Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm afraid of dogs, and I hate their owners of let them run loose all the time. I've been like that since birth (I guess). The dogs have never been friendly to me at all. Whenever they see me, they'll start barking like there's no tomorrow. My face = barking target, simple as that.

There's also 1 major problem that caused my hatred towards the dog owners. Look at the photo above. See what I want you to see? If you don't, read my title.

Dogshit. In front of my house. Damn it. And it's not the first time. I'm certain it won't be the last. Worse is, I caught the dog in action. When the owner noticed me coming out, he sort of took off to distance himself from my house. His dog followed suit after it's done.

Wtf man! You are supposed to clean your own shit, as well as your dog's shit! Not other people, not some other neighbours, and definitely not me!! Not cleaning it on your own is by itself a sin, leaving the shit to your neighbour is even more ridiculous! If you don't wanna clean the shit yourself, don't blardy keep the dog!! It's your responsibility!!

It's not just 1 dog, I know there's alot of people keeping dogs in their houses in my neighbourhood. And alot of them are equally if not more retarded. Leaving shit to your neighbours. And to do it in style! Directly in from of my house, just beside the gate!!

If I ever catch you in action again, I'll... I'll... actually, I donno what I'll do.. maybe I'll get something to scoop the shit and throw it back on the dog owner. SHIT!

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