Friday, May 02, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong @ Penang (Part 3)

Intended to put this entry in yesterday, but Streamyx was down at home, no choice, have to do it today :D

I'd like to highlight something before proceeding back to Penang.

*Today was my last day at office. Wasn't sure if its relief or despair I felt. Now I can officially declare myself to be jobless again. On the other hand, I can concentrate on getting back on the books on semicons and basic electronics theories to prep up in case I get called for interviews, since the likes of Intel, Agilent or Altera are part of my aims. Marcus Evans drew first blood. They called me today and next Monday, I'll attend the 1st of possible many interviews with many companies, post-joblessness. Let's see what the future has in store for me...*

Ok back to Penang trip. Day 3, Sunday, 27th April 2008.

Actually, hmm... I suppose there's nothing much to blog about for this day. We slept late last nite early this morning, so woke up at about 10.00am. Actually I was awake at about 7.00am already, because Peggy and How Chen's bed sucks it's like a programmed timer in my body already. I WILL wake up at 6.30 - 7.00am regardless of the day or the time I went to bed.

As the couple were still snoozing it out, I continued my photo filtering effort. Seeing most of my UK and Europe photos back is the biggest relief in my life. It felt even better than.... going to toilet when ur shit is about to come out?

I played PS2 for the 1st time of my life, having a few bouts of Tekken 5 with How Chen while waiting for Peggy to bath. I have Xbox and PS2 at home, well it's not mine, it's my big bro's. Never touched them at all at home.

After all the washing and getting dressed, it's time to go out. Bing came to fetch us with his Myvi. Headed across the bridge to the mainland to pick Cathrane up, and then went for breakfast lunch brunch. They brought me to this restaurant.. well I suppose I can call it a restaurant, even though it's set up in the housing area, within those rural houses sort of thing. Cannas went with her mom and niece and met us up at the restaurant.

No photos again, and worse this time, I don't even know what's the name of that restaurant. But the food was awesome. We had those 小鸡 (tiny chicken), steamed fish, lala (don't know how to call it in English), kerabu, cold squids, prawn crackers, and noodles. Oh not forgetting the fried ice-cream!

Cath took some photos, but seems like she haven't have time to blog about it. Probably been to busy with her work recently. Let's wait for her, since I really didn't take any photos. The sight of food spurred me to eat, not take photos, haihzz....

After brunch, it was time for more food! What? We're talking about Penang you know? Of course it's food! Cannas joined us and cramped into the Myvi while her mom drove her car back home.

This time it's 串串 (chiam chiam they call it, I think?). It's fruits satay actually. No, wait a minute, satay is supposed to be meats in sticks burnt over charcoal. I think fruits stick is more appropriate, since the fruits are not burnt over charcoal. It tasted like... fruits.. nothing special apart from it's fruits poked/stabbed/cucuk-ed/skewered into sticks..

After chiam chiam-ing, it's time to send Cath and Cannas back. Actually, just send them back to Cannas's home, as they were going to do some Intel work together. Peggy decided that she would drive. She wanted to try driving an auto, since her Proton Saga is manual transmission. I managed to snap some photos of her struggling driving :D

We played with Cannas's niece at her home. The small girl... soooo cute hahahaha ^_^" I felt like a kid again when I watch her running around with her toy balls and 7仔 (the CJ7 alien) doll. Kids are always so adorable aren't they? Pure at heart, easily pissed and easily pleased hahahaha :D

Hmm, I'm beginning to get bored with this Penang post. Will just brief through what happened next just for the sake of it. We left Cannas's home at 3pm, this time, I am driving hehehehe :P

Surprisingly, the Myvi seems easy to handle. At least it felt alot better than my big bro's Kenari which always felt like flying in corners. I drove all the way back across the bridge to Penang Island, to Sunshine market. Red bean ais kacang there, then headed back to Peggy's place. Watched Peggy, How Chen and Bing get their cars washed at the nearby car wash centre, then Peggy sent me to the Sg Nibong bus terminal around 5.00pm. Bus left for KL at 5.30pm.

The traffic on the bridge was shit. Got stucked on the bridge for like 1 hour, and then it's full speed all the way back to KL. Reached Puduraya at 10.45pm, took a cab, went home, and that's it. Nice Penang trip came to a conclusion....

Am currently still filtering my UK photos. Just realized I missed out Nick's camera photos. Will find time to copy from him. I want the full set before starting to blog. As of the current status, I think I will do the day-by-day life blogging. Maybe I'll try to coincide it to begin on June 1, and make it TODAY, LAST YEAR for about 4 months...

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