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June 15 2007 - Chester

Today, we are going to go to Chester. It is a trip organized by LJMU, and free of charge, so of course we joined in droves.

Where is Chester? Well, it's a city town which is abit further down than Cheshire Oaks. It's got a rich Roman heritage. Actually, there's alot of cities and towns in England that has rich Roman history. If u are unaware of it, u obviously haven't watched the movie 'Arthur'.

There are 3 double-decker buses to carry all of us. Our first stop is the Chester Zoo, which is situated just outside the main township of Chester.

We are really tall, aren't we?

Overview of Chester Zoo

They have this train that rounds the zoo. Did not ride it, because we need to pay for it

They have a small lake too. Actually many small lakes, this is just 1 of them

The zoo is sectioned according to the country of origin of the animals

To be honest, I'm not so impressed with this zoo. I think Zoo Negara is more fun to visit. But Chester Zoo seems to be quite famous in the UK.

It's more or less like 80% animal statues and 20% real animals here. Let's just skip the statues and give u some real animals..

South American tapir

Monkey house

There's some real monkeys in it

Suddenly, alot of monkeys joined the ranks :D

They also have an aquarium house. It wasn't the most fascinating aquarium in the world, but I felt it was 1 of the more enjoyable places to visit in the zoo. Let's show u a few pictures on what's inside.

Remember a few days ago, we went to the HSBC to open bank accounts? We were given a small stuffed toy each. Bing the cameraman loves them so much, he brings them wherever he goes! He even names them, 小红 and 小白..

Ok, more photos...

Group photo, somewhere in the zoo

Group photo, outside the Jaguar house

The jaguar house was quite disappointing. There wasn't any jaguar in there at all!

Me and Nick posing in front of donno what animal

Ei? Peggy's boyfriend is not Nick wor?? Something is fishy here...

Actually, nothing is fishy la... Nick was carrying Peggy on his back, and began to camwhore. Actually, they like carrying each other on the back. I'll prove it to u..

Xena Peggy the Warrior Princess

Jackets in identical colours

Taken from a park with Mermaid and King Neptune in it

Girrafes Giraffes

Enough of the zoo.. Moving on to Chester town after lunch.. erm.. technically, it's a city, but due to it's size, I still prefer to call it town :D

Cath with an interesting pose again, in the bus on the way to Chester town

Chester overview

A street in Chester

And I thought beer is an angmoh's best friend...

Group photo again

We were given 3 hours to go free and easy in the town, but we did not know anything about Chester, hence have no idea where to go, so we ended up going to...

The only shopping centre in town

There's even a Roman soldier in the shopping centre!

Foot Locker is for boys in UK, what Vincci is for girls in Malaysia

Inside the shopping centre

The shopping centre has another entrance that connects to the town's high street

This gate seems special, not sure if it's a landmark for Chester

Posing on the gate. Big clocks are common in UK... no... in Europe..

We were told by the locals, the Chester Cathedral is a place to visit as well, so...

Here u go..

Posing in front of the cathedral

For some reason, we did not go inside. I forgot what reason it was. Closed/Need entrance fee/Not interested... hmm...

There was still time left, some went back to the shopping centre to hunt for bargains, we weren't interested, so we wandered back to the location of our bus slowly. On our way, we saw this place..

A museum

The Grosvenor Museum

Since admission is free of charge, we went in..

A few photos of the inside..

It was getting late, and the museum was about to close, we had only like 30 minutes to hang around.. and soon, we were outside again..

Then, we noticed a racecourse. The best part is, there was a small gate on the side which wasn't locked! Behind the gates, there's a staircase leading straight down to the track! And there was no guards around the area!

What would u have done? Hehehehe :D

View of the racecourse

Relaxing on the track

We actually planned to be early and wait for other people on the bus, but ended up the other way round. It was all the racecourse's fault! Hahahaha :D

That's Chester for u..

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