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June 2 2007 - Groping Around

After arriving and settling down, it's time to get out and check out Liverpool.

Let's give u a panoramic view of our kitchen 1st..

And introduce you to my housemates..
From left: Me, How Chen, Bryan(Brain), Bing, Kok Yaw(guest, not my housemate), and Nick

After brunch, time to go out...
Group photo outside our Marybone accomodation

This is the street from our place, heading towards downtown. The KL-Tower looking thing is the Radio Tower

Pedestrian sign on the traffic light, kinda different from our Malaysian version

Liverpool Town Council Building (the Liverpool equivalent to DBKL or MPAJ)

We get a crap load of these type of building, with the clock, so I'll just show you this 1 building...

And they've got double decker buses, lots of them..

Bing trying to do a matching pose for this photo, outside the National Conversation Conservation Centre..

Then we passed by this cafe, Yates's... there's lots of similar hangouts in Liverpool, which we will find out in the days to come...

We're getting nearer to our destination. We actually intended to go to Tesco to stock up on groceries..

Let's show you a random picture of the streets

They have a classy and nice looking tourist information centre. We would soon find out that every city and town in UK has these..

They also have kick-ass public toilets

Finally, we made it to the St John's Shopping Centre. It isn't Tesco, but it's really near...

One particular shop drew all our attention.. it is called, The 99p Store. It's actually similar concept with our RM1 shop or RM2 shop here..

Well, correction, this shop didn't draw all of our attention. While we were busying ourself, scouring the shop, a certain Bing embarked on a different kind of mission..

Toy Shop

not cheap at all ~_~"

We found a familiar yet not so familiar sight in the shopping centre..

It's McDonald's, but somehow, the menu doesn't look the same?

Random view of St John's shopping centre

We then headed to Clayton Square, which is directly behind this St John's..

Their ice-cream booth also looks more classy than our Malaysian "Paddle-Pop, Paddle-Pop~~" counterparts

St John's is more like a shopping centre for the not so rich folks. There's another shopping centre called Clayton Square shopping centre, and the shops inside sell significantly more expensive items..

Finally we made it to our destination - Tesco.. Let's show u some photos of items inside Tesco, items that were relevant to us :D

There's fruits and vege,

instant food stuff,

oriental food stuff,

a horny interesting looking cake,


Alcohol!! Yippee~

And lots lots more...

Paying for our things

After shopping, we headed back to Marybone (our accomodation, if u still didn't know by now). But on our way, we went into some unexpected surprise!

They were having a parade. We were new in Liverpool, so we didn't know what was going on, why were they having a parade, but heck, just watch la, correct anot, hehehe :D

There's too many photos, so I'll just show you a few..

When we saw this, we thought, Oh, Liverpool Birthday ah? But.. it wasn't. Later on that day, we found out that Liverpool's Birthday was on August.. so we still don't know what that parade was for...
Even the army took part in it

Some of us getting up close with 1 of the hot chick in the parade

Liverpool will be the European Capital of Culture in 2008 (which means this year), so it is natural they display their multi-culturism.. like Hindu culture and Chinese culture..

At the ending of the procession, we found proof of how they emphasize on safety and cleanliness..
These vehicles have been following the procession all along..

After watching the parade, we went back to our flats, stuffed our stuff into our rooms and the kitchen, had dinner, then decided to check out the night. However.. Brain was sick.. actually he's been sick since we arrived in Manchester the previous day.. so he's out..

Nick was also out, since he was busy with the phone, after we discovered the phones in our rooms can make free calls to all other rooms in the Marybone..

So it's just me, How Chen and Bing..

Let's just give u some photos..

Donno what this building is, but it looks nice..

Liverpool's streets at night... empty..

But u get to see drunk angmohs wandering around at night from time to time. When u encounter 1 of them, it is best to stay away, as far as possible, because when drunk, they hate Chinese! At least that's what we felt during our semester long stay there..

Trying to find our directions..

St Nicholas Church

Thistle Hotel

There's something called the 'Three Gems of Liverpool' by the riverside: The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building, and The Port of Liverpool Building. We managed to take half decent shots of 2 of them only..

Cunard Building

Port of Liverpool Building

I shall end this post with a view of Albert Dock, which the Marybone's staff told us is a must see in Liverpool, and which is by the riverside too..

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