Monday, May 05, 2008

流浪@Job Interview

Going to take a break before blogging about Europe. The Dubai entries have made me kinda seeing stars. Never thought Travel blogs would be so tedious to do...

As you might have known, (or might not have known if you were not reading my previous posts) I have resigned from my job. I am now officially jobless while focusing on a fresh round of job hunting.

This morning, I attended an interview at Marcus Evans KL HQ.

I think I did okay, but.. can't be 100% positive can I? Anyway, they said they're gonna do the shortlisting tonight and notify me if there's any 2nd interview or not.

And in the evening just now, Marcus Evans Penang called me as well! To be honest, I was quite disappointed. When I saw the screen on my handphone indicating 04xxxxxxx, I thought, finally, Intel or Agilent or Altera or Motorola called. Turned out to be a relief that wasn't.

Anyway, has been away from the job hunt scene for a few months, so I was quite taken aback by a couple of questions thrown at me this morning. Am going to discuss what I feel is the ultimate mind-boggling question that an interviewer can throw to an interviewee.


[Erm... I can offer you a clean slate of mind, since I have totally no concept in corporate sales at all... I am going to responsible to the company and do whatever I can to not screw up... bla bla etc...]

That was how I answered. But... to be honest.... the way I seriously wanted to answer was:

Hello? How the hell am I supposed to know? Aren't you the one who is supposed to decide if you should employ me? I am here to present you what I am, and what I have to offer. Although I have read your web or job description or what, are you expecting me to pretend to know what the company is all about before even joining? Since I don't know about the real deal, how do you expect me to think what I have that suits this job or company? You are supposed to judge whether what I have to offer matches what you need to be able to make me an offer, no?

But then, I figured it would be too rude to answer that way, so did not. Hehe :D

Anyway, don't really think I wanna accept even if there will be a 2nd interview. Now it's back to square one... Penang, Huawei, Genting, when are you going to call me up for interview? Sobzz :'(

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