Sunday, April 06, 2008

流浪@L: Change the World

I haven't been into the cinema for more than long enough, and have never been to Cathay Cineplex at the Cineleisure Damansara. So, since my sis asked me to accompany her there, I thought, why not watch a movie as well? So I booked tickets for [L: Change the World] a day before.

It was early, so there wasn't much people. Bought a Lover's Combo (darn it, it's just because it's cheaper!! Don't think nonsense!!), which consists of a regular popcorn and a large soft drink. At RM7.50, it's actually quite expensive compared to GSC, and the portion of popcorn is smaller. But the taste is good though.

Anyway, the movie, overall was ok lah.. No spoilers will be given here, just that it will not involve another Shinigami in the thick of actions, and we will see L having alot more "hands-on" actions. Hehe :D

The beginning of the movie was quite boring actually, but halfway through is where the fun kicks in, when L kinda gets screwed and is on the run. I will reveal a poster of the main cast to end this post.

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