Thursday, May 15, 2008

流浪@Hectic Week Coming Up!

Just made it back from Penang few hours ago. Not going to blog about any Penang adventures today, since there's really nothing much about it. I went with Peggy and How Chen on Monday, spent the whole of Tuesday babysitting doing some final studying and watching Taiwanese drama with Peggy, and attended an interview with Agilent for the post of Test Engineer.

Maybe I'll just include a couple of photos that I managed to take with my obsolete reliable V3x. Bing took some photos, but don't think he's going to transfer them to his laptop and send to me anytime soon..

Peggy @ Hospital Kuala Lumpur (formerly General Hospital). She was there on Monday to get her wisdom tooth drilled skewered plucked off via a minor operation.

If you know of GH's reputation, you would know that it wouldn't be a very pleasant experience. Not going to elaborate here though, might get myself into hot soup later on hehehe :D

Peggy insisted me to snap this. It's at a restaurant specialising on Hakka Mee and Yong Tau Foo. I managed to persuade her to join us for dinner on the night after my interview. Her mouth was swollen after the operation and this bowl of rice was the 1st real food she eat after the operation.

I'm really getting out of topic.. actually, the main reason I'm making this post is to say: I'm going to put off again my Europe tour blogging to a later date. I have another interview session near KLCC tomorrow, which is the reason why I rushed back from Penang today. Next Tuesday, there will be another interview with Agilent for another position. Materials Quality Engineer I think, hmm.. and I'm not sure if there's any 2nd interview for the Test Engineer post, so I'll have to be on my toes and continue brushing back up my theories...

It's really frustrating not being able to blog about UK and Europe. It's getting really close to the anniversary of us leaving for UK (June 1st 2007). However, like I said, I really have to put my job hunt in priority. I'm not in the range of Kenny Sia or the likes, where 10000+ people visit his blogs daily and he could probably live of Adsense or Nuffnang income if he wanted to. If I don't get a job real soon, I'll be in deep shit...

I have all the photos filtered out, but putting them in the blog requires more effort. I'll do something about it once I find the time to... till then.. please bear with it.....

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