Sunday, April 13, 2008

流浪@I Am A Nice Guy

No, seriously, I really mean what I said in the title.

Was reading a certain entry from Nuffnang's co-founder, Timothy Tiah @ Boss Stewie's blog, and couldn't help but agree profusely with what he said.

Nice guys finish last. Is that really a fact? I think, it's more of a trend than a fact. At least, not all girls that I know are into bad boys, but yeah, most of the nice guys I know usually end up with nothing after much effort on the girls they are after.

And it's not exactly bad boys that girls are into. Look at what 1 of my female friend says:

I am a nice guy myself, I'd always believed, hehehehe :D. I don't buy expensive things for a girl that I like, nor will I pluck stars from the sky for her (because I can't afford it). Although I am sometimes quite 'totji', I tend to be quite reliable when the need for it arises. I will always be glad to help out to the best of my ability if my girl needs help. I will also be by her side whenever she needs someone to be by her side.

I will not revert to being a bad boy for the sake of getting myself a girl though. I believe there would eventually be someone who will like me for what I am. Surely there are girls who can accept a nice guy instead of sweet-mouth, flirt-eyed hunks. Eventually... haih......

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Anonymous said...

leongggg...... hahahaha...em hou kam fuiiii... !! ccp