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June 6 2007 - 1st Day in Class

Today, we are finally going to begin our lessons. Our Engineering Campus is the Byrom Street Campus, which is like just 5 minutes walk from Marybone. Actually LJMU has numerous campuses and learning centres scattered across Liverpool city. Everywhere u go in the city, u will be able to see the uni's logo. We were lucky that our Engineering campus and learning centre is very near to our accomodation.

Electronics students, all geared up ready to go

5 minutes later,

This is our campus

Nah, got our uni's name

Minor group photo 1st

This is our lecture hall

Our 1st lecturer, for the Digital Signal Processing module. His name is Dr Munther something... hahaha forgot..

It's 3 hours in the lecture hall in the morning, from 9am to 12noon. Then we have 1 hour lunch break..

Group photo in the campus' park

We weren't sure if the cafeteria will be open or not, since it's summer holidays for the usual angmohs...

So we brought our own food

But then... we saw that the cafeteria is open, and to be honest, do u seriously think donuts can fill us up for lunch?? So off we went for our 2nd round..

The types of food available in the cafeteria

This is what we bought, chips with gravy. Cheapest option available. Cost me 1.35 pounds

Angmohs in UK don't use the term french fries. They hate the French anyway, just as the French hates them. And these chips are much fatter than the fries.. oh whatever...

Kena surprise snapped while eating

After lunch, it's time to go back to class. No not exactly class. In the morning, it's 3 hours in the lecture hall. After lunch, it's 3 hours in the computer lab. 1pm - 4pm.

Well, the timetable for our lessons are: Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm with 1 hour lunch break in between. Friday to Sunday are for us to hang around, travel, have fun do some self study and research.

After class, we decided to do somemore grocery shopping. On our way,

Kok Hoong the strongman, he bent the guardrail by himself! (If you believe what I say)

We did not go to St John's or Tesco, but this shop is in that area too..

This shop sells frozen food and snacks, apart from the usual vege and meat. Some of the things we eat, Iceland sell cheaper. Some, Tesco sells cheaper. There's also some things, there's also shops called Lidl and FarmFoods selling cheaper.

Wait, I'm beginning to sound like those aunties 师奶. Let's just give u some photos inside Iceland.

This is why we love Iceland


More snacks

Big fat Coke

Big fat Coke Zero

Some might wonder, why is there no photos of the frozen food or raw foodstuff? Well, that's because all these photos were taken by our self-proclaimed profesional cameraman Bing. Me and Nick and How Chen were doing the grocery shopping and not taking photos. Apparently, Bing was more interested in snacks and Cokes.

Anyway, that's all for our 1st day in our campus...

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