Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Haven't updated my blog for the past few days, haih... actually, there's some issues going on which make me kinda screwed up, issues that I feel is not appropriate to blog about right now. Am doing alot of thinking, soul searching and remedial actions at the moment.

I'm blardy tired right now, till the extent that I can't get my sorry ass to get out of the sofa and go to bed, so might as well just make an update here...

It's actually a pending update that I had wanted to post long ago, but just didn't have the mood to... heck! Enough of the crap and let's get to the topic, shall we?

Remember I mentioned in my general update for the past year? That I was in Liverpool for 1 semester? Well, I'm going to just show you guys some photos of my all time favourite snack over there.


I'll bombard you with 5 photos of Pringles with different flavours, since photos speak more than 1000 words hehehe :D

Malaysia is just starting to introduce multi-flavoured Pringles when we went to the UK last year, and the new flavours totally sucked! Not in the UK. Their Pringles are BIGGER, taste BETTER, and $CHEAPER$!! Yes I mean CHEAPER!!

What's the price of Pringles in Malaysia? I remember Watsons are selling them for RM5/tube. In Liverpool, Pringles are always on promotion, and they cost 49pences, which x7 = less than RM3.50. And the tube is bigger!

Other snacks I thoroughly enjoyed include: McVities Camarel Camel Caramel Chocolate Digestive Cookies or just Mcvities, McVities Lemon Cake or just Lemon Cake, because McVities is used to call the cookies!

You can find McVities digestives in the racks of supermarkets in Malaysia nowadays, but they are plain digestives and taste totally awful no taste at all. Wonder when will they bring in the Caramel Chocolate breed.

But my favourite will always be Pringles, hehehehe~

A short note before I end this post. I know I should have blogged about my UK life and Europe trip. I have every intention of doing that, but... I spent lots of time filtering out the photos and organising them, and just when I was preparing to blog, my laptop's RAM gone haywire. So I took my laptop to the service centre. Their standard procedure is to FORMAT whatever that needs repairing, and despite my repeated warnings reminders to BACKUP, they didn't! Gone are my photos, and I have to go around looking for backups from my friends.

I don't have my own camera, most of my photos are taken by Ik Bing (lengjai) and Peggy (lenglui). Thank Buddha that they didn't filter their photos, so I'm now in the process of regaining my share, and filtering them all over again. It's a painstakingly slow process, bcz they're in Penang and I'm in KL. Once I'm done this time, I promise I will bombard you guys with a barrage of photos and videos.

Not really short note, hehehe :D

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