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September 27 2007 - Dubai Rendezvous Day 3

28th September 2007,

Hmm.. actually, there's nothing much to do with Dubai today, it's more on our flight back to Malaysia, but then, gotta give this Dubai thing a proper ending ba... Will just post some photos with a bit of descriptions...

Dubai International Airport, early morning

Time to go home, time to face the reality

Camwhore sin, while queueing up to collect our flight tickets

Our passport to go home... really passport la, hehehehe :D (somehow, Brain did not have such a pose)

Going to board the plane via Gate 35

Gate finally open, last camwhoring before boarding the plane

Not the plane yet, just got into the airport shuttle which will send us to our plane. Looks like someone bought something again. Really contributing to Dubai retail sector hehehe :D

How Chen was being the cameraman, so I figured I should do him some justice by posting a photo of him too :P

Finally on the plane, take off time 9.55am Dubai time.

Dubai view from the plane

More Dubai view

Some more Dubai view

Emirates food - dessert

Emirates food - Curry chicken rice

Emirates food - Chicken tikka (I think it's that name, hahaha don't really remember)

7 hours later...... doesn't look like it, but it's KL view! Yeah!!

'Ham Fu Ham Fat' (crying), Cath was going back to Penang, Peggy's home is in KL, we're gonna miss each other~~ :'( ......

That was last year anyway. Now, both of them are working in Penang, seeing each other more than they would like to -_-"

Ringgit Malaysia can be utilised again :D

Time difference - London 2.21pm, Dubai 5.21pm, KL 9.21pm!

We took our luggage, checked out, and that was pretty much it! Cath and Brain went to catch the bus to Ipoh, she's spending the night there and then head back to Penang the next morning. Peggy, HC and me, well our family were waiting, so we went separately lo...

The end of this Dubai tour also marks our official stepping into the real world. Looking for job and finding our own footings in the world.....

Let's end this with a video we shot in the Dubai International Airport..

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