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September 27 2007 - Dubai Rendezvous Day 2 @ Desert Safari Tour

You can easily book your safari tour upon arrival at the hotel. Don't book in advance through the net because usually it will be overpriced. We booked through the hotel boy. At first he told us 180 dirhams per person, we managed to talk him down to... erm... 120 or 140 dirhams? I remember seeing the price in websites to be US$60-80 if you book online.

The 4WD came to the hotel and picked us up at 4.00pm Dubai time.

Our ride, plus 2 camwhores :D

Inside the Land Cruiser

Caught this on the streets

Headed to the outskirts of Dubai city, and stopped by some sort of a pitstop, with some shops. The things there were really overpriced. [TIPS: Bring your own water, don't buy at the pitstop]
Then continued to the edge of the desert.

This is our driver. What's he doing?

Actually he's trying to deflate the tyre abit, this way it can go fast in the desert, woohoo~~!!

After dealing with the tyres, off we went! We went into the desert, up and down, left and right, fast and slow, go straight and drifting. Seriously, it's 100 times much better then sitting in the roller coaster. Pictures doesn't do much justice to the ride here, so I'll just include a video.

Brain was helming the camera recording. Notice the moment the screen went black. It was because it became too bumpy, the camera left Brain's hand and flew straight to the front! And notice the driver enjoying making the girls scream :D

However, and unexpected thing happened.

Our Cruiser's front wheel got stuck in the sand!

Camwhoring in the midst of strong wind and flying sand


Kids at play again. Just now beach sand, now desert sand :D

Backdrop: That wasn't our jeep, it came to our rescue!

After that incident, our driver become a little subdued, and stopped performing high adrenaline stunts, *yawnzz*

Sunset at desert. At this point we were crossing the road to get to another set of desert area.

After almost 2 hours of roller coaster ride, we reached the Bedouin campsite.

Bedouin campsite

Taking a look inside

Free drinks (actually it's included in the 120 dirhams already lah, free sounds nicer ma hehe)

Cheers / Gan Bei 干杯 !!

I wasn't fascinated with camels. I've seen them before in Zoo Negara, I've riden them before in Beijing when I was a kid, and few years back in Guangzhou, didn't enjoy it at all. But the remaining 4 got excited, so off we went to the camel playsite.

Girls with camel

Boys with camel

Camel upfront

Camel at a different angle

Since I didn't want to ride the camel, I took to the task of being the cameraman. But it was getting dark, maybe the camera is lousy, and my skills sucks, so the outcome is like this:

1 word: haih....

After that we went to try out the Arabic costume

Female costume

Male costume

We're supposed to take photographs here, but having a nap is not bad too :D

There's also shisha, which is a kind of water pipe used to smoke herbal fruits or tobacco. I wasn't aware of it at that time, haih.. was busying myself with admiring the costumes, but here's a photo of the couple having fun:

Then there's henna painting, which is a kind of temporary tattoo drawing with a substance that doesn't smell so nice.. The girls went for that...

Not to forget, dinner! A buffet dinner to be precise, but actually, it was more of a roasted meat buffet. You get rice, some vege, and then it's roasted chicken, roasted beef legs, roasted lamb legs, roasted lamb meat, roasted beef meat, roasted lamb sausages, roasted pork. It was nice though, traditional Arabian cuisine.



To top things off, there's NO belly dance.

WHAT? Yes, there's no belly dance. It was part of the itinery, and I was raring to see some hot chicks doing some hot dances, but... "No belly dances during Ramadhan"

So disappointing.. and we paid the full price like any other months, and get no belly dance! Can you imagine how frustrating it was to have no belly dance?? I want belly dance performance!!!! Sobs :'(

After all the food, time to leave. I tried negotiating with the driver to drop us off out on the main streets, instead of making a few more turns to our hotel. I thought I was being kind to him, but to our astonishment, he replied: "If drop you on the main streets, cost 30 dirhams more"

WTF??! No thanks, we drop off back at the hotel as scheduled, and walked 3 minutes back out to the main street, heading to al-Ghurair shopping centre again. This was our last night in Dubai, what else? Lepak-lepak look for things to buy lah, dooh~~

al-Ghurair shopping complex

Perfume is a woman's best friend

Swatch is a woman's best friend too, hehehe :D

Finally someone bought something and contributed to Dubai's retail sector :D

We're finally done for the day, back to the hotel to sleep. Tomorrow is time to fly back to Malaysia....

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