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June 13 2007 - Chinatown & Peggy's Birthday

Ok, this is going to be a relatively short post, just for the sake of my own reference, and a couple of friends' laughters..

Uneventful day for most of the day today. We just went to the uni, and after that, went to Chinatown to stock up. Passed by a unique church on the way. It's called St Luke's Church.

Housemates - How Chen + Cath

What the fark is so special about this church, u might ask. Well, if u notice carefully, the interior of this church is empty! I mean, it doesn't even have a roof! Just the outer walls left.

Why is that so? Well, rumour has it that during WW2, German bombs hit this church and took out everything except for what you see in the photo. Well, not rumour la, that's what it says on the memorial plate. You can google for more info to verify it if u want to.

It was special, so we took some photos, and continued on our way to Chinatown.

Well, we did not exactly go to Chinatown. It's actually a certain Hondo Supermarket 鸿图超级市场 near Chinatown. No one thought of taking a photo the main entrance of the supermarket, haih... But a few of the items on sale are:


Brand's Chicken Essence, and..

Durians! Hahahaha!! Friggin mahal though.. 14.78pounds for 1 biji?!!

Of course, they also sell other stuff lah.. like rice, vege, meat, red-eyed fish (if u understand what that means in terms of freshness), oriental sauces and foodstuff, etc..

Now, let's give our Totji Cath some coverage hehehe :D

Cath trying to be Cyclops Terungclops

Anxious Cath at the cashier

We asked Cath to wait at the cashier while we go and get something else. And then, to her horror, we walked out of the supermarket, wahahahaha!! And she didn't bring any cash with her!!

No la, actually I made up this story. I forgot what this photo is for, just looks interesting, so I post it lo.... hehehe...

After we bought our goodies, time to go back to Marybone. It was still early, so we decided to check out Bold Street.

What is Bold Street? Well.. I don't really know how to describe it.. I suppose comparing it to the Bintang Walk is an overstatement..

Not so lively

But it's of the same concept. Lots of cafes and high street stores, an alternate shopping place if u don't like the shopping complexes..

Nick's favourite brand is Quicksilver Quiksilver

This Quicksilver has nothing in common with the Quiksilver brand of clothings. It's a casino! Well, I guess we can't really call it a casino.. let's call it, slot machine centre, since all it has are slot machines @k@ 老虎机..

Starbucks is here too

Starbucks is not so hot in Liverpool, or in fact, in the UK. Here, there's 2 coffee outlets much more widely accepted: Costa Coffee and Nero's.

Back to Marybone, cook, bath, dinner, study, yadda yadda...

Tonight, it's someone's birthday again! No wait, not birthday, its birthday eve.. who? Let's watch a nice video 1st..

Yeah, Peggy's birthday! If u heard FCUK being mentioned, it's that blue jacket, which actually belongs to Nick. He bought it in Cheshire Oaks, after much consideration and influence by 'bad friends' hehehe :D

Of course, she finally found her birthday present la, after much hints by How Chen (nice boyfriend)... hahaha

Group photo

Ok, so much for today... not so long right, this entry? :D

[extra: I forgot to mention, there's a significance in Brain joining to go shopping for stuff today. He has been sick since he arrived, and since he felt better today, we forced persuaded him to come shopping with us and help carry the stuff]

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