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June 16 2007 - Liverpool Cathedral and Albert Dock

After 2 days of being outside Liverpool, today we continue with checking out Liverpool.

Destination today: Liverpool Cathedral and Albert Dock.

Before we went to the Liverpool Cathedral, we went to the HSBC to collect our ATM card 1st. And then, as we made our way to the cathedral, we passed by this place with alot of guitars and music boxes made of stones.

Posing with the stones

Another pose with the stones

We did not know why the stone items are there at that time. We found out later that those stones are to commemorate The Beatles.

The Beatles are really big in Liverpool. I mean, REALLY BIG, because that is the place of their origin.

After some posing, we continued to head to the cathedral.

Let's give u some briefing of the cathedral 1st. The full name of the cathedral is:

Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool

People just call it Liverpool Cathedral. While the Metropolitan Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral, this Liverpool Cathedral is Anglican. Anglican basically is a branch of Christianity originated in England, due to some clashes between the English King and the Catholic church in the Vatican during the medieval age.

Ok, let's present u with the cathedral itself.

Liverpool Cathedral

Before exploring the inside,

Time to have lunch 1st, outside the cathedral

We brought our own homemade lunch

After eating, time to go in...

The lighting inside is not so suitable for camwhoring I'm afraid

So I'll just give u some photos without people..

Inside the cathedral

The organ, said to be the largest pipe organ in the UK

Close up on the organ

Not sure what this is

The main altar

Many people write cards and place dedications in this cathedral

This cathedral is really huge. It is said to be the largest Anglican cathedral in the WORLD, houses the largest pipe organ in the UK, and has the largest bell tower in the world.

There's actually another small chapel within the cathedral known as the Lady Chapel. Some of them stayed back to spend more time, but some of us decided to go to the Albert Dock.

Why Albert Dock again? Well, the last time we went, we just briefly walk through the outside. This time, we intend to explore it more thoroughly.

Wait, before that, I should clarify something 1st...

Map of the docks

When I say Albert Dock previously, I actually refer to the 3 docks: Canning Dock, Salthouse Dock, and Albert Dock. We call the place Albert Dock, because that is the most famous dock of the 3.

Ok, this is really the Albert Dock

Posing with Albert Dock

Like I said earlier, The Beatles is REALLY BIG in Liverpool. They even have an exhibition centre in Albert Dock called The Beatles Story.

Me in front of the entrance

1 side is heavily queued up, another side is empty

Why ah? The heavily queued side heads to the exhibition centre, or The Beatles Story; the empty side heads to the souvenir shop.

Exhibition costs 7 or 9 pounds per person, no student discount, and since we didn't really worship The Beatles like the locals here do, no thanks...

We just went into the souvenir shop to see see look look, and.. no photos... haih... nevermind, we will be coming back again soon..

The shop above The Beatles Story was more attractive to us..


When u see the name of the shop, u should have a pretty good idea on what they sell..

Ship model

Another ship model

What is this peculiar looking thing?

This is it, Galileo's Thermometer.

If u don't know who Galileo is, please google/wikipedia for him, or go bang the wall.

There's also a globe, We saw Malaysia in it, and got excited. Although it's just a globe, felt like we saw home...

Even 小红 gets excited to see our home

We heard that there's a boat fest on Salthouse Dock today, but when we went there, most of the boats were gone. It was actually a 3 day fest, and today is the last day, and all the exciting competitions and demonstrations were already performed..

But still alot of boats left

No boat fest excitement, but there's already alot of boats parked in the docks all the time anyway.

We also found a shop that sells souvenirs. Not going to give u a whole lot of pictures inside, but, there's 1 product that I particularly liked but didn't buy, will show it here..

Jeng jeng jeng~~ Man/Woman controller! :D

Let's end the day with a group photo facing the Albert Dock..

*PS: 小红(Xiao Hong) literally translates to Little Red, in the previous entry, 小红 and 小白 is featured, 小白(Xiao Bai) means Little White*

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