Thursday, April 03, 2008

流浪@An Interesting Day, or Is It?

I woke up at 7am today, took another 5 minutes for lying around, and then when to bath and brush my teeth. After that I got dressed, and had breakfast with mom, then left home for work at 8am.

The traffic was as usual: sh*tty. Reach office at 9am, and began my wonderful day of doing some test calls, MSN-ed with friends, and read Malaysiakini and some political blogs, waiting for lunch time.

1pm, went to lunch with some friends. Have been eating nasi campur melayu (malay style mixed rice) for the past month or 2. Arrived back in the office at 1.50pm, and continued my routine of MSN-ing and wikipedia-ing. Oh ya, had another case to query and to reply the email to the customer.

6.30pm, time's up, packed and left office. Another round of lousy traffic and home sweet home slightly before 8pm. Dinner, bath, and here I am now, typing this blog. Will go to sleep at 11pm and it's another day beginning 7am tomorrow.

Wait a minute.... What the f*ck???!! What's with this post? What's so interesting about your lousy, crappy boring daily life? Why waste our time?

Well actually, that's exactly my point in making this post.

As you all might've know, I've just came back to blogging recently, and I have been reading alot of lifestyle blogs from others. Many are quite interesting, if not spectacular. Seems like life is so amazing for alot of us.

Yet, the comments are even more exciting to read. Controversy, the result of freedom of speech being practiced. Whenever there's something amazing happening to a blogger, or at least, that's how he/she blogs about it, there will never be a lack of anonymous leaving scathing remarks like "oh c'mon, this can't be true, surely there's something, don't try to mislead the people, don't fake things just to gain traffic, etc..."

In my opinion, what is wrong with blogging about your spectacular life? Actually, is it so important that what we blog is of 100% truth? I mean, blogging has become such a trend, and so has blog reading become a source of inspiration and entertainment to many. As long as we get a good read and feel happy after reading blogs, then it should be totally fine.

I view blog entries as something similar to Harry Potter novels and Star Wars movies. It lights up our lives. Will we go and tell J.K Rowlings: "the wand-weaving Patronus charm don't exist, so stop misleading people", or to ask George Lucas to "don't fake the universe! Where the hell is Naboo and Tatouine??" . We won't, right? So I think the same treatment should be accorded to fellow bloggers.

It's not like I encourage lying. I myself don't post something that is astray from what I really think or experienced. However, I have no problem with people having special encounters in their days and blogging about them, nor do I have problems with people adding some special touches to turn their blogs into good reads.

I also don't expect all those anonymous to stop being so rigid any time soon, and I'm totally cool with it. They provide the sparks of exciting comments to compliment a nice blog entry. I actually enjoy the 2-sided exchange of comments as much impressive blog posts.

So, let's hope that democracy and freedom of speech prevails. Where it's not seen in UMNO, hopefully it will continue to thrive in our cyberworld. Cheers~~

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