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June 4 & 5 2007 - Inductions

After 3 days of settling down, finally it's time for a formal induction and lessons to begin..

June 4 - Mass Induction

All of us were supposed to be at the Brittania Adelphi Hotel at 10.00am sharp. It was a mass induction of all the students who came to LJMU for the summer programme. Btw, LJMU = Liverpool John Moores University.

We knew where the hotel was, because we just passed by it on our way back from Chinatown the previous day.

Woke up early to prepare. After all, it's induction day, not nice to be late is it? Ngek ngek ngek :D

Nick the strongman, while we were preparing breakfast

Bing tried to re-heat his Milo using the microwave oven, this is the result.

On our way to Adelphi

Yeah, we're there, finally

Let's have a group photo 1st :D

Angmoh lecturers & deans & head of schools

There were even officers from the police and fire department who came and gave us advice on safety. Being typical Malaysians, of course we were doing anything but paying attention hehehehe :D But, something the police officer mentioned made me take notice.

Thugs and crooks in the UK are very stupid. They don't know how to camouflage themselves with nice clothes. So if you see any bad guy looking people on the streets, they are probably just that, and you've got to be careful.

I'm not so sure of the accuracy of that statement, never really met any crooks throughout my stay..

After the induction session, the hotel arranged for us to have lunch. The menu was vegetable curry with rice.

The angmohs have this notion that Malaysians love curry, so wherever u go, they will serve u curry. And the funniest part is, their curry totally doesn't taste like what we get in Malaysia! It's rude to say the taste sucks, so I'll just said, it's not spicy and doesn't taste the same..

Vegetable curry with rice

They also serve bread and butter, which totally taste much better than the curry :D

Sparkling mineral water

Photo before meal.. or was it after ah?

After lunch, the uni organized a Liverpool tour by bus for us. Bing took some photos, but since it's taken from the bus, quality is compromised. Since we will be going to all the places covered by the bus in the future, I'll just cut the crap and not post any photos on the bus tour.

Hmm.. maybe I'll just include a few..

Group photo outside the Adelphi

This is our tour guide of the day.

Poor woman, she talked and talked and talked throughout the ride and practically non of us were listening..

Yeah, you'll never walk alone, Anfield, you've got lots of other team with you, being mediocre together, wahahahahaha!!! :D

In case you don't know what Anfield is, it's Liverpool FC's home stadium. If you don't know what Liverpool FC is, then nevermind, you are hopeless..

Actually, I did listen to the tour guide talk for awhile. Most of us know of Liverpool and Everton, due to the EPL exposure in Malaysia, but there's actually another football club nearby. Anyone heard of Tranmere before?

Bing caught this in front of 1 of the stadium's gate. Not sure what they were doing, probably 1 of those Sky Sports of Liverpool TV recording for a TV program

How a street in Liverpool city's outskirts look like

June 5 - Course Induction

Yesterday was mass induction, today is course induction. For your info, my course title is

B Eng (Hons) Electronics and Control Systems Engineering

B Eng stands for Bachelor's Degree in Engineering by the way..

Our course induction was fortunately in the Marybone Lecture Theatre, which is just downstairs of our flat. Some poor fellas from mass comm or business courses had to make their way to the Mount Pleasant campus, which is near Chinatown, and 30 minutes walk away.

Inside the lecture theatre

Dealing with registration and student ID card after the briefings

The quick ones get to camwhore while others were still queueing up (Lim Yuen, me and Brain)

The course induction was quick, and we were done by noon. Time to head 'home' and have a relaxing afternoon and evening..

Housemates on the way home

Marybone actually has 2 blocks. We were staying in Phase 1 (the old block). The rest of the group were staying in Phase 2 (the newer block). That night, we made our way to Phase 2, because someone's birthday is approaching.

Birthday party

No, it's not Peggy's birthday. Look at whose cutting the cake muffin

What is Liang doing?? He's trying to hide from something

We were playing cards, and the loser will receive a punishment.

Liang wasn't trying to hide from punishment, he's just trying to runaway and refuse to play.

That's all for induction. Next up will be lessons beginning, and some intro on LJMU...


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