ocassionally for lunch. Not going to disclose any names or locations as I don't really intend to bring bad publicity to the restauranteurs, not really their fault. Let's just say, it's somewhere in Shah Alam.

Today, the boss came to us and begged asked us not to eat there anymore. I was shell shocked! WTF?! But after hearing his explanation, I kind of got it.

He told us that we are causing him to lose customers. Why?

You see, Shah Alam is a Malay majority area. And there's alot of Malays eating out at this particular restaurant. Problem is (which I didn't realized earlier), this steady flow of customers have been reducing since we set foot in his restaurant.

There have been complaints to him about Chinese eating out in the restaurant and using the spoon & fork which they also use. According to this Muslims, the spoons became un-halal because Chinese (us) who eat pork have used them. To avoid being un-halal themselves, they decided to go to another place to have lunch.

I don't know man, seriously, is this really something to do with halal-ness or just the Malays feeling plainly disgusted at the sight of other races being around? I know about Muslims not allowed to eat pork because it is deemed to be unclean. But to the extent of not being allowed to share spoons? I think I will need some enlightening on this matter.

I'm not going to disclose any photos or restaurant names here. It's not my intention to further ruin business for the nice mamak. I don't blame him at all, it's not really his fault. After all, he's just trying to do business.

But, seems like we're gonna have to look for somewhere else to enjoy lunch. The food there was really quite nice and reasonably priced. Where else in the Klang Valley can you get nasi campur with mutton, egg and sotong (squid) for around RM5? Not for us anymore though, because we are not Melayu Muslims....