Friday, May 30, 2008

流浪@Exam Results are so Friggin Important??

Was away from home for much of today, being the personal driver for a friend of mine who is going to the UK next month, and is in town to settle her air ticket issue..

Went to Pavillion, and bought something that I have been looking for it's existence in Malaysia for quite sometime..

Apple Cider

My 1st experience on cider is of course, during my stay in Liverpool. I love cider. They taste 100 times better than beer. Seriously...

But alcohol distributors seem unsure about their potential.. hence, u can't find cider in wine shops here...

Am now sipping on my cider, while continuing with being emo. Have been thinking about my 1st interview with Agilent, where the fact that I flunked 4 subject in my Advanced Diploma 1st year basically destroyed my image..

And we were fucking told... all the time... study for knowledge, not for exams... I dare say that 8 out of 10 who scored distinctions in exams are studying for exams and not knowledge...

Does scoring straight As prove that u are smarter, more able in handling tasks, more pressure resistant, more etc? Might, or might not be... hmm..

And we were also fucking told... also all the time... honesty is the best policy... but admitting to my own mistakes of being lazy and waiting to be spoon-fed with tips during my 1st year... doesn't seem to have any effect on offsetting my flunking of 4 subjects...

"Learn from your mistakes, do not repeat them, and grow from them"

Did I fucking not do that? How the hell did I passed all my main papers, my final year project, and the papers that I flunked, all together.. in my 2nd year, or final year.. if I did not repent from my laziness and worked till I drop?? And how the hell did I manage to obtain a degree of 2nd Upper class, if I had not realized the correct attitude of studying?

Well yeah.. I did have alot of fun in UK, but that doesn't really mean I did not study hard, does it?

I suppose, I have done everything that I could during my time as a student.. perhaps.. the biggest mistake that I made was.. believing some corporate morons/CEOs/potential employers in their saying of:

"We don't emphasize on your exam results."

If u aspire to enter big firms when u graduate, u will realize that this notion is outright rubbish/crap/bullshit/jibberish/nonsense/etc...

What else can I do... haih haih haih... I'm pretty positive that I'll meet with similar situations if I'm ever called for other interviews soon.. since most of my applications have been aimed big..

Will continue my emo-ness with cider as my friend... excuse me...

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