Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 29 2007 - World Museum Liverpool

I mentioned that basically every city and town in England has their own museum and art gallery. Well, of course Liverpool has it's own!

That's our destination today: World Museum Liverpool.

Admission is of course, free of charge..

Me in front of the museum

Once inside, we were greeted by this very tall totem pole.

I know it's totally different, but somehow it reminded me of 'Night at the Museum'. U r my dum dum, I want my gum gum..

6 levels of exhibition items

Information counter

See the top right corner of the photo? What free tickets? Well since it's free... there's only 1 thing to do, isn't it?

It's actually a documentary on Egyptian history, played in the museum's theatre.

Inside the theatre

Waiting for the show to start

The documentary lasted about 30 minutes. It was quite interesting to be honest..

After the show, we went straight to the top floor, to the planetarium, for another free show. It was dark in there, so no photos... and this show was quite boring, I actually forgot what they showed us hehehe :D

After the shows, we began exploring the museum beginning from the top floor..

This top floor is about space and time, and is quite a dark floor. They have alot of trinkets regarding space travel, like the rocket, satellite etc. There's also alot of clocks. To be honest, I think u can see similar stuff in our very own Planetarium Negara. Just a few photos to show u..

Copernicus Model of the Solar System

Ah Leong posing with a clock

4th floor was more fun.. dinosaurs and natural world..

Keen, Cath, me and... antelope deer not sure what this animal is

Some ancient fish

Mammoth and elephant comparison

Cannas "terrified" with the skulls

This skull has magical powers. It draws a fascinated Cath close to it

Dinosaurs and us! Well, dinosaur skeletons.. erm.. it's actually, replicas of dinosaur skeletons

Oh ya, I forgot to introduce 'us'. It's the usual Phase 1 Flat 44 housemates. How Chen and Peggy went somewhere else, but we have Cath, Cannas and Keen.

I don't think I need to explain who Cath is anymore. Back then, Cannas and Keen is actually Cath's friends (now our friends as well :D).. They are also Brain's coursemates.

Talking about this, we actually took Electronics and Control Systems, but Brain took Microelectronics. Cannas and Keen are also Microelectronics students.

Talking about Brain also reminds me of something. I haven't actually mentioned why Brain is called Brain..

Actually, his name is Bryan. According to Bing, Bryan becomes Brain because of a certain childish cartoon with this song: Pinky and the Brain~ Pinky and the Brain.. Since we are so used to calling him Brain, I'll just continue to call him Brain here :D

And we actually came up with this new song: Bingky and Brain~ Bingky and the Brain~~

Ok continue... 4th floor done with, continue to 3rd floor... world culture..

Head of Buddha

According to the museum, this head of Buddha is carved from volcanic rock. It dates back to the 3rd century A.D, and was excavated in Gandhara, Pakistan.

Amulet box

This amulet is actually Tibetan. The Tibetan people wear this amulet box round their neck, and this box contains Buddha images or charms. Said to be able to protect them and repel evil..

Us with more Buddha statues

Not sure what head this is

This is even more dramatic, not sure what it is too

Actually, I don't know the reason for this photo, it looks boring though, but I just felt like putting it up here..

U know, 1 thing that I'm really not so impressed about angmohs is that, they close their premises early in the evening, and they tend to be very accurate, and stubborn, about their closing time..

That's what happened when we wanted to go on the 2nd and 1st floor.. We were practically shooeed away..

But we are quite stubborn too... finding time to set up tripod for another group photo

We were quite pissed to not be able to finish the museum in 1 day, so we decided to take a continuous shot outside the museum..

My 1st photoshop product

It was quite tiring, walking the whole day, inside the museum. We were in dire need of sitting down and having something to drink, so we headed to Costa Coffee nearby..

Well, not so nearby actually, World Museum to Bold Street.. but heck...

Nah... Costa Coffee

More Costa Coffee

After coffee, time to head back to Marybone.. we passed by this Victoria Square, when we noticed there's some water shooting out from the ground.. therefore...

Haih... we were more childish than angmoh kids hanging around that area..

Better go home fast...

Friday, May 30, 2008

流浪@Exam Results are so Friggin Important??

Was away from home for much of today, being the personal driver for a friend of mine who is going to the UK next month, and is in town to settle her air ticket issue..

Went to Pavillion, and bought something that I have been looking for it's existence in Malaysia for quite sometime..

Apple Cider

My 1st experience on cider is of course, during my stay in Liverpool. I love cider. They taste 100 times better than beer. Seriously...

But alcohol distributors seem unsure about their potential.. hence, u can't find cider in wine shops here...

Am now sipping on my cider, while continuing with being emo. Have been thinking about my 1st interview with Agilent, where the fact that I flunked 4 subject in my Advanced Diploma 1st year basically destroyed my image..

And we were fucking told... all the time... study for knowledge, not for exams... I dare say that 8 out of 10 who scored distinctions in exams are studying for exams and not knowledge...

Does scoring straight As prove that u are smarter, more able in handling tasks, more pressure resistant, more etc? Might, or might not be... hmm..

And we were also fucking told... also all the time... honesty is the best policy... but admitting to my own mistakes of being lazy and waiting to be spoon-fed with tips during my 1st year... doesn't seem to have any effect on offsetting my flunking of 4 subjects...

"Learn from your mistakes, do not repeat them, and grow from them"

Did I fucking not do that? How the hell did I passed all my main papers, my final year project, and the papers that I flunked, all together.. in my 2nd year, or final year.. if I did not repent from my laziness and worked till I drop?? And how the hell did I manage to obtain a degree of 2nd Upper class, if I had not realized the correct attitude of studying?

Well yeah.. I did have alot of fun in UK, but that doesn't really mean I did not study hard, does it?

I suppose, I have done everything that I could during my time as a student.. perhaps.. the biggest mistake that I made was.. believing some corporate morons/CEOs/potential employers in their saying of:

"We don't emphasize on your exam results."

If u aspire to enter big firms when u graduate, u will realize that this notion is outright rubbish/crap/bullshit/jibberish/nonsense/etc...

What else can I do... haih haih haih... I'm pretty positive that I'll meet with similar situations if I'm ever called for other interviews soon.. since most of my applications have been aimed big..

Will continue my emo-ness with cider as my friend... excuse me...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

流浪@Uncertainty creeping again...

Going to take another break from UK blogging again. I have been going like.. really fast this few days, 2-3 posts per day. I think I'll just stop for a day or 2...

The thing is, I'm feeling emo today... Yes, I do feel emo occasionally.. actually it's quite constant and the timing is similar to the girls with their monthly thing.. if u know what I mean... frightening... no I'm not a girl or pondan.. I'm 100% dude/guy/male for your info..

I'm sure being jobless does not help with this emo-ness.. I mean, going from having a job to being jobless.. Seeing the digits in my bank account getting smaller and smaller, knowing that it won't replenish end of month is not the best experience in the world..

I made a big gamble by resigning 1st, then look for a new job. In doing so, most of my friends felt that I'm a retard, and still feel so. I figured that if I wanna break into the big engineering firms, I would need time to study back my books, and re-pick up all the forgotten theories and stuff..

And I am still doing just that. I refreshed on RLC, Smith Charts and Op-Amps basics in line with preparation for my 1st interview with Agilent. After that, in between another interview for another position with Agilent and now, have been studying back Superposition, Thevenin's, Norton's theorem..

Am looking into digital logic topics like logic circuits, CMOS, NMOS now..

I'm totally aware that I can't screw up in this gamble. If I end up in a similar situation in my new job, I would be 1 helluva fucking disappointed dude. Problem is, I am feeling more screwed up than ever before, and this feeling is growing stronger each day without any news of my job applications.. A strong source of emo-ness...

I'm sure I'll emerge a better person out of this experience.. The thing now is, trying to get out of this situation I'm in...

I shouldn't be so pessimistic. Rich Dad said: What you say will become the reality.

I'm going to get my job soon. The big firms will call me for interviews and job offers soon. I'm going to get a good paying job and work hard for it. I'm going to settle down and invest more time on financially educating myself. I'm going to get myself a great girlfriend. I'm going to.........

June 18-21 2007 - Visiting Mun Mun

Finally, exam for our 1st module is approaching soon. Lessons are over, and we are given a few days for self study. And what will I do in this few days?

Instead of studying, I bought return train tickets to Wolverhampton, hahahaha :D Actually I booked 1 week in advance, because booking like this, the tickets will be cheaper by alot.. I mean, really alot.. from 21 pounds to 7 pounds single way...

Why the fark Wolverhampton? Got thing to do meh there??? Some might ask. Well.. I wasn't there for any specific sightseeing or the sorts. I'm going there to visit my schoolmate, Siew Mun @ Mun Mun.

Another schoolmate will be visiting as well, and he went all the way from Leeds. I'm not sure if he's called Jaz or Fred nowadays, but I know him as Wai Ping. Well let's call him Fred here, easier to type..

Upon arrival, Mun and Fred were there waiting for me.. 1st things 1st, go to her house to rest for the day..

We passed by this stadium on the way. If u have been following the EPL all the time, u would have known this team Wolverhampton Wanderers. They were relegated of course...

Thank you, sign post

1 of the side entrances

Actually, I have no idea who Billy Wright is, seems to have legendary status here. Sorry Wolves fans ~_~"

This is their main gate I think

We just spent the day at Mun's house that day. She cooked for us.. tomyam soup, spicy & sour chicken.. didn't take any photos la.. since our photo awareness is quite low.. but really yummy lo... Mun is really a great cook, and I even copied her spicy & sour chicken recipe :D

Wolverhampton actually has nothing much to do.. Just a small town.. So next morning, we took the train and went to nearby Birmingham.

Now, if not for Mun, I would never have thought of visiting Birmingham as well. But, for your info, Birmingham is the 2nd largest city in the UK, after London.

And if u ask me now, I would definitely recommend this city. While other cities have this medieval feel in their streets, a large chunk of Birmingham feels totally modern.

New Street, just outside the train station

Act cool by the fountain in Victoria Square

Me and Mun with a gigantic stone ball

Me and Fred with... Brass or copper mummy?

This is Queen Victoria, hence the place called Victoria Square

If u don't know who Queen Victoria is, same case as with Galileo in my previous post. Go google/wikipedia for it, or go bang wall...

Birmingham has an extensive network of man made canals. There are many longboats on the canals, some provide tourist canal tour services, some are converted into restaurants, and most are just parked by the side..

We went to 1 of these so called canal restaurants for brunch.

On a bridge, on top of our canal restaurant

Inside the restaurant

My food - Jacket Potato with forgot-what-thing as toppings liao..

After brunch, Mun brought us to the Bull Ring. They claim to be the largest shopping mall in the UK. But so did Trafford Centre in Manchester claimed to be too. So let's just say, one of the largest shopping mall in the UK.

Pavilions - I think is an extended part of the Bull Ring

Near 1 of the entrance of the Bull Ring

What's the Bull Ring without the bull, right?

Topshop/Topman. Claim to be the largest outlet in the UK.

After some random window shopping, we went to Selfridges. Selfridges is like Debenhams. If u don't know Debenhams then... Selfridges is like Isetan, departmental store.

Inside Selfridges, there's this Krispy Kreme Donuts, which Mun said is very famous. And the queue is really long. This Krispy Kreme Donuts, they operate like that donut shop in LG floor, Pavillion KL, production open for the view of public.

Yummy Donuts

This unique structure houses Selfridges, its part of the Bull Ring

St Martin's Church, located directly behind the Bull Ring

Mun also brought us to tour Birmingham's Chinatown and the surrounding area..

Their Chinatown Arc, Arcadian, reminds me of the movie '300'.

This dragon pillar definitely looks very Chinatown lor..

But... this bar and cafe area.. just behind the Chinatown street.. is so un-Chinatown

The Hippodrome Theatre, is quite famous also according to Mun

Tired of walking for the whole day, we went back to Selfridges. There's a Nero Cafe there, so just get some coffee, sit down and relax..

And camwhore :D

There's another place Mun wanted us to go... The Mailbox. It's a building situated by the canal also, and houses alot of eating outlets.. so off we went..

Forgot what building this is.. used to be some bank..

LV shop :D

This is really a bank building

Longboat by the canal. This 1 has no fuction, just parked at the side

The boat across the canal, that was where we had brunch.

Do u recognize this fella from Doraemon? Noticed this sticking on 1 of the angmoh shop's door

Finally, The Mailbox

Wow wow, seems so happening one??

Ooo.. got catwalk, no wonder la...

I noticed a few banners hanging around.. it seems that a new property is holding their launching party here..

Inside The Mailbox

We decided to have our dinner at a restaurant/bar, Red Peppers..

Not so clear this photo, me and my Caesar salad

It was getting dark already, so we decided to head back to the Bull Ring to take some night view photos.. the train station is in that area also anyway..

However, we did not have any tripod with us, so the photo quality totally sucks..

Here's one that is quite decent, taken by Mun

Mun is really a good tour guide lo.. she knows where to bring us to.. if not for her, I wouldn't know what to do in Birmingham.. and good camera-lady also.. she took good photos of me and Fred during night time, but we sucks and didn't take any half decent photos of her, that's why I try to be fair and omit all the night photos with people in it :D

That's Birmingham for the day... went back to Mun's house.. sleep...

I still have another day left to spend before going back to Liverpool.

On this 3rd day Mun brought us to her uni, Wolverhampton University. Erm.. I don't know how we managed to not take any photos.. I think we told Mun that it wasn't our uni, so we don't wanna take any photos... darn it.. now I have no photos of the uni to show u guys...

We also went to the most famous church in Wolverhampton, the St Peter's Collegiate Church.

St Peter's Church

I'm not sure who the statue is, I suppose someone of great importance to the church or to Wolverhampton..

Mun needs to work in the evening, so me and Fred went to the art gallery in town.

Some photos there..

Hamsap Ah Leong

Musical Ah Leong

Dustbin artworks

Sohai Ah Leong

I was fairly surprised that we are allowed to touch and play with almost all the art items in the gallery. It was quite fun to be honest..

But overall, I think Wolverhampton is.. erm...

For your info, if u talk to any angmohs anywhere in England, and u ask them: "Where should I visit in England?", 11 out of 10 will say: "My home town. We have the most awesome church, museum and art gallery!"

If u wanna listen to all the angmohs, you'll basically have to go to every towns and cities in England. That's ridiculous right?

In my opinion, Wolverhampton is exactly such a place. If not because I miss Mun Mun, I won't wanna spend money to purposely go there..

But Birmingham.. yeah, definitely should go... totally worth it in my opinion...