Thursday, May 22, 2008

June 1 2007 - Departure to Liverpool

Let's start with abit of what is going on...

I'm a TARCian (TAR College student), and most TARCians who have completed our Advanced Diploma are entitled to take up an optional 1 semester summer degree top-up programme in either Liverpool John Moores University or Sheffield Hallam University. I have completed my Advanced Diploma, so I took up the Liverpool option.

June 1 2007 was the day of our flight to the UK. The route was: KLIA -Dubai - Manchester - coach transfer to Liverpool. Actually we all arrived at KLIA on May 31 at night, because the flight was 1.00am

At KLIA (Me, Khang Fei, Kok Hoong, Nick and Liang)

Our plane

Inside the plane

It's been a long time since I last took a flight. Back then, it was a big screen in front playing movies and we get headphones to listen to music. Nowadays...

Personal screen, where u can watch movies (thousands in their database), listen to music, play games (alone or with other ppl on the plane), check flight location and status, etc..


The food was... cold, most of the time...

Hot vege with cold rice, cold bread, cold salmon, cold salad, cold milk, cold etc

Hot chicken with cold bread, cold salmon, cold salad, cold etc

7 hours later, 8.00am KL time/4.00am Dubai time, we touched down at the Dubai International Airport. We were just transitting here, waited 4 hours for our flight to Manchester.

Checking out

They've got Starbucks here hehehe :D

McDonald's, with some special products.

Dubai International Airport is not so lively only lah, so few people hehehe :D

After 4 hours of waiting, and another 7 hours flight, which projected to 3.00pm Dubai time/12.00noon UK time,

Manchester Airport, woohoo~

TARCians overcrowding the arrival lounge

We found our respective coaches, and were soon on our way to Liverpool. Sorry for no pictures on the bus ride, because I took the photos with my handphone, uploaded into my laptop, deleted from my handphone, and laptop got formatted... sobs... but... the highways here felt abit like our PLUS highway lor... And, up till this point, it still didn't feel like I'm in the UK. There was this lack of excitement, until...

Marybone, our accomodation

Our unit was Flat 44

My room, 44A

The balcony outside our unit (6.00pm UK time, serious!)

After settling down, it's time for dinner. We got meal vouchers from our induction pack, which can be redeemed at the chinese restaurant near our accomodation, so, of we go..

Me, Bryan @k@ Brain Brain, and Ik Bing (we are housemates :D)

The Chinese Restauranteur

Fried noodles and mixed vege rice

The food was... haih... they use salt instead of oyster sauce and soy sauce... u imagine yourself la if it's yummy or not...

That's all for our arrival day. More... lot's more to come soon... stay tuned...


Khang Fei NG said...

Not trying to be auspicious boss but flat 44 is a nice flat number according to the chinese.

Khang Fei said...

Nice description of ur life at liverpool since i dont get to see you at liverpool.