Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Had wanted to blog about this much earlier, but somehow, hehehe~ I got lazy and then forgot all about it. Can't help it, the experience was rather forgettable. Haih....

1 of my mates suggested that we check out Skybar @ Traders Hotel near KLCC. So we booked the sofa with KL view for 1st of March. Prior to that, I checked out Google for some photos and indications on what I should expect. Came across this website with load of pictures.

Looks pretty hor? So to Skybar we went, loaded with anticipation, 5 of us. We were shown our sofa seats. Looks okay when we went in, but when we saw where we're sitting, we're utterly surprised. It wasn't what we expected. It's crampy, wet, and the glass window facing KL was abit stained to say the least. Didn't manage to snap photo of our seats, so I'll take from the website also.

As we went at night, it was too dark for our handphones to snap anything. We were quite disappointed also, to be honest, and wasn't in the mood to snap photos. I did snap 1 for our drinks though.

It was a Saturday, but there was no crowd which we expected. It was quite hot as well. We weren't feeling comfortable at all. But I did amuse myself by watching some angmohs enjoying their beer/cocktails with escort ladies. Yeah escort ladies! Again no pics to support my claims, unfortunately. Oh, did I mention it's 4-star Traders Hotel? Hehehe :D

We met another group of friends there who did not book their places prior, and they were given a spot at the far end corner (refer to 1st pic above). 1 round table and not enough chairs. And our friends said, the stereo system was too noisy for a lounge, and they could hardly chit-chat.

Hmm.. both groups didn't enjoy the experience. I'm sure it's just us. I've heard alot of positive comments from others who went before, but I doubt I would ever go again. Might try out Luna Bar next time...


Cherrie said...

went there once with a group of friends.. is a nice place to chill out.. but.. is kind of hot at night.. phew... hot till feel like just jump to the pool and swim

RealGunners said...

if you jump, i'm sure more guys will feel hotter hehehehe :D