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June 3 2007 - Pier Head & Chinatown

It's our 3rd day on English soil, and induction is on the next day, so today we still have time to run loose in the city hehehe :D

Us posing in front of the SuperLambanana (housemates - Brain + Cath + Peggy)

We saw this SuperLambanana on our arrival day, but didn't know what it was. Now we know, it is like, THE landmark for Liverpool! And it sits in front of our LJMU Avril Robarts Learning Centre, which in turn is just opposite our Marybone halls! Woohoo~!!

After seeing some photos Bing took the previous night, the group decides to start off by heading to the riverside as well..

Cath posing in front of a billboard

Nick tries to do the same

St Nicholas Church in daylight

Let's have a group photo 1st :D

Thistle Hotel in daylight

Another group photo

Chrysler PT Cruiser in the parking lot. I think there's none in Malaysia roads... Very nice lorr, this car...

Just as we were about to head to the Three Gems, we noticed a certain signboard pointing in the opposite direction,

So off we went, in that direction...

Crowne Plaza entrance

Pier Head. We can see Wirral from here, and lots of ferries.

We also noticed this structure. Don't know what it is or what it is for..

Ok lah, give u a view of it without the people

Then we headed back to the Three Gems and Albert Dock..

The Royal Liver Building

Liver Bird statue on top of the building

It is said that Liverpool is called Liverpool because of these Liver birds. They used to fly around in the skies in the area, but have gone extinct since who-knows-when..

The Cunard Building (Back View)

Group photo again :D

We decided to make life interesting. So we came up with this award presentation ceremony for the photography freaks in front of the back door of The Royal Liver Building..

Wing Yew, Bing, and Lian Huong

Kok Hoong, Liang and Lian Huong camwhoring with... a construction barricade?

City Sightseeing Bus.

How the interior looks like

We later found out every cities in the UK has these buses. But we never tried riding it at all. The reason..

It was RM7 to 1 pound back then, so it was RM35/student/ride. Think we'll stick to walking for our sightseeing after all..

It was at this time that me and Nick felt quite bored with constant camwhoring delays, so we decided to get ahead of the group and made our way to Albert Dock..

Not sure what Granada Television is.. but the building looks nice ma, just take la~

The Pumphouse Inn, is actually a cafe selling food and beer

After 15 minutes, and the rest of the gang are still nowhere to be seen

Horse carriage ride around the docks

Finally, they made it here

The Three Gems, viewed from Albert Dock

DuckMarine boat.

It's actually not a boat. It has wheels and can leave the water. We see them driven around Liverpool city as well. But it can also travel on water lah, obviously..

Our next stop, Chinatown. Heard that it is the oldest Chinatown in the UK, so anticipation was running high among us..

When u see this signboard, it means we are on the right direction

This is where we started

10 minutes later, still no sign of Chinatown

On the way, we saw many nice grafitti paintings on the walls of different buildings, so some of us decides to camwhore with them..

Bing all smiley

Wing Yew all sad

Peggy and Nick mouth gaping

We were starting to get anxious until when we saw this,

Looks like we were on the right way after all..

It must've taken a helluva effort to draw the lines like this,

But what I wanted to emphasize is this, road sign with Chinese words! Now I know we were getting real close!


The Chinese Arch!

To be honest, I felt it was quite a letdown... I mean, I was used to Chinatown being at least something like this,

Hustling and bustling

But what we got is this,

Just 1 lane of empty street

To be fair, there's some other Chinese shops around the area, but the main Chinatown street was... kinda disappointing...

But heck, we're here already, let's take some photos la...

Parking ticket machine, oriental style

There's a great number of Wongs in our group, so this restaurant's billboard seems interesting

Liverpool Chinese Church

The people here really know how to park their cars!

It was common sense that we wanna have some Chinese food since it's Chinatown, but all the restaurants seems closed for business at that time. It was like 3 or 4pm. Finally found 1 of them still open..

Group photo before entering

The menu

I forgot who took the photos of the food, or if anyone took photos of them.. Don't have them with me... arghh... nevermind la, whatever... nothing special la the Chinese food here... we get better Chinese food in Malaysia... seriously...

On our way back to Marybone after meal.. notice the building on the right side of the picture.. We will be going there alot in the coming semester hehehe :D

Well, that's all for this day 3...

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