Monday, May 26, 2008

June 14 2007 - Grocery Shopping

Ok, another short post, also for the sake of my own references.

Today, it's grocery shopping at another place, Lidl Supermarket. However, we managed to not take any photos in the supermarket and just took photos on the way there ~_~"

On our way, we saw..

Filming of a movie/soap drama/documentary

Close up on the cameraman

Not sure what scene were they trying to take

Not sure what monument this is, just take photo lah hehehe :D

Bing decides to take a photo of this with himself inside as well, so he began to set up his tripod. Then he ran inside. However,

An angmoh decides to join the party as well :D

On our way, we also saw this,

Lovey Dovey ^_^

Actually, the only photo I wanted to post is this 1. Because this scene is something which we cannot easily find in Malaysia. If any couple even get anywhere near such intimacy, JAIS/JAKIM will come knocking :D

No photos of Lidl Supermarket.. haih... but abit of description. This supermarket does not provide free plastic bags to store the things we buy. If we want plastic bags, we need to pay for it. 3 pences per bag. 3 pences is 0.03 pounds by the way.

So how did we carry the items back? We got empty boxes which were lying plentifully outside the supermarket, boxes which were used to store vegetables, and discarded after the vegetables are sold..

These were what we bought.

This wraps up the entries I'm going to make today. 1 long 2 short entries...

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