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September 27 2007 -Dubai Rendezvous Day 2 @ Jumeirah Beach

Day 2 (27th September 2007) begins early in the morning...

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

Had intended to go to the Mall of the Emirates that we missed last night. The Mall of the Emirates is the largest shopping mall in the Middle East, and the cabbie last night told us, you can spend the whole day just walking around the mall without stopping and still haven't covered the whole mall. Abit far fetched I suppose.

But, when we finished out breakfast and got to the lobby, was told that there will be free transportation to the beach. So we decided to check out the beach first, then go to the mall. After all, the beach is about halfway to the mall from our hotel, so grabbing a cab there would be significantly cheaper.

Going to take the hotel bus to the beach

Aeroplane, tidur; taxi, tidur; hotel room, tidur; get on the bus going to beach, ALSO TIDUR!

The bus took us to Jumeirah Beach. Admission costed 5 dirhams per person, d*mn it! I heard that there's a certain Open Beach which is free to enter! Anyway, we decided to go in since we were already there.

Go go go!

We obviously were NOT obeying the rules :D

The beach, woohoo~~

Once we got ourselves to the beach, we totally forgot about the Mall. And d*mn we didn't bring any clothings to change, or else we would have just jumped into the water and soak up for awhile.. haih...

Relaxing at the shelter

Crystal clear water~

White sandy sand~

'Kids' getting fascinated with the softness of the sand -_-"

What more could you ask for?

Well, yeah the place is artificial, man made. That's why the water is so f*cking crystal clear and the beach so f*cking white and sandy. But, who cares? Angmohs love to get their tan in clean beaches, and we the 'kids' love playing there too hehehe :D

Compare this to a certain beach near Seremban,

Get what I mean?

After behaving like 5 year olds for a couple of hours,

Sit down, get a drink, relax 1st...

Ah Leong fiddling around with Peggy's 2-megapixel camera

Let's play some black and white~

By the way, did I just mention we intended to go to the Mall of the Emirates?

*Side story: Notice some photos have date and time on the bottom right? Those photos are taken using Peggy's 2-megapixel camera. The time is Malaysian time, not Dubai time. The camera used to be the gem of the group, but now it has become the laughing stock. I kinda understand how hurt she is, I have a desktop PC at home, bought it 7 years ago, Pentium III 933Mhz 20Gb Hard disk and 256Mb RAM, WAS the envy of my friends back then, IS a laughing stock too now, haih...*

It was getting late in the afternoon, so we decided to skip the Mall. Waited for the hotel bus to come and pick us up. Went back to the hotel for dinner and shower, and prepare for our Desert Safari Tour.

Chicken chop from the hotel restaurant. 25 dirhams


Think I'm gonna split this in 2 posts. Next post will be our Desert Safari Tour.

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